Healing – How It Works

Healing is about restoring harmony to every cell of our being. That is, every sub atomic particle of energy that makes up our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and our unique form. Our states of mind, heart and soul together manifest wellness or dis-ease within our body and radiate this out, as a vibration into the world. The more calm and nurtured we feel on the inside, the more calm and nurturing our interactions become with others and our environment. Our challenges hold less drama and we attract and become more equipped to deal with even more evolutionary experiences. Our Mind has an amazing filing system that continues to file copies of the same thought in its subconscious, each time it is repeated. When we are tired, unaware and unpresent, the subconscious mind becomes the autopilot. So, whatever we have stored there is now in control. Unfortunately it is common for the subconscious to be filled with don’ts, cant’s and should haves, regrets, shame and guilt. As most dis-ease is caused by how our mind interprets everything that our five main senses are exposed to, we can have a huge job on our hands to over power an unhelpful or dis-eased state of mind. This is why I love working with energy. By focusing energy and intent on vibration, the mind is not given the opportunity to assume control. The body’s inner wisdom is supported intuitively and re guides the energy back to your core for use elsewhere. This is how energy balancing and healing works. Of course this release of energy can be felt physically too. In essence we are merely a mass of light and energy made up of totally unique patterns of energy that create the shape, size and state of each individual and amazing life form.

How Does Healing Actually Work?

We all have a mass of magnetic vortices throughout our body’s. This is why we are called ‘Electro Magnetic Beings.’ These magnetic vortices keep us connected to the Earth, instead of floating around. As you may know, magnets attract and repulse by pulling and pushing energy. They are how we attract or repulse people, places or things into our life. When we place our hands on or near another person, animal or thing, the magnetic pulses in our hands and body’s begin to push and pull at the cells. Any blockages caused by stuck or stagnant energy begin to loosen up and move on. What we are in fact doing is increasing the circulation of energy, so that it now flows smoothly, relieving pressure and stress in the area. When energy is flowing smoothly, pain is released and suffering disappears. Our body’s have an amazing ability to heal themselves. Unfortunately our minds are so powerful that they often get in the way by overprotecting us and giving us a ‘headache’ from unnecessary worry. Energy balancing can restore flow to your body and life and you don’t even have to be in the room or awake to receive it!

Remote Healing:

During a remote healing session you do not have to be in the same room as the Healing Facilitator. You may even be in different countries to each other. More on this soon.

Thanks for the responses regarding remote healing. Just so you know, time and space do not interfere with energy healing. This means that even if you are in another room, state or country, the direct focus and intent of your healing session will reach you. Thats why I have orgnised this special offer. I would love as many people as possible to experience the possibility of a new energetic and sensual experience in a way that they never would have thought possible. Sensual because it increases your awareness of your senses. You can begin to notice and feel more within your body. If Now is a pretty tough time for you then you will need to expand your awareness and influences in life to attract more variety and joy filled experiences. Trying something completely out of your comfort zone, sphere of influence or sense of logic will open you up to the wonders of the Universe in a whole new way. If you have had any healing with me previously, you may like to share your experiences here. Healing begins with a feeling. A feeling that your energy is moving within your body, your cells begin to feel ‘alive’ and you begin to know that you can be and are, in control of your body and what you give your energy to. All we are doing is focusing on where there is excess energy, breaking it up and moving it on so that it flows through your entire being again, instead of getting built up and causing pressure somewhere. Pressure on your mind, emotions and spirit can cause havoc within our physical body’s. Think of it like this: I am the light switch and you are the light globe. Light and energy is switched on by me and received and activated by you.

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