Me, Myself and I

This was the second message I received on my new journey here in OZ. When it came through, I just about fell over! I wondered where these collections of words were coming from and I was soon to learn that although there were supporters in Spirit, they were coming from my own being…my Soul…The part of my Self that knew the wisdoms of a higher perspective of the Journey of The Human Soul. I also learned that I had a strong connection to the human experience, not just my own but Humanity in general as well. It all made sense and I realised that these words were not just applicable to me.

Through my experiences as a Psychic, Medium, Healer and a Voice For The Beautiful and Powerful Soul, I learn that we have each chosen to incarnate on Earth for a highly physical experience, one that is filled with challenges and obstacles that teach us to be, do and have with more love, understanding and collaboration than before. We do not need pre-requisites or specific credentials to make our way through life as a valuable member of Humanity and the judgement of others in anyway less than ourselves is simply a reflection of our righteousness and insecurities. Just as we reward animals when they behave appropriately, we too are in training and receive our prizes via the energetic Universe, in direct relation to the behaviours we choose to practice with our minds and body’s, on ourselves and others, moment to moment. If our intentions lack equality then we too will experience a lack of energetic quality. It is a Universal Law that cannot be influenced otherwise by an Ego that cares more for self than others or for others more than Self, as if disconnected from one another and in competition.

 It isn’t always easy being such sensual beings…we are designed to feel but sometimes we do not want to. If it doesn’t feel ‘good’ then our minds wander from our body’s and we lose presence. We daydream, fantasise or go ‘away with the Fairies’ to places that help us to feel better, albeit temporarily. We begin to resist bringing our attention back into our body’s and being still enough to feel the energy that is in motion or constricted within us. This is where our ‘fight or flight’ response clocks on and too often runs overtime. When this uncomfortable sensation is doing a workout we struggle to want to be here, to be fully present in our Human body’s and to be in the lives we have created for ourselves. We feel like we do not belong here, we don’t fit in and so either distract ourselves from our pains or some choose to leave their body for good. For the most, part if there is no immediate danger to us then our triggers are internal and come from the parts of us that lay ‘dormant’ in the shadows awaiting further introspection, understanding and love. We call this the Shadow Self as it is the Self that holds our fears and has yet to be discovered, revealed and healed. Healed as in to accept and release the hidden causes of the pains that it holds within our emotional and subsequently physical bodies. The Shadow Self is not separate from our physical body however it is all that feels separate, isolated and not accepted or acceptable as it has yet to be en-lightened of its own agenda and motives that serve to destruct and disable rather than construct and able grace, love and empowerment.

The Shadow Self hides and controls our insecurities, weaknesses and worst nightmares by avoiding scenarios that instigate self awareness and truth. It stores our anger, resentments, sadness, grievances, guilt and shame with polarised perceptions and inhibiting beliefs. It is the instigator of fear, drama and all that judges ourselves and others as bad or wrong, inferior or superior. We all have one and shining a light on it with honesty and equality can begin to clear the closet of the Shadow Self. This in turn brings more clarity, awareness, responsibility and acceptance for all life including self. Bringing the Shadow to the surface of Self also puts one on the path to being more Authentic, Beautiful and Powerful as you let go of your insecurities, limiting beliefs and habits. Everyone has a dark side and delving into the depths of ones own dark side and shining a light on all that lurks there is like releasing an innocent person from a dungeon. It is a gift to oneself of increased personal liberties.

Why does life seem so tough?

The Earth Plane is a most heavy dimension. We are Electro Magnetically pulled physically downwards so we don’t float around in space here. Although we appear to be connected to the ground, many of us struggle with the pressures that pull us down mentally, emotionally, physically and metaphorically..It is all relative. With the existence of gravity in our environment, everything that goes up must come down and so we cannot expect to have our energy, spirits and general well being raised or on a high all the time. Acceptance of feeling down or low sometimes is a great equilibrator and restorer of humility and that which returns us to a more real and down to Earth state of being. When this re-grounding experience is not recognised or appreciated as an important part of being a humble human and the gifts of this natural balancing act are not accepted, more fear and worry increases ones current lack of self confidence, self direction and self support.

When a Soul chooses to reincarnate, it does so to learn, grow, experience, personally develop, evolve and transcend beyond the limits of its past experiences. And so the journey begins!

During gestation the Spirit of the Soul to incarnate can come and go as they please until they fully anchor into their own tiny body at birth. I felt my own two children doing this plenty, right from 14 weeks of pregnancy. The feeling of them coming and going from my body became stronger and more regular as they grew and increased their own energy capacity and size. I learned a lot during this magical time. I could only describe it as feeling like they were jumping in and out of my belly. It was not like kicking or rolling around, I felt plenty of that too. It wasn’t like a spasm, twitching, pulsing or pounding either. The Soul tells me that before we anchor into our physical body’s we are weightless though still e-motion-al beings and so our view of the world and intentions for choosing the experience is a bit like being easier said than done once we are embodied.

When we are born we are helpless bundles of dense energy/matter and so our reliance on outside help to survive and help us up on our feet becomes priority.

Depending on our main influencers we can easily learn to get what we want in detrimental ways. We can feel rejected, inferior, uncertain and controlled at the will of others and so begin to drive our lives with our fear filled and protective Ego’s to regain control, certainty and a sense of belonging. Eventually the Ego’s biggest fears become like giant enemies, battling it out with the Soul as it begins to force its bid for a new and improved reality. For many our biggest fears are of not being loved and of dying. From the moment we are born we are looking for love so that we may survive the infant stage. For many we stay in this state of neediness for outside love and attention as we are not taught otherwise. This pattern continues until our Soul forces a crisis to return our attention and love inwards for less compromised living arrangements, relationships and life choices. If we allow ourselves to go with the flow and accept the pains with the gains of change then we continue to open up to greater dreams and our unlimited possibilities can become unlimited probabilities.

It is for certain a time to come together and share our gifts as one Humanity. Some people live in a very physical and logical world where the rules are in black and white and they know exactly where they are going and how to get there. Others of us love to play in the grey area of the unknown, where intuition guides us creatively through uncertainty, variety, mysticism and surprise. There are highs and lows whatever the road we choose and an unspoken respect for freedom of choice and relentless compassion will serve us all well. The lessons and the love are scattered throughout our journey back to the beginning of the cycle of our life. The key is to practice being fully present in our precious Human body’s and to embrace both the lessons and the love.

Here is the poem again.

Me, myself, I, shadows and all

Spiralling into life on Earth, dirty boots ‘n’ all

Black, white, grey, many shades of light

Integrating these stimulates ʻfightʼ or ʻflightʼ

On our way to this dimension, the ball is crystal clear

Somehow, for some reason, it’s not the same when we near

I really need my time and space

I want to get rid of my angry face

From the first puff of breath to the physical death

The mission’s to clear up the previous wrath

Driven by ego, the insatiable mind

Quietly detrimental to all Human kind

We hit a brick wall that causes confusion

Which leads to the road of our own evolution

On this road we have choices and unlimited potential

No need for impressive or fancy credentials

All we need here is love of ourselves and all others

Not just our Mums, our Dads, Sisters and Brothers

For all life on Earth, all beings of light

Irrespective of shade, black, grey or white

We all need true love, to give and receive

If we practice our Mastery, it can be achieved

The first step to start with ourselves may be hard

If our hearts have been battered and bruised and bare scars

You may then reap many intangible rewards

And so on the journey back home head towards

Be assured that this process, no matter how slow

Will help you to learn, to change and to grow

You are not on your journey alone here my friend

For we’re all here beside you to evolve and transcend

Let’s do it together, let’s gain inner strength

On our travels through life, no matter the length


Copyright Natasha Jones March 2008


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Emotional Baggage

By the end of 2007, I had completed a year immersed in the most deeply emotional work I had ever experienced. There was a lot of sadness, tears and a longing for change that rattled me to the core and I became restless. The truth is that I had always been restless. Sprinting through life from one experience to the next, looking for fun, adventure and loves to avoid my emotional pains. Anxiety and adrenaline rushes consumed my days as I rode a roller coaster like existence with extreme highs and extreme lows from one minute to the next without taking many breaths. So, when I made the decision to move my family to the Gold Coast from Lower Hutt NZ in January 2008, I thought that a new beginning would see me ‘right.’ When this poem came to me less than two months after we arrived, it was like a surprise message from someone who seemed to know me and what I had just gone through. I have read this message many times over the last eight years and every time it seems even more relevant for the current moment,  for myself and others alike. There have been many more messages that have arrived at my bedside in the wee hours since then and each one has been a precious gift for guiding my sensitive self through my daily ventures to a more authentic, beauty and power. So now I will share these messages with you. I wonder if you will find something in them to remind you that you too are Beautiful and Powerful beyond your troubles and doubts. It is always my honour to work with you personally, to overcome your own challenges. While our thoughts are seen to dominate our awareness, it is in fact the feelings around those thoughts and our memories that hold our greatest pains. Helping you feel different about your experiences and existence is my specialty. Releasing energy that you are holding onto instead of allowing it to flow freely through you, is caused by parts of you that feel unloved or misunderstood. In turn this emotionally congested state knocks self confidence, self direction and self support, causing  pain in our physical body’s and daily interactions. Energy healing may be your best friend. Your inner wisdom re-guides your energy and brings emotion to the surface to release the pressure from your body. This is why crying and expression is very healing and a practice that unfortunately many fight to avoid. I have been there too although the more I work with energy, the less it allows me to ‘hold it all in.’ If it does not feel good then it has to come out. Just like a tummy bug or bad food, that the gut has no hesitation in throwing out. This is the only way forward to ‘feeling better.’ Many of us still hold energy around past experiences that we no longer easily recall or think about anymore. Some of this energy can be released without knowing or drama during Electro Magnetic Field Balancing sessions. We are feeling beings and if we are feeling calm and loved then we have a better life experience. Your life is in your hands and so is your healing journey. I am purely here to guide you through the magical processes that I have come to know well and love, as they continue to support me to feeling more authentically beautiful and powerful than ever before.

For help to relieve your own feelings of pressure, stress and pain, you can;

Email Natasha at  

Phone/SMS 0420 824101 or connect with me on Facebook.

Here is the poem again. As I share more, you will notice a pattern in my journey that you too may relate to 🙂

Wishing you Love and Healing Magic as always, Natasha xxx

Let go of your baggage, shed many tears

Wash away your worries and fears

Peel off a tired old layer of skin

And into a new skin, prepare to jump in

Step forward, step up, release that ‘old stuff’

See and accept you don’t need all that ʻguffʼ

When you do you will feel a new energy build

Reinvent yourself consciously, now experienced and skilled

When you’re grateful from lessons of chaos and strife

You’ll be high on the love of your fabulous life

For lessons you’ve learned and wisdom you’ve gained

From all things of pleasure and all things of pain

Freedom of choice, in all that we do

Is available “NOW” to me and to you

Support you my friend is all I can do

For helping yourself is important here too

Copyright Natasha Jones 2008


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Love and Letting Go

This blog was started on the morning of Thursday 28th January 2016


Today I awake with both of my beautiful babies tucked up asleep in my room. Feeling a little emotional and teary at the thought of one of them not being by my side this time next week and most likely being five months til I see him again. I lay there and think about the last couple of years and how much I have learnt to let go of the reins of someone else’s life, including this precious life that I consciously lured into my body and journey. I have let my guard down and allowed myself to be vulnerable… without my own fears and internal drama driving my words and actions toward others. I have broken myself into the smallest of pieces, recognised my shadow self, my dark side and all that has led me to where I now sit….Taking ownership, responsibility and being accountable for all…Good bad and ugly, I accept my challenge…a mission of self- mastery, seemingly impossible mentally and emotionally and still I learn to love more anyway.

I thought about this little boy that I waited a long time to birth…so snuggly, adventurous, kind, gentle, creative, musical and more…precious to me beyond any words, feelings or expression. I wondered why my little 9 year old  love bug chose to live with his Dad and a whole new family in another country and not with his Mum and his Sister in Australia where he has spent most of his life. I know that having two options can sometimes be one too many.  I did not want to get in the way of my little ones freedom to explore choice and the pro’s and con’s that go hand in hand with self- direction and self- support. It wasn’t easy. If it wasn’t my own fears coming up it was other peoples that became noticeable. Many said to me that he is too young to make his own decisions, kids should be with their Mothers and that I should refuse to let him go and fight like hell. Luckily my time with fighting was mostly done. A conscious decision to pick my fights these days has served me well.

My relationship with the voice of my own Soul has grown louder and more harmonious as I’ve moved out of my once harsh and controlling masculine energy and into a more graceful feminine power.  I have seen the heartache many a time, where one parent decided that the children belonged to themselves alone, denying that the children were equally deserving of the love of both parents and each ones unique attention and gifts. Then there are the interactions with new and interesting people as they become part of another Soul’s family. My Soul reminds me that we do not own anyone. We may have our labels of Husband, Wife, Mother, Father, Sister, Son, Daughter, Partner etc. This does not give instant rights to ownership or control of the embodied soul that graces you with the gifts of its presence in your life. We are all brothers and sisters of humanity first. We as humans tend to get too hung up on owning things, people included. This is merely an insecure and immature stage of the ego. This is nothing to be praised or persecuted for. Merely a place along the path of the evolutionary experience between the soul and the ego, with the intention to strengthen their innate and intimate relationship destination. To be Evolutionery is too often expressed as a state of spiritual awareness, however, animal and human kind have been doing it without the awareness of their spirit for donkeys years…in essence, evolution is purely adaption…adapting to circumstances, actions and reactions to survive or to more popularly thrive in the making of a life more pleasurable than before.

My little ones choices on his personal journey may not be about me in the big picture, however, I am part of his experience and my energy and behaviour will most certainly influence his choices as his will mine. While I give the intent that someday my little one and I will see more of each other regularly, face to face, I do not sit and hope that he will come back to live with me to satisfy any need of my own. I do not beg, fish or practice my drama skills (as once I would have). Instead I empower us both together and individually on a daily basis to make choices that feel right energetically…moment to moment as we feel serves everyone involved even better than before. This has proved to be a lonely road, however I wouldn’t change a thing. Sometimes these choices initially bring anger or tears… it goes with the territory…a terrain designed to discover your inner strengths and resources to transform fears into love. Real love is like a gentle man’s agreement…it is a knowing through the windows of the soul that unlocking the heart muscle to allow equality beyond ego and drama must take propriety. Otherwise the energy surrounding your fears sit ungrounded…unsupported, in transit, in your con’-science…awaiting the attention of your awareness and for you to act upon it Soulfully …. Conscious love is making choices that deepen love over time, enveloping everyone and leaving no one out of your heart and arms for the hug of a lifetime. A hug that will create a magical bridge over the troubled water that ebbs and flows within each of our precious bodies…. A hug infused with truth and acceptance, that can heal all misunderstandings and allow each to ponder our connectedness and unlimited capabilities and to go beyond the call and duty of care.  Our challenges through feeling over committed to others wants and needs have frustrated, confused and entrapped us in a life of fear long enough… and so it is time to build a new breed of warrior within all of us…man, woman and child alike…. If everyone is to be included, we must cherish the lessons and the love from each experience equally and honour them like treasured friends, guides and mentors.

The journey of life is like a confidence course… There will be fear for sure. Dismantling fear with your loving breath and patience increases the Universes ability, to surprise you with a course of miracles, should you choose to embrace it as such…. When our minds are set on being right, there can be little hope to move into happiness and bliss, for there is no openness to change out of this state…Change requires moving the ego’s boundaries…the barriers that protect our beliefs and inhibit our awareness and understanding from expanding into less restricting realities. When we are ‘set’, we are stuck in a state of limited possibilities and are determined that our beliefs are the ‘be all and end all.’ This in affect is a fear filled way of living and one that nurtures dis-ease…within every cell of our being. Challenging our beliefs, securities and insecurities will serve us well as nothing is for certain either way. It is only the mind that promotes a sense of security vs insecurity and each of us will have a different opinion on each individual idea to be considered here. Our goal is to master our mind and open it up to the existence of the soul that comes only for experience. Polarities created by the mind only hinder its own limitlessness. The soul knows it is limitless and endeavours to push the limits of the mind constantly. This is where the experience of ‘fight or flight’ finds itself in constant action, with anxieties caused by the pushing and pulling of the electromagnetics between soul and ego attempting to make daily choices based on feel…either loving or fearful. Polarised choices are usually made from our worries and fears. In most instances, fear is not the best impulse to rely or act upon. A lack of presence and awareness of the greater picture of our challenges in the moment distracts us from our wise inner guidance system that knows what’s best…even if it brings us pain.


As we watch beautifully expressive people get involved with not so beautifully active people, we wonder what they could have done to attract such opposites or horrendous beings into their lives. The soul tells us that no matter how kind, gentle, loving, organised or caring we appear, there is always room to improve….where accuracy or truth have yet to be provided. It also reminds me that opposites never attract…there is always an underlying matching vibration pulling people together.


Today is the evening of Monday 29 February 2016

As I continue this piece of writing, my young son has now been living back with me for one month. He changed his mind the very night that I began this post (a story for another day)…the night before he was due to fly back to NZ to live with his Dad, where I would not get to hold him for another five months. It was a beautiful surprise and a gift from this gorgeous little one that I accepted gratefully. Having my son choose to return to my care after choosing to have an experience away from me was worth more than gold…priceless by all accounts and would not have been possible had I attempted to exercise my ‘Mothers rights’ and control this experience with my fears and emotions. I appreciate that it is not easy to forgo being right or happy to accept that which has a greater human value, however, it is where the true love and well-being resides. You become stronger and more authentically powerful than many could comprehend when you feel into your circumstances rather than follow the voice of a rejected ego. It feels right for my son to be back with me now, just as it felt right for him to be in NZ for a year. Sometimes fighting is the easy option. Surrendering is tough but it bares fruit eventually. Loads of treasures to discover on our Human travels 🙂

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Soul Awareness Through Stillness

The Universe is filled with Science and Mysticism. Fuse them together and give the intent to receive answers from the world of spirit that encompasses light, energy, love and wisdom.

Be fully present in your body to feel the connectedness of your human body to your spirit body….your unique Soul. Your anxieties are your resistance to the truth that lies within you, the love of your Soul and the collective vibration of Spirit required to equilibrate your experiences and put your mind and emotions at ease. This is the challenge of the human Warrior/worrier. It is a time to leave worry behind. Worry for worries sake is productive only to more worry and fear and counter productive to fearlessness. The Soul wishes us to be fearless…and so it helps us face our fears by experiencing them, so that we no longer have a misunderstanding around the unknown…Focus your attention on your sticky situation and give the intent to resolve all that you hold in your ‘too hard basket.’ This is vital and requires the awareness and strength of your vital energies situated in your base chakra. The root and strength of your groundedness. Sit in the pain of your fears and sadness. Allow the waves of emotion to wash over you and through you uninhibited. Accept the worse of your fears and you will eventually let go of unnecessary suffering from holding on to your pain.

If we fully accept the that the lessons and the love from each experience important on the journey of life, whether it brings pain or pleasure,  the fear dissolves and less fearful or challenging experiences are now attracted to us.

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Acknowledgement and Significance

Yesterday I had the privilege of watching the Principals Award Ceremony at my daughters High School. There was much to observe in this place…a place of learning indeed. I watched as the kids who were receiving awards sat on chairs on one side of the parents seating area and the kids who were not receiving awards sat on the floor in front of the stage or the other side of the parents area. As I gazed at the kiddies not receiving acknowledgement of achievement I wondered what they must be thinking about as they watched their friends and fellow schoolies be celebrated for their efforts this term. I watched each of these precious souls as they looked up to the stage and I wondered if they might feel somehow insignificant in this moment…in this system that has no means to support or convey their worthiness outside of their academic or noticeable sporting achievements and contribution to the schooling community. I watched these little adults of the future with their rebellious hair covering their faces, their attempts to get attention from their peers and their overall restlessness and a probable desire to be somewhere else. It was also interesting to see many of the kiddies that did receive awards were clearly uncomfortable with standing up and shining. Being raised up and put down seems to be just as uncomfortable when you feel you are being compared with others. For the kiddies who were not receiving awards, I wondered if they at all felt Beautiful or Powerful…. and I doubted it. I wondered if they felt like they were ‘enough,’ as they are, without being tested and measured on their ability to learn what has already been calculated and repeated on mass as if it were the ‘be all and end all.’ Then I wondered how many of these children would in fact be the Creators of totally new ways of being, doing and having, if given the choice and space to do so without pressures of time, convenience and if the fears of  otherwise not surviving were dismantled.  Perhaps there is something to be said for allowing our kids desires, talents and gifts to the world to be totally in their hands and 100% acceptable to us that they be intuitively guided to share their treasures with us in their own natural timing… all the while knowing that they are already a valued member of Humanity….loved and supported…no illusions or expectations to succeed in someone else’s ideals or to provide goods and services from the same basic moulds and models as past generations.  And so I ask you as Parents, Caregivers and Teachers of life, ‘Do you feel Beautiful and Powerful? I am talking about feeling not thinking. And I am talking about Beauty beyond appearances…Power beyond being in control? If not then it will be most difficult for our youngsters to learn these magical and necessary traits.

For many of the adults I speak to they are so concerned about the pressures and anxieties of the children in their lives that they lose sight of the focus needed on healing their own past, present and future troubles and worries. When generations have been, done and had the same lifestyles traits and habits, someone has to be the first to break the cycle. As parents it is up to us to step up first. We cannot expect our children to willingly open up to sharing and resolving challenges if we cannot acknowledge our own hurts and their origin. Children will only share if they feel safe and comfortable enough to do so without being judged. As much as we like to think we are open and honest about our own insecurities and troubles, the Soul tells me there is always room for improvement…and plenty of it. So if you are having trouble with kids and teens, refocus your attention on yourself. This could bring much needed relief of stagnant pains and a shift in awareness toward positive change for you and your precious family. Being real about your own situation is not helped by bizzy-ness, distraction or soldiering on. As a beautiful powerful Irish friend of mine says ‘De_Nial’ is not just a river in Egypt’…So true, I love it! The pedestals and pits we put people on or into are all in our minds.  The neglect of ones own inner drivers and reality is what will keep us and our kids stuck in a never ending loop of mental and emotional exhaustion. Some will choose to move on too soon 🙁  Helping yourself first is important and leading the way with kind, gentle acknowledgement and a genuine desire for understanding and support is vital.

When you think about it, we as adults bully our kids into going to this school, taking these subjects, mingling or not mingling with certain people,  presenting a certain quality of appearance, eating this, not doing that, covering up, standing out etc. etc. etc. All because we want them to be accepted and loved in this crazy world… to have more than we ever did, to get noticed or to not end up like us. Our visions are mostly illusionary and we are easily disheartened as our kids grow into their own unique being and try desperately to steer away from our constant demands and expectations of them and finding themselves lost on the path of their own life….Perhaps a blank canvas and a few colours and textures is all they need to present the world with the master piece that lies within them….something to think about there.

Here is what the Soul tells us about not feeling our Core Beauty and Power.

Ones awareness is simply in the physical matter and is not comfortable in ones own skin. The mind has not yet opened to or accepted the matter of the metaphysical, that which encompasses the connection of the living soul,  the breath of the spirit within the body as it whispers daily in- tuitions to the mind, via the gut and solar plexus areas. To not feel Beautiful and Powerful is to not know, through feeling, the existence of spirit …as both individual and unique Souls and the connectedness of all Souls that collectively make up the Universe, as one state of the art magnificent spirited life force. One that does not feel from a space of love for itself or others the same purely utilises the power of the mind as the control tower…making decisions based on polarity, competition and hierarchy…it does not consider the relative. All relatives, because everything and everyone is relative…every human is relative or a relative… an energetic source, a mirror, a piece of puzzle that without it would not reflect itself, ourselves, in wholeness. Just as your arm is a valuable part of your body, so too are the arms of others, part of the one body of consciousness that loved and treated equally will bless the collective experience with many intangible rewards.

To feel naturally and authentically Beautiful and Powerful, requires paying attention to and accepting all of your senses, developing your ego to mature beyond separation from others and the planet and mastering judgemental behaviours that create ongoing Karma. Rest and Relaxation requires more than just sitting down or going  ‘away’ on holiday. To Relax is to take the weight and pressure off the physical and mind bodies to allow the Soul to share its voice in the quiet of stillness and to accept your Human and emotional bodies as equally valuable. This brings your awareness to yourself…the spirit of energy that flows through you and the challenges you face as you perhaps deny your great Human Being-ness and try desperately to fight with anxieties that leave your mind and human body feeling inferior, trapped and helpless. The key to be free emotionally is to be fully present in your human body…to feel everything…of pleasure and of pain and to allow it to pass through you uninhibited by your fearful mind and its desire to be elsewhere….somewhere ‘better’ than here. Feeling authentically beautiful and powerful cannot be bought by the ego from an altered state with man made substances. This merely dresses one for a short lived ball, in a masquerade of dancing out a mysterious and un ‘real’ paradigm of existence….with others who too do not allow themselves to be seen or felt for who they truly are….and what a shame to hold ones deeper self to ransom for the sake of skin deep love that barely scratches the surface of the magnificent embodied soul 🙁

It is time to become aware of that which you give your energy to and gain your energy from. Jump out of your old skin….its is not comfortable for a reason…accept it and allow it to breathe and flex so you can optimise your experience in the union of the Human you are with your Embodied Soul. Energetic experiences await your attention and enquiry. It can take as little as a few moments to shift ones awareness to a greater sense of self and confidence. It could also literally blow your mind. While your mind is a most precious resource, its role is to clairvoyantly show you what your intuition or gut is sensing in the form of word/pictures. Often the pictures painted in our first eye are misinterpreted and no wonder as many refer to this as the third eye. These projections from the soul are related to logically, with detrimental effects on the vulnerable Psyche. Logic is a disease of the mind that can be scattered during energy sessions…to create self acceptance,  to shatter illusions, false fears and beliefs that keep you from feeling the truth of the matter/s that pain you and constantly disempower your most Beautiful… Powerful…You.

Thoughts are purely energy. We cannot get surgery to take them out. Therefore they can be changed with the movement of focused and intentional energy direction/redirection. An open and willing mind to be happy rather than ‘right’ or to deny troubles, is all that is required. To shift your sense of self into one that allows you to feel free, alive and truly Beautiful and Powerful, you will need to be inspired to try something new…to increase the circulation of your current thoughts and emotions through your magical Energy Anatomy.

For some of us we have waited longer in life to gain these life changing experiences. For me, I have introduced my children to this way of life so that no matter how they are feeling they know that everything passes when they allow themselves to admit and speak of the yucky feelings that being human sometimes brings, without bringing unnecessary drama into their experience. Feeling the relief of stress and anxieties leaving their little bodies is a gift to themselves when they open up to a little outside help and resolution. Its a beautiful thing to see them releasing tension caused by the energy surrounding life draining beliefs that would otherwise keep them trapped in their mind and not allowed out to freely play in the world as a Beautiful and Powerful, Self Directed and Self Supported Soul.

I have a personal and spontaneous story regarding my young son’s healing to share with you shortly 🙂

Your energy is your greatest resource and Teacher. I wonder what your energy and Soul are trying to tell you? I would love to help you with that so you can zing around the Universe being your most Beautiful…Powerful…You xxx

Not sure what to do next? Email Natasha on to find out how you too can relieve stress and pain around your personal situation 🙂


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Love Thy Self Into Wholeness (Holiness)

If you feel like you are alone, then perhaps you could consider this time as a precious gift…an opportunity to become your own best friend…’You’ be the one to nurture your inner desires and dreams…’You’ be the one you can rely on for your wants and needs…You be that someone to truly ‘be’ with and get to know now. Many people find themselves going straight from one relationship to another and encountering the same challenges. Perhaps even returning to old relationships, only to find that nothing much has changed. This may come from a neediness of others to make us feel good about ourselves, because we don’t feel good when we are stuck alone. We don’t feel good enough without someone telling us they love us or paying attention to our needs.

The best person to be with first, is your self. Get to know your dark side…That is all that irritates, rattles and eludes you. Bring it into the light and challenge every aspect until you can let go of your limiting beliefs, guilt, shame and judgements around your experiences. Allow yourself to let go of your pain and unnecessary drama. If you stay in that space too long you will be suffering. Pain may be inevitable in life but suffering is optional. Make a conscious choice to stop suffering…because you are worth it.

Find the blessings in each situation and pour your love and attention into those gifts. Those gifts are your opportunities to grow beyond the tragedies and traumas in life…They are a redirection of your awareness to strengthen bonds, connections and abilities in other areas…areas that you may not have paid attention to had your sad or rough experiences not happened. Get a greater perspective on the Souls journey through the Human Experience… To feel loved and good enough, strong and capable with unlimited potential.

Self Acceptance is the greatest gift…Impossible to grasp and maintain if you are looking ‘Out’ for love. Looking ‘In’ for love is the way to go. Perhaps without realising, we put so much pressure on others to love us in one way or another…We demand attention from our kids, partners, family, friends…But how much do we love and accept ourselves? The truth is that we would not put that pressure on others if we loved ourselves enough already. When we can love ourselves first, without being big headed, we can have beautiful relationships without high expectations or strings attached. Everyone becomes more mentally and emotionally free. A much more authentically beautiful and powerful way of being and living.

Here is how Healing with energy can help how you feel about yourself.

Healing is about returning our senses to the awareness of our wholeness or Holiness. It is a knowing that our being and our experiences are whole and complete as they are. Nothing is missing except our acceptance that our experiences, the learnings and blessings are equally beneficial as the losses, tragedies or negatives to us and vice versa. Healing happens when we take the good vs bad judgement out of the equation and feel the deepest appreciation for what the experience has given us and the people who have taken part in providing our most valuable lessons. Healing is about letting go of attachments and having to have people, places and things just the way we like them.

Healing provides the space, intent and experience to release excess electro-magnetic energy surrounding people, places and events that we hold an unbalanced charge over. For instance, an emotional charge that is attached to our memories of particular moments in time. These may be pain filled or euphoric…both will keep our thoughts and feelings stuck in a lopp of the past that may keep us from moving forward with self confidence, self support, self responsibility and so on.

It is a Human trait to think we deserve to suffer from continuous pain…often because someone we love is suffering or has suffered in the past and we stay with them in that moment of time.

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Look up…Lighten Up

Becoming a more Beautiful… Powerful… You is always a work in progress and I’ve taken it upon myself to share some simple ways to practice this in daily life. I am a Writer and a Story Teller so what I share will usually be from my own experiences. Here is this mornings adventure and tidbit 🙂

The grass on my walk was wet and a bit long this morning so I chose to walk on the road. At one point a sturday and rough looking man was also on the road and stomping towards me. I decided that I would move onto the grass when he got a little closer so as not to bump into him but he beat me to it. I had noticed that his head hung downward the whole time. As he neared me, I piped up ‘I didn’t bully you off the road, did I?’ (As if I could be so scary!) He instantly broke into a chuckle, cocked his head to look at me with a smirk on his face and said ‘No, just courtesy.’ I gave him the thumbs up and said ‘Thank you.’ He shook his head continued to laugh, hung his head again and continued on his way.

Humour is a great way to lighten the mood and change someones state of being. When something totally out of the blue hits that funny spot within you, you can’t help but laugh and it lightens up the energy for a more life loving experience. It can be that simple to snap someone out of their darkness and into a lighter energy, perhaps even opening them up to sharing a chat.

What I notice most often as I observe the word around me is that when people are looking down, they tend to have their head in their feelings. They are are not present when they are deep in their feelings and often their feelings are not those of self confidence, self direction and self support. For those of us who have learned to keep our chin up and look on the brighter side of life, it’s time to share a moment of acknowledgement and connection with our friends of humanity, expecially those who may be feeling disconnected…Even when they appear to be stomping towards us!

Here are a couple of tips for being a more Beautiful…Powerful…You and offering others the opportunity to bring out their authentic beauty and power too.

– Acknowledge people by looking them in the eyes wherever possible. It shows them you care by recognising that they exist and that they are worthy of your attention.

– Smile…it releives tension, shows trust and radiates unconditional love. Words aren’t always necessary.

We all fall down sometimes. We crumble on the inside and feel insignificant. It is my intent to remind you of how Beautiful and Powerful you are. Together we can show each other the way with love and connection…the only way to draw out our authentic beauty and power.

Thats all for today xxx. Love and Magic, Natasha xxx

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Who Am I?

Today I attended Jennifer Starlights Mediumship Workshop for people of all intuitive abilities and levels. It was great to get amongst the energies of Soul and Spirit for a day of deep and meaningful connection, in a relaxed and supportive space. Everyone had the opportunity to learn new information and techniques to practice and further develop their 6th sense. This is something I highly reccommend to everyone, even if only for their personal self direction and self support. For some of us the chance to practice Mediumship in new ways was appreciated by the givers and receivers. Many were even a little surprised at their own ability to tune in to Spirit and Individual Souls, both passed over and alive and well. It spread the awareness that you never know what you are going to get when you work with Spirit. Having no expectation for the outcome is imperitive. Being present and clear about your intentions for connecting to Spirit before you start are also important. Connecting with Spirit need not be a scary event when you know how to go about it responsibly. You can even ask for guidance and write down what comes through to you. Here is a piece that came to me during the automatic writing exercise.

The question to ponder was ‘Who Am I?’ The answer that came to me immediately and quickly over the next few minutes is as follows:

‘You are a mass of light and energy. A Soul of core energy, radiating your hearts song out into the Universe. Your hearts song is your mission…A sum of your experiences, your perceptions, your learnings, your teachings. Your hearts song has a unique melody, it is curious, adventurous, joyful, loving, loved and lovable. It is your honor to celebrate your hearts song day by day, stepping the stones, turning them, shaping them into experiences and loving them..Passing them on, leaving treasures for the next hungry Soul to embrace and devour…To sparkle and shine is your mission, to polish your stepping stones and yourself as you move across the river of life…To trust and embrace wonderment and expression, to share moments, words, wisdoms and answers to prayers,  simple gestures, with ease and grace…To shine light on new pathways to explore… and doors to open…Spreading the Holiness that is thou, as one.

So here I am sharing xxx

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Over the weekend I had the privilege of attending a function at the Casino called ‘Fight Like A Pro.’ This event served to complete the end of a ten week course for men…some young and some younger. The ten week course specializes in developing men’s strength both physically and mentally, preparing them for three by two minutes rounds of boxing in front of an audience, just like a Pro.

While fighting is not for everyone, its the personal reasons why these men would want to fight, and especially in front of a few hundred friends and strangers, that bares paying attention to.

There was not an arrogant energy in the ring and it was clear to see throughout the night, that these men had become great mates, through a common bond and a courageous goal.

Self Confidence was high on the list of objectives as they put their Ego’s in the ring to prove it…to themselves…They risked their pride and identity…They allowed themselves to be vulnerable. There were a few blood noses but it came with the territory. The punches were a great leveler. No one with anything more to lose or less to gain. You experience Humility when you put your Ego on the line like that. An admirable quality to possess. It wasn’t about winning or losing. It was about feeling strong and capable, self-confident and self supported… Essential elements to weave your way through life with. When we are self-confident and self supported we are equipped to navigate our challenges with self direction and no need to look for outside permission. We become unstoppable and life flows better. It wasn’t about fighting another person either. It was about camaraderie and facing personal fears together…Hitting them out of the ball park. Standing up and acknowledging their own existence, as Beautiful…Powerful Men.

Men embracing, honoring and expressing their inner Warrior and masculinity in a safe and appropriate environment. A great way to relieve tension and stress too.

It would be easy to think that men…whether young, attractive, big, muscly or mature and wise would naturally have self-confidence. Unfortunately it isn’t so. With women stronger than ever and more active in every area of life, men too are learning to adapt, by becoming gentler whilst still remaining to be seen and heard in passionate, determined and responsible ways.

For spectators it may have just been a night of fun and entertainment. For those more intimately involved, the night was quite a big affair. Just walking from the dressing room to the stage was a big scary deal for some of these guys, I was told. I wonder how Beautiful and Powerful these men felt by the end of their special night. As an observer they appeared to be loved, lovable and loving. What more could we ask for our Beautiful…Powerful Men?

It was great to see the many friends, family members and colleagues supporting these brave men too. It was especially lovely to see the Mums, Sisters, Daughters and Partners at their sides, a difficult thing to do if you associate this sport with senseless violence, as one man shared his story with me. There is no comparison. Sometimes we worry too much about what other people think is best or not best for us. We take on their worry, putting the needs of our own Souls on hold, for fear of the conflict it may cause between us and our loved ones. We put their wishes before our own, making their fears more important to sub serve to, than the deep desire to conquer our own …Not a healthy or sustainable way to get by. In my experience fears and desires will linger and zap you of your precious energy until you allow yourself to face them and grow your zest for life, your life, as you so wish it to be.

I was also impressed by the promotion on the big screen during the event. Spreading the message that it ‘aintweaktospeak’ and encouraging open and compassionate communication around Mental Illness. Love it!

It was a great night of connection and insights …Loving and supporting our Beautiful…Powerful Men…Just because we can…and we do. We may not always appreciate the choices of our Soul Brothers and Sisters, however if it supports humility and personal development then we could do well to accept that it is part of the journey they must take to discover their Authentic Beauty and Power…And in their own time.


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Authentic Beauty & Power

Natural beauty and power is an innate and pure state of being. It cannot be gained purely by wearing any particular style, makeup or fashion item or by demanding a certain outcome from others. It cannot be gained by bullying or collecting material objects. It does not come from fighting for the purpose of winning something or someone over. It does come from the feeling of harmony, balance and unquestionable acceptance of all that we are, that lies within each of us from the day we are born. It is a state of calm, humility and self responsibility for all that we think, feel, say and do, without judgement, irrespective of our current experiences and challenges. It is the expression of self love, self direction, self support and self control that we exercise in every experience. It can also be recognised as the expression of compassion, with grace for ones self and others all the same. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ A classic expression and use of authentic power that naturally radiates inner beauty and unconditional care.

We cannot feel truly beautiful or powerful, just by controlling the world that we see with our physical eyes. This is an illusional ‘world,’ that we desperately want to be part of and feel accepted by others into. Within the many paradoxes, paradigms and perceptions of what beauty and power means collectively and to each individual, is where the illusion lies. Our need to be beautiful and powerful within our minds, comes from incorrectly feeling isolated, alone and disconnected from humanity and the attention disguised as love, we think we need from it.

It is instead an unawareness. We do not recognise our disconnectedness to our true selves. The part of self that is not as dense as our physical body and not within our thoughts. It is our light body, our immortal self,  and it’s desires can only be fulfilled by integrating the parts of self that ‘feel’ separate from the outside world in the first place. These unintegrated parts are of the personality and are the traits that we have nurtured and incarnated to evolve beyond. To evolve beyond these traits of the personality, we must first acknowledge that they are there. It is our journey to take responsibility for these traits, to be honest with ourselves as to how we are ‘being’ in each moment. This is vital to the movement, change and growth required by the Soul in each life time. The journey of the Soul is for ‘Personal’ or Personality Development. The Souls destiny is purely where it intends and does evolve to in each incarnation.

Understanding how we have created these personality traits and accepting them as a part of ourselves is how we can integrate them. When these personality traits no longer feel separate or isolated from love, they don’t go looking for it with a ‘no holds barred’ kind of attitude. Doing whatever it can to be noticed by others becomes doing whatever it can to notice its own behaviour and motives and to empower itself by making more responsible choices.

When a person chooses to exercise care and love in every situation this increases authentic power and divine beauty. Because we are all equally valuable, our authentic power relies on us taking responsibility for the intents we choose/use to connect with or force upon others. When we make choices that intend for a ‘win, win’ result, we are excercising authentic strength and power. When our power is used to win at all costs against others, financially, emotionally, mentally, materially, physically, this is in fact a weakness and superficial power. The intent and therefore driver of energy behind superficial power can be greed, revenge, righteousness, inferiority or a sense of higher importance. We are using our power of choice to make ourselves ‘better’ than others. Bettering ourselves is another story. Bettering ourselves as a compassionate, proactive, abundant, loved, lovable and loving being is driven by the  knowing that each person and experience is of equal value. Therefore, there is no need for force, convincing, pushing or pulling to gain power over another.

Accepting the Soul that you are and have come here to be, in reality, is an ‘inside job.’ It is not reasonable to expect the outside world, that is everything outside of you, to make everything on the inside of you, feel fabulous and thrive. We all know that we can achieve everything on our bucket list and still feel unworthy and below standard, as if we have never achieved any notable goals or reached any significant destinations in our life. The truth is, every stepping stone towards evolving into the beautiful powerful being we came here to be, is also a destination at that moment in time. Every experience and lesson is important and valuable, no matter how good, bad, right or wrong we think it is. Each person, in each moment will be at a different stage of their journey. It is a conscious soul who can recognise, accept and honor another, without judgement of them ‘knowing better.’ The journey of the soul can be easier said than done. Remember to celebrate yourself on this journey of ‘Interior Fit Outs’ as well as your external achievements.

The energy of thoughts, emotions, words and desires that we feel, sense, imagine and put into action each moment, every day, are where our abundant potential of authentic beauty and power lies. The power lies in the choices we make, the choice for a more calm, understanding and freeing life experience for ourselves, others and every living creature on the planet, including the planet. Every single choice we make holds an energy. The intent and vibration of these choices must resonate with the vibration of the heart. This means that if we have an idea projected into our mind, first eye area or brow chakra, it would be good to check in with our heart centre for the driver of it’s intent. If the intent is to be better, stronger, wiser, richer or more beautiful than others, then you may be looking for false beauty and power. False beauty and power is superficial. By that I mean that it can only run skin deep, sits on the surface of our being, temporarily satisfying our minds, our physical eyes and not deeply fulfilling our heart and souls desires.

Unfortunately as we grow, we also learn to feel beautiful and powerful by manipulating the outside word to make us feel even more beautiful and powerful. This behaviour will only satisfy us temporarily, it is not possible to fulfill us. It purely increases our drive to get another fix from other people, environments or experiences to feel good about ourselves.

Authentic beauty and power comes from making choices that empower not only yourself, but others as well. Authentic power is not driven by personal greed, it is driven by a gentle yet strong energy for ‘win, win’ results in every situation. It does not value oneself above others or others above ones self.

Everyone has authentic beauty and power within them. Wearing your heart on your sleeve supports authentic beauty and power. It is not a weakness. It tells the world that you are open and ready to love and be loved. It shows that you are brave enough to be seen for who you are and not for someone you are expected to be. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is a strength that allows your unique Soul to detach from its fears and grow beyond them. It is also a sign of honesty and a commitment to loving the deeper authentic beauty of yourself and humanity. Authentic beauty and power is not always obvious because we tend to judge appearances and make them significant. Authentic beauty and power cannot be seen with the eyes, only within the eyes. For some it lies hidden within layers of protection from their fears and rarely gets excercised. The state of fear can over rule authentic beauty and power as it strives to protect us from feeling weak and vulnerable. The state of fear is driven by the mind. The state of love is driven by the heart. It is our destiny to strengthen the heart muscle and allow it to guide the mind into the depths of our authentic beauty and power. The sooner we begin this journey to the heart, the sooner the suffering will stop at a personal level and subsequently humanity as a whole.

Authentic beauty and power holds and projects an energy that senses, knows, accepts and loves without conditions. It sees the opportunities and blessings in every situation. Authentic beauty and power is nurtured when we become aware that our minds, bodies and souls are literally connected to the planet and everything and everyone on it. There is no separation between the energy of ourselves, another person, or the energy in the space between us. There are merely different energy patterns that create each of our unique forms and the atmosphere around us. Energy is power and can be driven by fear or love.

Driving our daily energy from a space of love will help us express acceptance, love and compassion in every choice we make, whether it is for ourselves or others.

Sometimes we choose fear over love. We are Human too. We just need to make a conscious decision to make a different choice next time 🙂


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