Testimonials & Stories

Testimonials and Stories

A Healing Story:

In my experience, Spirituality and Religion don’t usually mix too well. So, when a woman with strong religious beliefs recently allowed me to facilitate a healing session with her, I felt most honored and privileged to do so. My work with the healing of energy and spirit was not something she could comprehend or accept into her awareness until this day, when she found herself in so much pain that anything would be worth a go. Anonymously, this beautiful woman has allowed me to share her story. For that I am truly thankful. Sharing stories is how we see what is possible and it connects one soul of humanity to the next in magical ways.

Sharing helps break down the barriers of separation that we create when we are searching for our place and purpose in this wondrous world of ours. I will call her Sonia and here is her story: Sonia’s Dad had past less than a year prior. Sonia was apparently the favorite child and was extremely close to her Father. When I spoke to Sonia, she told me that she couldn’t understand why she hadn’t really grieved for her Dad until the past two weeks when she found herself crying a lot. Sonia told me that her body was in so much pain, in particular her legs. They were swollen and too sore to wear shoes. She had been prescribed anti‐inflammatory drugs but was hesitant to take them. Hoping that this pain would pass, she soldiered on, fighting back the tears and feeling quite helpless. She was a Mum in business and couldn’t put on her usual dress shoes or go to work. Her husband and teenage children did not know how to help her.

When I met up with Sonia through a friend, I recommended a 15‐minute energy balance and healing session, sitting in a chair. Sonia willingly took a seat and surrendered to her Faith that the gift of self healing was about to take place. As soon as Sonia sat down and I began with the opening prayer, I felt a huge weight lift off her heart centre and the tears began to flow. Sonia sobbed throughout this short and sweet session as she let go of the pain in her body surrounding her beautiful Dad’s passing. It was a very emotional and powerful healing session for Sonia, an experience that had she not been in so much pain, she may not have been open to receiving. It was also a magical healing experience for me as the beautiful energy of giving and receiving flowed between us.

When I spoke to Sonia afterwards, she said that she felt like she had been in a bizarre trance. She felt much lighter and relieved and her legs no longer hurt. Sonia also said that she felt an overwhelming feeling of love. I gave Sonia some time to feel present and ready to get on with her day as we chatted about our experiences during this healing session. I explained to Sonia that as a Healer, I have trained myself to hold the energy of love. When you hold the energy of love and direct this energy towards another person, they too feel the presence of this loving energy and they feel safe. When someone feels loved and safe, stress and tension lose their hold and the energy of pain drops away. Sonia told me that she had not felt loved for some time and this experience gave her that feeling back. If Sonia had not felt loved or safe in this moment, the healing session may have been quite different. Healing can be less effective when someone is so afraid to open up and let go in that moment. In effect, they hold onto the pain that they so desperately want to go away. Every healing session is different and there is much to learn from each of them.

Speaking to Sonia the following week, the pain in her legs had not returned and she was back to business as usual, along with her light and joy filled self. Although we both had differing beliefs, what we both had in common that day was Faith, Human to Human, Woman to Woman. Faith is like a treasured friend that allows us to surrender all of our limiting beliefs and replace them with complete trust that we will be taken care of, even in uncertain and challenging moments. This attribute of Faith comes from within. No one can make you have Faith and I am grateful for the Faith that we both had in this particular situation. I had Faith that my gift of healing would be accepted, received and beneficial in some way. My friend had Faith in my ability to guide her toward a more comfortable state of being. My point here is that I usually find that Religion encourages the belief in something separate and greater than us that controls and determines our existence from a place of superior influence.

Religion may mean a following of rituals and rules to adhere to for a more welcoming entrance into the afterlife and/or where acceptance of being deemed ‘good’ vs being ‘bad,’ is required. My gift of healing did not come from a place of superior power or influence, it is purely a universal gift that I have personally chosen to strengthen and share.

Spirituality on the other hand recognizes the spirit within as the governing body, with its own unique purpose and destiny a priority. Spirituality is the belief in something greater than our mortal selves too, although not separate. A higher sense of knowing and power that is part of our own being and completely connected to everything and everyone, in affect the Universe as a whole.

Where a person with religious beliefs chooses to follow the guidance and direction of scripture, entities or knowledge outside of themselves, a spiritual journeyer chooses to accept its own inner compass, intuition and wisdom as the most important path to follow.

I have met many a divine religious person in my time and I have attracted them to my door for regular chit chats on how we each see the world we were born into and why we do so. At the end of the day, our past experiences and teachings are what molds our beliefs. Like anything, for many, it is learned from past generations.

Questioning everything we see, hear, read and experience is becoming more popular. The commitment to making more conscious choices and thus reaping the many intangible rewards is increasing. In my experience, one size does not fit all. Whether we follow a particular religion, spirituality or not, there are always challenges when following someone else’s rules. There are lines that get secretly crossed and rules that totally stifle the beholder as they attempt to adhere to expectations that are not of their own making. I think the greatest gift to our selves and humanity is understanding and acceptance. Being open to new experiences is where our understanding grows outside the current limits of our minds. Even when we don’t understand someone’s beliefs, acceptance of them paves the way for more harmonious interactions, beautiful experiences and the constant expanding of collective awareness.

The moral of the story is to have faith and be open to love without restrictions. This is ultimately what heals pain.

Don’t be afraid to look another human being in the eye and connect with the parts of them that are just like you. Find a way to accept what you don’t understand about them and leave the rest alone if it doesn’t resonate with you. Don’t wait for a tragedy or too much pain before you connect with your Soul Brothers and Sisters. You may miss out on their secret treasures and discovering some of your own. Share your troubles and doubts along with your gifts and your desires, with faith and with love ….for nothing else matters.

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Here’s what people have to say about their EMF Balancing Technique® Experiences                                            

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EMF Testimonials

I felt so nurtured during this session, like nothing I have felt before. I had a deep sense of peace within me and a sudden understanding of others I am close to who are on a different journey in life. I Felt very bliss filled and able to handle the day ahead from a peaceful state of body and mind. Jacki. Gold Coast.

I could feel the energy moving around my body and freeing up tension. I havenʼt felt so  relaxed in a long time. I felt honored, nurtured and grateful for it. Rachael. Gold Coast.

I felt really warm all over and a gentle relief eventually came over my body. It was like the build up of pressure from past events was lifting. I feel ready to face my world again. Wendy. Gold Coast.

Today I realised that all the intents during the session resonated with me and I knew I was on the right track. The more sessions I have, the more aware I seem to be of what I do and donʼt want in my life and how to sort through it. Wendy, Gold Coast.

During this session, my attention was brought to many areas of my life that I feared and  made me uncomfortable. However, by the end of the session I felt more in control and able to deal with them more calmly. Wendy. Gold Coast.

My whole body tingled throughout the session and I felt very relaxed and grounded at the end. These are two things that I usually find difficult to be. Monique. Gold Coast.

My head and body felt really heavy at the beginning. By the end of the session, my mind was clear and my body relaxed. I nodded off at one point and felt like a different person when I woke up, like a weight had been lifted. Natasha. New Zealand.

I found the session took the pressure off my shoulder injury. I could feel the energy shifting and shaking as it left my body. It was a very freeing experience. Dorothy. Gold Coast.

Iʼm finding that the energy work is bringing many things to my attention that I need to work on in my life. Iʼm also finding the strength to address them. Tabatha. New Zealand.

After having the first two phases I can now make a definite decision about something that I have been uncertain of for years. Funny thing is that my Husband and I came to the same conclusion at the very same time, interesting. Leanne. New Zealand.

After a relationship split that left me miserable, I am ready to get back into life. I wasnʼt  sure what to expect at first but after having the first four phases in four weeks as Natasha  recommended, I can honestly say that I feel so comfortable with myself again. My friends  and family think that I am a different person. Julie. New Zealand.

Readings – Testimonials

 I am not an easy person to read, and I have heard this from others.  Natasha did not mention this, although I wonder if she struck it also.  I felt very relaxed and comfortable during the reading.  Natasha seemed to understand where I am emotionally and spiritually very well.  I feel she has a gift of relaxing others, like she could hypnotise effortlessly.  She has several gifts that I picked up on, actually and has definitely chosen the right path for her, in my opinion. Janine. Gold Coast.

Natasha Jones, Psychic Medium, gave me a reading on the phone, and I was blown away with the accuracy of the information she brought in from my mother and father, and the detail that related so truthfully with what is going on in my life at the moment. There were moments of emotion when I truly felt that I was connected with my parents. Through Natasha they were able to relay their thoughts and emotions about the challenges I am facing, express their pride in my achievements and reverse some of the hurts that have been residing in me for more than 50 years around my relationship with them. The guidance I have been given will help me to have the confidence and courage to go forward with my goals, and also to make time to pamper and nurture myself. Thank you Natasha for shining a light on my life.  … Joan Small, web designer, author and poet, Gold Coast.

I have known Natasha for years, as she is my Sister in law. I watched Tash start to embrace her gift of clairvoyance and was excited about having the opportunity to experience having a reading with her. I was deep into my own spiritual awakening at the time and going through major life changing times.  The energy of each of my four children came through and many other beautiful visions and messages, Natasha communicated with me with such clarity and compassion and I felt totally relaxed and held by her. What I love about Natasha is her realness, her strong sense of self that enables her to deliver her readings in a strong, clear and integral way. Tash does not do wishy washy nor airy fairy “I’ll tell you what you want to hear”. Tash is all Heart and Mind in balance. I know for myself at that time in my life when I was seeking…. Seeking answers, new ways of looking at things, new experiences that I was feeling vulnerable and fragile I needed the reassurance of strength, compassion and clarity and Natasha gave me that…… Can’t wait for my next reading… Tabatha Wright, New Zealand

Natasha seemed to read my mind and picked up on areas that I seemed to have buried. A worthwhile reading which came about at the right time in my life. Thank you…  Bronwyn Tutty. Queensland, Australia. Director, Time on Your Hands www.toyh.com.au                   


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