EMF Balancing Technique®- The Phases

Phase I: Wisdom & Emotions
Balances the head and heart, resulting in stress reduction and establishes a new pattern of freedom and well being. The intent for his phase is to connect the ability to think clearly and the ability to make decisions, based on what you feel, for the highest good of all, in any given situation.

Phase II: Self Direction & Support
Gracefully releases the energy restraints of what we call the past, and promotes awareness and an increased sense of Self Direction and Self Support. 

Phase III: Radiate Core Energy
This session encourages the knowing from within to become more frequent and powerful,  allowing greater expression through the heart centre. It aligns and strengthens your core energy centres, strengthening personal awareness and subsequently a fuller presence in your body and life.

Phase IV: Energetic Accomplishment
In this phase, the connection and communication with your future self is established through your Prism of Personal Potential, allowing future potential energy into manifestation and present reality. This phase also releases energy surrounding fears and worries.  

Phases V – VIII:    The focus of these phases is the practice of mastery in everyday life.
They strengthen the energetic patterns of mastery and lead to a fuller expression of the attributes of mastery you already carry with you.

These phases are experienced in conjunction with 44 beautiful attribute of mastery cards.

Combination Sessions:   There are three combination sessions available.
Please allow approximately 2 hours to experience a combination session.
– Phases I & II
– Phases III & IV
– Phases I & IV

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