The Power Of A Full Moon

Ooh, full moon tonight. Here is something that came to me a few months ago as I stared up at the sky in wonderment of a magical full moon.
The moon is in fact always full. It is only the amount of time that we have the ability to see it in it’s full form that changes. This is due to the placement of the sun and the moon in the Universe and the angle from which the sun shines its light on the moon. Fully waxed the sun exposes the moon as a circle and gradually wanes, changing the shape of its projection, down to a small cresent, from our view of the sky. So, why is this process so significant for humans? Well, because we are powered by light and energy,especially that which we receive from the sun and the moon. The amount of light we hold within our bodies is relative to our level of consciousness or awareness. The amount of awareness that we do not yet have of our existence is literally what we are ‘in the dark’ about. This lack of awareness encompasses the truth around our past experiences, any judgements, blame, guilt or shame we hold, including misunderstandings, misperceptions and limiting beliefs. When light is shone on these misperceptions and misunderstandings, it puts pressure on the energy that surrounds these beliefs within our body to dismantle and equilibrate any mistruths. Our physical body is purley an organised system of energy, holding a different energy pattern for each unique persons form. As more of the moon becomes visible to us, so too does our awareness of the higher frequency energy that radiates from the sun and the moon and we begin to feel uneasy and uncomfortable with its energy, pushing our buttons and encouraging introspection, personal development, healing and evolution. The sun and the moon in fact encourage us to challenge all that we don’t currently understand or accept within ourselves and our environment.When mistruths are dismantled, a new level of acceptance is reached, our spirits are raised above our ego minds and our ability to experience more love and joy in our lives also increases. Being in the presence of the sun and the moon regularly and or visualising yourself drawing the energy of the sun and the moon into your body will increase your life force energy and your ability to hold more light. Holding more light will expand your consciousness and subsequently affect humanity as the whole that it is. Holy Universe! That was a bit huge. I wonder if that makes sense to anyone else? Hugs and sweet dreams from me xxx

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