Home & Work Space Healing

Healing for the Home & Work Space

Why would I want to heal my home or work space and what is involved? 

Do any of the following scenarios apply to you or your family, at home or at work?
You think you can feel or hear someone walking around in your home but you cannot see them.
– Children afraid of the dark, going to bed or particular areas of your home or property.
– Anxious or unusually distressed children
– Children talking about monsters or bad dreams as soon as they close their eyes.
– Children waking during the night and or being unsettled for no apparent reason.
– You don’t feel comfortable in particular areas of your home or property and you don’t know why.
– Occupants of your home get the shivers up their spine or feel fearful when there is nothing obvious to be afraid of.
– Items that you have put somewhere keep disappearing and or appearing elsewhere in your home.
– Animals get restless for no reason.
– Someone has died in your home and you feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason.
– You seem to have a lot of bad luck and feel unhappy or depressed in your home
If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, earthbound spirits or lost souls may reside in or visit your home. There could be many reasons why this is happening and a visit from Natasha could get to the bottom of things quite quickly. Remote Healings can be done, however, I do not offer this service.
There are many factors to take into account and for this reason I choose to do Home & Work Space Healings in person. There could however be other reasons why these things are happening in your home. For a personal reading and private consultation to discuss your concerns, please click here to make an appointment with Natasha 
Here is what Natasha will cover during a Home or Work Space Healing.
* Getting a feel for your home or work space. Reading the current energy and where the strongest vibrations are coming from. For example, current or past residents, illness, anger, grief or spiritual visitors.
* Helping lost Souls move on to the fifth dimension. Any regular visitors can drain precious energy from the family, creating confusion, lethargy and frustration. They can also delay their own spiritual journey.
* Healing the home of any stagnant or stuck energy from past or present residents due to illness, anger, fear or trauma.
* Cleansing the entire area, using white sage.
* Setting up energetic boundaries for spirit and energy to minimise interference of daily life.
In essence Natasha will be feeling, sensing, reading and listening to the energy of your home and responding to its needs. Natasha will be removing the energy blockages that prevent natural flow in your home and will raise its vibration, lightening up the energy of it. This will leave your home feeling more calm, relaxing and peace filled. A bit of a spiritual and energetic Spring clean really!
Natasha will provide everything needed for the occasion including tea-light candles for each room and a white sage stick for cleansing. Natasha will explain everything she finds to you, as it comes to light.
Sometimes a personal healing may be required to complete the healing process. Usually up to 1.5 hours is enough to restore a gentler energy to your space, however, please dicuss the size of your space with Natasha, at the time of your enquiry. 

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