Sensing & Reading Energy

How Does An Intuitive Reading Work? 

Natasha expands her energy to pick up the vibration of what is going on within a person, room or space . This enables her to see, feel and hear the dominant sense of well being in the area and respond to it’s needs. Put simply, it is using clairvoyance and clairsentience, which is psychic seeing and psychic sensing, to read the field of energy around your body or home. From here the focus of energy is given to the undesirable vibrations with the intent to discharge and transform the energy into a more higher and softer and lighter feeling.

    • Everything is made up of energy including you and I. Your energy is your life force and extends beyond the frame of your physical body. The air in between people and things is also energy.
    • This energy surrounding your body may seem invisible to the human eye. However, using psychic abilities, it can be seen with the minds eye or sensed as several transparent layers of your being, holding many clues to what is going on in your life at any given moment.

In our fields of energy, we hold personal pictures, thoughts, feelings and emotions, that we carry with us, like items of luggage. The only difference is that we can put our physical bags down when we want to rest. We will always hold something in our energy field. There is no escape. All we can do is be aware of what we are holding there, and consciously choose to carry it or be willing to work on letting it go.

Shine a Light
That’s where a personal reading to shine a light on your energy field can be very helpful.

If you know what is sitting in your energy field, then you are better equipped to make choices or changes as you choose, and perhaps acknowledge that which no longer serves you well or holds a place in your life.

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Home/Work Space Healings Available Now – These are currently only available in person on the Gold Coast. Further a field may be considered at extra cost for Natasha’s time and travel. Remote Readings and Clearings are possible too.

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Home & Work Space Healings – Intuitive Readings Of The Energy In Your Home Or Work Space

Do any of the following scenarios apply to you, your family at home or your place of work?

– You think you can feel or hear someone walking around in your home but you cannot see them.
– You sense past relatives around your home.
– Children afraid of the dark, going to bed or particular areas of your home or property.
– Anxious or unusually distressed children.
– Children talking about monsters or bad dreams as soon as they close their eyes.
– Children waking during the night and/or being unsettled for no apparent reason.
– You don’t feel comfortable in particular areas of your home or property and you don’t know why.
– Occupants of your home get the shivers up their spine or feel fearful when there is nothing obvious to be afraid of.
– Items that you have put somewhere keep disappearing and/or appearing elsewhere in your home.
– Animals get restless for no reason.
– You seem to have a lot of bad luck and feel unhappy or depressed in your home.
You or your family feel stressed, anxious and experience regular anger, arguing or frustration.
– If you are demolishing a home/building or renovating.
– Your business or work space seems to ‘get you down. You find it difficult to function without any obvious interference.
 – Your office or work space drains your energy and you can’t understand why.

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘yes’, earthbound spirits or lost souls may reside in or visit your home. There could be many reasons why this is happening and a visit from Natasha could get to the bottom of things quite quickly. Remote clearings can be done, however,  this service is only available by special request.

There are many factors to take into account and for this reason I choose to do Home Healings in person. There could however be other reasons why these things are happening in your home or it feels uncomfortable.

For example: The energy that each individual holds, whether happy and healthy, confused or depressed, it all effects the over all ‘feel’ of your home. When renovating or demolishing and re building, an initial visit from Natasha to read and heal the energy of your original dwelling could make the renovation/building process run smoother.

Items of jewellery, clothing, furniture, photos, crystals, animals, and trees hold energy and information too. They can also affect the feel of your home. I am happy to read the energy of any of the above items. For a private consultation to discuss your concerns, please click here to book an appointment with Natasha.