Special Offer

October-November 2015

Celebrate Spring with this special Healing offer.

My special offer to you is a Full Body Energy Balance and Healing for only $30.

It is my intent for you to experience yourself as an energetic being, feeling and directing your energy to better serve you. Of course it is different for everyone and every time. Energy Healing can accelerate personal growth. It shifts and sifts layers of energy that hold on to the events of the past or worries of the future that keep you stuck in a ‘Ground Hog’ like day. It can relieve pain and suffering. It’s all about ‘letting go’ of what we give too much energy to.

If you are finding your endings and new beginnings a little uncertain and uncomfortable right now, join the club…It’s a big one! Collectively we need to do all we can to raise our spirits to a more joyful vibration. I would love to support you on your healing journey. That journey might be to the dark depths of you, where your shadow self exists and desires to be accepted for what it is, without judgement or blame. You know the one. It’s where all your secrets lie, your shame, guilt, anger and everything that you would never like to share with anyone. This part of you has to be accepted and loved for the lessons and blessings it has brought you. Maybe you just need to add strength and power to your lighter and brighter side, allowing your magnificence to shine into the world and your troubles to fade away.

If you haven’t experienced any healing before, this offer could be a great introduction to the power of your own energy and the ability of your own Inner Wisdom to redirect it for pain and stress releif.

Here is what you might expect during any healing session with me; Tingling, warmth, coolness, energy zipping and zapping around your body, pressure releasing, a weight off your mind, shoulders, relaxation, a good nights sleep, gentle release of emotional issues, many or all of the above.

Some people even mention sensing family or friends that have passed over standing beside them or holding their hand, including; my beautiful Mum whose Dad died when she was only 13, a young downs syndrome girl whose Dad died on the roads when she was little and a good Healer friend of mine who hadn’t sensed his Dad around him for many years. Seems to be a Dad theme there 🙂 These are only bonuses to the relaxation and regeneration of energy that may be available to you if you allow yourself this beautiful treat.

This session would take 30 minutes and is available in person or remotely. A photo of yourself is required if you wish to receive this beautiful experience remotely. If you are unsure about remote healing, email me for more information.

Currently a 30 minute healing session is $60. This allows for time to explain the session and to give and receive feed back and personal guidance at the end. This offer makes it easy to treat yourself or someone you love, to an energy pampering experience 🙂

Whether you have received this kind of healing before or not, it is a great way to gently relieve the pressures of your daily life, recharge your energy and get yourself back on track, more balanced and relaxed, with little investment.

Bookings are essential and are available Internationally. Some evening and weekend appointments are available.

Please provide a phone number with your email request, so I can confirm your preferred appointment time as soon as possible, thank you 🙂

Please feel free to pass this invitation on to the special people in your life. Everyone is welcome! I love to fill my days with happy, relaxed and bliss filled people 🙂

If you are gifting this to someone else, I do ask that the person receiving the healing session makes the appointment with me. This way I can check in for consent and willingness to receive this beautiful, potentially powerful healing from me 🙂

Here’s wishing you all the love and energy you deserve, with many blessings from me for a spritely Spring and beyond,

Natasha x

P.S. I honour your privacy and I will never share your details with anyone. Thank you for connecting with me x



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  1. Holly Brownless says:

    Would love to take advantage of this offer:-))

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