Feeling Vulnerable?

As times are changing and the Earth is spinning faster than ever before, the future of our planet and people may seem uncertain. On top of this we have all our individual perceptions, beliefs, values, goals, dreams, commitments and expectations to deal with on a daily basis. Not to mention those of our nearest and dearest that we seem to take on board too. This can be hard on our body’s and deplete our energy systems of the life force that would usually inspire us to feel and experience abundance in all forms. Experiencing abundance relies on us feeling worthy, confident, humble, loved and more…. If we are not feeling these attributes then attracting what we want in life can be a mission. Strengthening these attributes within ourselves can be done through the main Energy Centre or Chakra that governs them. Today I will share a tip on increasing your sense of self and inner strengths.

When we are confident in ourselves, our abilities to be, do or have something, we are in fact ‘backing ourselves up.’ We have a knowing that we will get the desired outcome that we want. Deeper than that, we feel unstoppable and feel no need to protect ourselves from something that could go wrong or from others that might not agree with us. To strengthen our confidence in our abilities and capabilities, we can work on the Solar Plexus Chakra. This is a bright yellow energy centre just below where our ribs meet in the middle of our abdomen. This energy centre governs our Self Direction and Self Support. When we are self directed and self supported, we do not rely on other peoples opinions or permission to determine our choices for ourselves. We do not fear the unknown or unexplained. We do not get caught up in what we think we should or shouldn’t do. Strengthening this energy centre can also support us if we are being bullied, kids included. This is something I have worked on with my own daughter and also my Niece in NZ. A very powerful healing experience that changes the perception and subsequently the reality of the situation for everyone involved.

Traditionally, energetic protection from our insecurities or vulnerabilities was created by visualising a bubble of white light around your body. The intent was that this bubble would not let anything or anyone in that threatened you or interfered with your well being. A bit like an invisible force field. I myself intuitively used this technique as a child when I encountered prickly and unfamiliar energies in my bedroom at night. Again, something else I work with kids and families to resolve.

The Solar Plexus Chakra is in fact the seat of your emotions and where your sixth or more correctly your ‘first’ sense comes from. You know when you get a feeling that something is up and then it projects an image into your head or third eye area. Again, the third eye is actually your ‘first’ eye, the eye of intuition. More on that another day. My point is that whatever you are feeling in your Solar Plexus Chakra will give you a clue about the condition of the value you put on your self, for example; your self worth, self direction, self support, self confidence. Do you see what I mean? So, in strengthening the Solar Plexus energy centre, you also strengthen these attributes within every fibre of your being.

With that said, my Meditation Teacher once told me that ‘You only need to protect yourself as much as you need protecting.’ I pondered that for a while and wondered what I could do to stop myself from needing to be protected. Below is what I came up with in recent years. I share it with my friends, family and clients all the time and you can share it too. I still use this technique when I am afraid of something. I tested it out big time last year when I encountered a very disgruntled spirit. Strengthening this Chakra also helps you stay present, as I needed to in this situation. Being present means staying calm and observing the challenge. And, working to resolve in a ‘win, win’ situation, instead of reacting out of panic. That is, keeping your awareness anchored in your body, rather than going into ‘fight or flight’ mode when you come into contact with fear filled energy. If you suffer from anxiety a lot as I once did, then you will be struggling to be present, due to an uncomfortable situation right in front of you, or you may be replaying an uncomfortable past event and perhaps projecting it into the future. Maybe you are just uncertain of how to deal with a challenge you are presented with so you avoid it and the fear of it festers within you and weakens your core. There are more examples but either way, this exercise will help you to feel the fear and continue to take the steps to resolve any situation with love and compassion for yourself so you grow beyond the fear of any particular outcome.

Natural protection comes from the inside out. When you feel accepted, loved, strong and clear with your ability to handle whatever comes your way, you are not afraid of anything. You merely give the intent to ‘cross that bridge when it arrives.’ This way you can walk tall and value yourself as an equally valuable and worthy member of humanity. You can look friend or faux in the eye with compassion for both of you. To gain this natural protection for yourself, you may practice the exercise below. Of course if you have huge challenges with yourself, you may need a little more help from your favourite Healer (feel free to pick me x). I love working with the power and magic of energy 🙂

Exercise to Strengthen Self Support 

To begin with I recommend that you practice with your eyes closed to avoid distractions. When you are ready you can practice it any time with your eyes open.

Focus your attention in your Solar Plexus area and imagine within it a golden light. Take your time to feel, sense, imagine and think about this golden light glowing brighter and brighter, getting bigger and bigger. Imagine this light increasing through the length and width of your body….now expand it beyond your body….filling the room with light and energy….filling your street….your suburb, your state…. your country and the entire planet….and Universe. Take your time and feel the power of your energy as it moves and unblocks anything that is getting in your way of knowing the feeling of your inner beauty and power. Stay in this space as long as you need to and practice it as much as you like. Be aware not to get your ego mind caught up in the increased empowerment that you have tapped into. Keep it ‘real’ and inspire others to do the same. You are worth it. Enjoy the feeling of Beautiful… Powerful… You xxx

P.S. Wearing yellow in this area and eating yellow foods can also increase circulation of energy and strength in the Solar Plexus Energy Centre.

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