Self Care, Irritation & inflammation

I hope you are happy and well today?

You may know that I am a bit of a home farmacist and I am big on self care. I find it empowering. I wonder if you do too? Today I thought I would share a little gem on ‘inflammation.’ From my view of the world of course ūüôā

As you may know, I beleive that you and I have more inner beauty and power than we acknowledge and utilise. So, self direction, self support and self confidence are strengthened when self care is exercised in the first instance and wherever possible, as guided by your own intuition. The result is self empowerment or as I would put it ‘A More Beautiful…Powerful You.’

Taking on your health challenges can be scary if you are used to believing that someone else could know your body better than you. Of course they will know your body better than you if you are not used to investigating and handling your own challenges and well being. Personally, I would go by ‘feel.’ If a remedy feels ‘fear filled to you,’ I say that is a sign that your¬†body will not support it. If it feels toxic but you are determined that it will work for you and you have no fear of using it then it will most likely be the right choice for you too. I have taken many potions, pills and lotions as¬†you may have. These days I find that my body now resists anything that does not naturally support my innate ability to heal. That is, sensitivity to toxic interference. On saying that, I feel a little dis-ease resistant anyway because of my perspective on the journey of life in general, you may find the same. Mind over matter literally means that the energy of your mind can control the matter that forms your body.

If you are used to following other peoples opinions and so called ‘authority,’ as the only way, then you are giving away your power to make the best choice for YOU. We are all natural Healers. Our body’s have an inner wisdom with¬†an intelligence of its own. For example; if you cut your skin, your body’s inner wisdom knows how to clot the blood and knit the skin together without any help (usually). All we need to do is be open to feeling the magic of our inner wisdom¬†and allow it to guide us to personal, unique and healthy choices. There is never one size fits all.

A Naturopath recently told a family member of mine that everyone has inflammation somewhere in their body.

From my own experience inflammation is not fun. When you think about it, the following may make sense to you too.

Impatience, anger, frustrating thoughts, annoying challenges, uncomfortable emotions and a restless spirit are all forms of irritation. These are constant conditions of our Humanness and are bound to cause inflammation somewhere in the mind, soul and of course the physical body. So, to Keep It Simple Sunshine, here is my favourite recipe for inflammation. I have it in my fridge most of the time. One out of two of my kids will drink it. Feel free to share xxx

I love this ‘Powerful Turmeric Elixir.’ It Helps rid the body of inflammation.

100g each fresh ginger and fresh turmeric root
3-4 lemons
1/4 tsp cayenne
1/4 cup raw honey
3 cups water or coconut water to serve as shots or 6 cups to serve as lemonade

Juice turmeric, ginger and whole lemons. Combine with remaining ingredients in a glass jug or bottle. Stir/shake well to combine. Keep in fridge and take two shots per day.

I make it up without the cayenne as my daughter prefers it that way. I add a dash of cayenne to my glass. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do x

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  1. Eileen says:

    thanks Natasha,… really needed reminding of this right now, currently have an abscess under my armpit, after having been attending to wound care on others for the last 6 months as a nurse. I have been trying to address what I believe are the underlying emotional factors and it is lovely to have your post pop up to remind me of the wonderful assistance nature can provide in conjunction ūüôā

    • Great to hear Eileen, thanks for your feedback. Keep up the great work and keep in touch. Have you and Mirna connected since she opened up the organic shop? Would love to chat and connect with you two again soon. Love and magic, Natasha xxx

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