Integrational Healing

Integrational Healing

In November 2012, I was guided to the next stage in my evolution and Healing work. In a private reading with my good friend and colleague ChrisTian RA’s Guide Muram, I asked about my intuitve capabilities. What Muram gave me was a tool, a new healing technique to practise and master. Since then I have been working on this amazing process and here is what it is all about.

Every person has more than one personality, in fact we each have a huge variety of personalities within our being. Every personality has a vibration. The vibrations of some Personalities support our unique life path and some have quite a blocking energy. The purpose of Integrational Healing is to detect the Personalities that have a blocking energy and to work on their integration with the whole of the being. The intention is then that its vibration fully supports the journey of the individuals Heart and Soul.

This deep healing work is performed while the receiver lays covered on the healing bed. The communication with the Soul is conducted telepathically, at a  level of awareness that bypasses the receivers thoughts and mind. The healing power of energy and intent is used to raise the vibration of the unsupporting personalities to a level that brings it into balance with the whole. It is not always possible to integrate every personality in one session, this will be different for everyone. A course of three one hour Integrational Healing sessions are recommeded and will be reviewed as per the individuals progress and feedback.

Who is Integrational healing for and what could it do for me?

Everyone has ups and downs in life, however, our thoughts, emotions, words and actions attract most of what life serves us. What is going on in our minds is the biggest creator of what we manifest for ourselves individually. ‘Thinking’ too much or not ‘feeling’ enough, are our biggest problems. This is where our personalities can be investigated. We each have many personality traits or personas that jump into action, with their own over powering perceptions, during our daily experiences. These personalities each have a vibration of their own. The vibration of some of these personalities support our life path and others do not. Integrational Healing serves to raise the vibration of the personalities that do not support the life path and integrate them with the personalities that do. We do not disown or remove them. Instead, we release the excess electro magnetic energy surrounding them, returning them to balance and harmony. This allows them to be called upon occasionally when needed, rather than taking control habitually or unconsciously.

It is the personailites we express the most that become stronger and have a bigger effect on our daily actions, as per their own motives. At the same time, our less expressed peronalities that lack ‘air time’ and therefore become weaker. For example; We may have a ‘low self worth’ personality aspect that has developed stronger than our ‘confident’ personality.

As you can imagine, it would be difficult for you to move towards your goals and dreams with ease and grace, with a ‘low self worth’ aspect running the show (your show). It may even be the other way around, where a ‘confident’ personality is over charged with a blocking energy and perhaps does not follow the signs toward greater awareness. In this instance, both ‘weaker’ and ‘stronger’ personalities may need to be brought into a place of balance, so that they now support the life path of the beholder.

There are many other examples and each healing session I have facilitated so far has been completely different, rarely any double ups of personality aspects. Interesting!! This makes your individual Integrational Healing session unique to you.

These sessions are 60 minutes each and can be booked  by visiting the Bookings Page   or  by phoning or emailing me 🙂

Many Blessings, Natasha x


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