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As a small child Natasha was sensitive to spirit and energy. She was afraid of the dark and saw things in her minds eye that she could also feel around her but could not explain. This lead Natasha to be an anxious child, unsure of herself and the world around her. As a teenager Natasha realised that she had the ability to read peoples thoughts and feelings and often knew what people were about to say or do next. Natasha regularly had visions or dreams of events before they had actually happened.

Natasha’s acknowledgement of her spiritual journey came when she was in her thirty’s.
As a new mum Natasha experienced the presence of earthbound spirits in her family home along with other casual visitors and light beings. This was unsettling for the whole family and Natasha found herself calling upon professionals to help her understand why they were there and move them on.

Natasha was told that her life purpose was to ‘create awareness that spirit is all around us and not just out there somewhere.’
When Natasha’s second child was born, Natasha began to see, feel and hear spirit loud and clear and struggled to come to terms with her new reality. Spirit would pop in at all hours and overwhelm Natasha with their energy. Natasha’s health suffered intermittently as she learned how to protect her energy and communicate with spirit effectively. It was during this time with the support of several light workers, Natasha became aware that working with spirit was a path that would suit her on many levels.

In 2007 Natasha was introduced to the EMF Balancing Technique®. This beautiful technique seemed to guide Natasha towards removing her fears around spirit, embracing her spiritual gifts, taking responsibility for sharing them with others and much more.

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Natasha’s experience is varied which means that she can help people in many different ways.
Natasha especially loves to help family’s create a restful home environment without unwanted spirit wandering around. Children are usually more sensitive to spirit and energy than their parents or caregivers. Natasha wishes to support the understanding of spirit in our physical world, allowing fears to fade and the nurturing of a more peace filled environment. Home clearings also available.

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