Energy Balancing

Working with energy, what is it all about?

Your thoughts, feelings and actions create your reality and are directly linked to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being. All of these things can be changed by free will and choice to create a new reality.

Working with energy is all about redirecting your life force to exactly where you need it for your highest good in any given moment. This brings awareness of what you are putting your energy into and how it is affecting your life. You can then make conscious decisions to change your thoughts, feelings and actions as you wish.

This can be supported by experiencing the EMF Balancing Technique®, where the Practitioner facilitates Tai Chi like movements around your body. The intent is to release stuck energy surrounding things that no longer serve you. Perhaps breaking old patterns or habits that do not support wellness and joy in your life. Your own inner wisdom guides your energy to another part of your body for a more conscious use.

Your physical body is made up of many organised systems including the skeletal, muscular and endocrine systems. Your energy body is also made up of organised systems. The Universal Calibration Lattice is the energy system that the EMF Balancing Technique® works within.

2578580What is an EMF Session?

Energy bodies out of balance can mean lives out of balance. Through the EMF Balancing Technique® you participate in a process of clearing, balancing and adjusting your energy field and centres. Changes can be dramatic and subtle as your energy fibres shift and strengthen to accept more of the Universal light and energy available to you from Source. Thus freeing you from any physical or emotional stress that your being is prepared to release. You do not need to say or do anything in particular. Your Facilitator will guide the session.

Benefits of an EMF Session

– Deep relaxation, stress release
– Balance of mind and heart
– Gentle release of old emotional issues
– Experience greater clarity and awareness 

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