Sensitive Animals

I have recently been called to support the healing of a variety of animals and thought I would share a little bit about this as a topic.

Animals seem to be forgotten a little bit when it comes to what they are most vulnerable to. In fact, animals are extrememly sensitive to vibration. They use all of their senses, including their sixth sense, to navigate and keep themselves safe and comfortable. Animals are ‘Feelers’ and they will sense even a subtle change in energy and vibration, often before we do. Thats why you find them getting upset when a storm is brewing or when their owners are experiencing times of trouble and pain. They are like thermometers that pick up energy shifts and changes in the atmosphere and Earth. Animals sense the energy of stress in their owners too. They  gauge and respond to any dissonance they sense by retreating and withdrawing their light and energy from the source of fear within their environment. This leads to dis-ease within the animal, as they too become physically and emotionally unwell. I have noticed that animals including dogs, cats and horses especially will often express the symptoms that their owners are denying within themselves. When a much loved animal becomes severely ill, their carer becomes more aware and attentive. This sudden state of extra presence in a person, can unlock their previously hidden and unattended emotions. Emotions that are held within and not allowed to flow freely, cause dis-ease. This dis-ease is radiated throughout our entire energy anatomy and is easily absorbed by those whom we spend most of our time with or feel most connected to, people and animals alike. This situation then becomes an opportunity for healing, not only for the animal but also its carer. In essence, the lack of health in the animal has been the catalyst for the carers own healing journey to begin. I have seen this many a time. Because we are all energetically connected on this Earth, the more we take care of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health, the more wellness and love we can and will radiate out to our pets and to Humanity. This addresses the true nature of most dis-ease and it’s not something that drugs can fix.

Unfortunately just like people, not all animals are loved up and treated with tenderness and care. Many animals are treated as commodities, bred and traded for the dollars and entertainment they can provide. Even in these instances, I beleive a higher standard of duty of care can be reached with awareness. If your animals are stressed, constantly plagued with dis-ease and generally unhappy, you may like to invest in some energy balancing and healing work for yourself and them. You may also be surprised and blessed with a magical and relieving experience.

Love and Healing Magic, Natasha xxx


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