Journey Of The Soul

Feeling a little uneasy about a current situation in my life, these words come to me. I find them interesting and true x

The body wants the easy life and the Soul just wants the truth. The Soul wants to experience the good, bad and ugly in life without limitations. It’s our purpose in life to grow the awareness of the mind and power of the body to catch up with the ‘knowing’ and wisdom of the Soul. There is no good or bad in the Souls intelligence. It’s vision is not tainted by judgement or blame. It becomes embodied with the intent to remind us how to nurture acceptance of all realities and paradoxes as varying degrees of one and the same. It aims to bring polarising perceptions into balance, to keep humility, gratitude and love grounded and expanded, now, now and every now.

The Soul is patient, persistant and determined. The mind is also persistant and determined. The mind tries to protect us from the uninhibited, perhaps rebellious nature of the Soul, by stifling its freedom with limiting beliefs based on learned and unrealistic expectations and rules. Just as we hover around our children, sometimes overprotecting, so too does our mind over protect the Soul. The Soul does not need protecting. It is our ego minds that need protecting from feeling ‘wrong or less than.’ The crazy thing is that it is only the mind that has created the perceptions of being wrong or less than. The journey of the Soul is literally a continual test over time. A pushing and pulling of electro-magnetic energy, to and from what we desire from the Soul and what our mind deems appropriate or worthy to receive joy from in each moment. If you get your mind in alignment with your Souls desires, then you can fly a little lighter and higher. Yes, it can be and often is a little scary!

It is also a journey of self discovery and self mastery. We are learning to accept ourselves and others as the one whole(y) mass of Genius Omnipresent Divinity, that can only be separated by perception and not actually. Everything we do affects surrounding energies and future possibilities for the whole of humanity. Love is contagious, share it in all its forms. Flow with giving and receiving love, even when you have tears. Tears are a cleansing of judgements, old realities and how we ‘think’ it should be rather than how it ‘is.’ Let these thoughts go. Release them as a feeling and thank them for leaving your body. Emotion is a tool used to bring balance. It can raise you up when you are feeling low and it can bring you down to Earth when you are feeling a cut above. Humility and equality are great attributes to strengthen. They keep our energy balanced and better equipped to deal with ebb and flow.

Your Soul has chosen it’s ‘Story of A Lifetime.’ You get to fill in the finer details as you ponder and wander through your days, making choices as you go. Sometimes you will make choices that feel right for you. Other times you will outsource your choice making to others. You may pursue a sense of control in your relationships, for security and to feel love. For this you will surely become out of control at some point to experience the truth of it. Maybe sooner, or usually later. Your ability to reach a more heavenly sense of self and satisfaction comes from recognising choice as your power and responsibility. Delaying the truth, merely delays the truth… And prolongs suffering. There will always be benefits to delaying the truth as will there be drawbacks. No decisions is ever ‘wrong,’ purely some choices will connect us deeper to our Soul and others will push us away. Making choices out of love pave way for better flow, even when some pain is experienced. Love can and does hurt sometimes. Making choices from righteousness does not nurture love. Getting your hurt and your mind out of the way leads to acceptance of the truth no matter how it appears. Accepting truth, with love for the honesty that it brings allows dis-ease within you to melt away. Denied or suppressed truth is like a buried seed waiting for the right moment and conditions to make a break for the surface. When truth comes to the surface, healing can begin to take place.

It is with profound awareness of the body, mind and soul connection that the journey of the Soul is given top priority and we become immersed in our higher calling. Higher as in the bigger perspective of our Souls desires in this lifetime, no matter the fear that our mind gives to it, or what that fear will put our body through. Give yourself permission to drive the priorities of your soul, without fear, doubt or neglect. Staying calm and making choices based on gut feel or intuition will reward you. Stay the course and commit to your Souls plan. You may say that this takes time, energy and money. We say it takes a journey through the maze of unlimited potential and choices. Use your power to make new choices when you are stuck in the maze. New doors will open and you will move from ebb to flow with more ease and grace. Unlimited potential is purely your capability to conquer more fears, skills and abilities. Taking action creates the change where improved capabilities become more probable than possible.

I guess it’s time for action then! xxx

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