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Anxiety and Depression


Today, I’d like to shine some light on anxiety, which is fear and also depression, which is suppression of the Soul.

Anxiety is felt when our mind is focused on problems, issues, fears and challenges that are not right in front of us ‘Now.’ Anxiety is also felt when we are not being ‘realistic’ about a current, past or future situation. We are experiencing anxiety as fear of the unknown, rather than trusting that we will be safe or taken care of, as a result of a certain action.

When you are feeling anxious, you are holding the energy of worry. This worry comes from feeling uncomfortable, unsafe, uncertain and incapable. It can be extremely paralysing. Feeling this way can only happen when we feel less than or inferior to others, deeming us not ‘good enough.’ We measure ourselves against more confident people and diagnose that we are less beautiful, intelligent, popular or worthy than they are. You can only be, do and have your own greatness and beauty, when you stop comparing yourself to others and or competing for attention. You will naturally attract more desirable interactions when you can accept yourself and others as equals. This means without blame or judgments, either way.

Depression is in fact the suppression of your self, in your natural state of being. It’s experienced when you are not expressing your true and divine self, due to fear of rejection, abandonment, humiliation, failure or being isolated. This happens when we learn to fear the unknown instead of trusting it. It also happens when we do not see and embrace everyone and every thing living and breathing as an equally valuable and beautiful expression of life. We either place our importance above or below them or it. This is in fact not truth. Every person and living creature is equally significant and qualifies to be recognized and accepted as such.

We sink into a depression when the needs of our Soul are suppressed. This is because the expectations of our fear filled Ego over ride the Souls intention to overcome a new or challenging experience. The Ego expects a certain outcome and this is not always possible. The Soul is merely here to experience and sees all experience as equal, rather than good or bad. Because of this, the Soul does not expect that anything could go ‘wrong’ in a new experience, however, the Ego desires to look good or be right in the eyes of others so it will hold you back with fear filled feelings, to protect you from being hurt, humiliated or rejected in any way. Have you noticed that the word ‘Ego’ sounds offensive? I used to find this too and I took it personally if someone told me that my ‘Ego’ was getting in the way. While this can be true, I no longer see the ‘Ego’ in this light. The Ego is purely the controlling body that we call our mind and it only steps up to protect us from experiencing a sense of failure, from it’s limited ‘point of view.’ If we do not judge the ‘Ego’ as good or bad, we can purely observe it for what it is, make peace with it and even teach it to serve us in more courageous and Soul fulfilling ways.

Neither Anxiety nor Depression, are states of being that are caused by a ‘bug’ entering your body, making you mentally unwell. They are not caused by a gene that you were born with or without, that you are stuck with for life. Anxiety and fear are caused when the fear of the Ego is out of alignment with the needs of the Soul, which is to fully embrace and understand many new experiences during each incarnation. It is okay to experience these constricting emotions, however, if we do not look to find the cause and release it, you can be sure to suffer much longer than necessary. The Soul drives us to fear nothing and love everything, by embracing and learning from new experiences and mastering, mindful and soulful behaviour.

Both Anxiety and Depression are created by a limiting mind. You may be aware of the acronym that describes F.E.A.R, False Expectations Appearing Real. While the experiences of feeling anxious or depressed are real, what you are grieving or anxious about are purely caused by your beliefs that the outcome of a certain situation will not work out in your favor. The result will be ‘bad’ for you. Your perception is that you will be hurt, rejected, humiliated and essentially be unloved and not accepted by others. These are your own self-doubting beliefs that will constantly limit your sense of joy and the freedom to be your true and authentic self. Most fear filled expectations never manifest outside of ones own mind. We must learn to understand and overcome these challenges as we travel through life. There are so many models of how the world should be. How can we ever expect ourselves to live by them all, just so that we can be accepted and loved by everyone? It is not possible and we cannot make everyone love and accept us anyway. What is possible is that we make our own rules for living our own personal lives, no matter who or what system accepts or rejects us.

In reality, it is only the love of oneself that can harmonise the relationship between Ego and Soul. When we can truly love being our unique self, then the desire to please or be accepted by others naturally diminishes. Our ‘True Self’ is realised and we are self-fulfilled. The interesting thing is that we will also become naturally more attractive to others because of our non-judgemental and less agitated and threatening energy. If we continue to review and challenge our own beliefs and patterns of behavior, we can make new choices as we become aware of the limiting and unlimiting effects on our spiritual, mental and emotional freedom. Struggling on any or all of these levels will eventually create pain and suffering in the physical body, as this is usually the last place that disease manifests.

Sadly, to overcome these signs of not coping with their perceived inadequacies, many people reach out for prescription medicines. Others turn to illegal drugs or alcohol to control these fears and worries, however, they instead continue to live their lives in a debilitating way. Only now they have an extra fear to contend with, ‘what happens if I stop taking these mind altering substances?” Unfortunately, every level of their being will be suffering as they flee from the cause of their troubles and live hopelessly trapped in a deteriorating state of awareness. This also has a devastating affect on the people that love them and their grief filled energy flows onto everyone they interact with.

This is purely a lifestyle choice and we all have the power to choose it permanently or temporarily. The choice to live happily in this altered state of mind is not sustainable. You may feel good temporarily and get through your daily responsibilities for now, however, your Soul will eventually push you to deal with the real issues you have been avoiding. You cannot remove the cause of your false fears this way, you merely cover them up so that you cannot feel them for a while. This is all that medicines and substances can do for you. You will find it difficult to experience peace, calm and clarity from this way of living. While I appreciate that this may ‘work’ for many years, it is not a healthy solution and you will create an even longer-term problem for yourself. Eventually your physical body will suffer too, if it is not already obvious. These patterns of unwellness will be learned by your future children and their future children, unless you make the change to stop the cycle right NOW.

The best way to relieve yourself of this vicious cycle is to uncover the root fear you have created in your mind. You will require some healing to release the excess energy surrounding this fear that holds you back from a confident and fearless way of living. For a simple meditation exercise to practice click here

The good news is that the mind is so powerful that it can undo the damage and re-create new and more prosperous thoughts, beliefs and ultimately experiences.

This is where healing and energy balancing comes in. Just as massage can break down blockages and toxins trapped in tissues and muscles, so too can energy healing. Energy balancing and healing can release stuck and stagnant energy and increase the natural flow and movement of electrical power throughout your body. The intended result is to feel lighter, calmer and more confident to take on your daily tasks and goals, without unnecessary fear or drama interfering. You have more energy available to you than you realise.

Releasing blockages and redirecting your energy to serve you elsewhere in your body, is an empowering experience, which heightens your overall sense of awareness. The more you experience your own personal energy moving and expanding, literally breaking down barriers, the clearer your vision and the more purposeful choices you will make for yourself.

As Human Beings, we are usually our own worst enemies. We often keep ourselves trapped in a confusing, unhealthy inner world, as if we are powerless to change our circumstances. We like to blame others or events that relieve us of our responsibilities and rob us of any credit we are due. The opposite is in fact correct. We are the only ones that have the power to make new choices for ourselves individually, that bring us the happiness we crave. However, without personal development, many people will remain sad, lonely, scared, burnt out, guilty, shameful, angry, hurt, misunderstood, righteous, unwell and much more, because they do not know or believe that they are in the driving seat. Personal Development is about developing yourself to be the best person you can be. It is not about being better than anyone else.

Being aware of our Ego is paramount to our personal growth and spiritual evolution. Growing and evolving beyond our Ego is what we are here to master. Our Ego must be trained to be our friend and guide, rather than a hindrance or the controlling body of our choices. Our Ego can sometimes be seen as the ‘devil inside.’ With the right tools and practice, you can expand your awareness to accept this part of yourself as the ‘devil you know.’ In doing so, you can transform your Ego into a more compassionate force that harmonises its expression in conjunction with your Souls highest purpose.

I wish you all the energy and light in the Universe, for your journey toward Soulful living. I am always interested to hear about your experiences.

Love and Blessings, Natasha

Illusions OF The Human Psyche


When we are born into this Human existence, our consciousness is highly developed, and not so the abilities of our physical bodies. This makes us vulnerable and in need of nurturing and protecting. The only trouble is that instead of naturally allowing our physical form and mental capacity to develop alongside our innate level of awareness, we over protect their vulnerability, by taking on the fears and insecurities, as expected by the people who care for us and those we interact with, as we learn and grow.

We learn to fear rejection, humiliation, not being accepted and not being loved. We compete to be bigger, better or receive more attention than others. This is living in fear. These fears are based on our minds belief that everything must be either ‘right,’ or ‘wrong,’ better or worse. Thinking that we are ‘right’ or ‘better,’ makes us feel important and comfortable that we will be loved, accepted. Thinking that we are ‘wrong’ or ‘worse off,’ is like being weird, different, non conforming and therefore an outcast, abnormal or inferior to others. We do not have to dull others down so that we can shine. Nor do we need to dull ourselves down so others can shine. We do not have to shine bigger or brighter than anyone else. The key here is that we must all shine, so that our inner being and gifts can be seen by all, as if on display like a neon advertisement. This is not about ‘pride.’ This is about our unique, individual purpose. It is about acknowledging that we are equally divine and have something to offer the Universe and Humanity. When we can each shine, share our gifts openly and encourage others to do the same, then we are balanced and free from the fear. Fears are the minds limitations and illusions that we are separate and therefore more or less important than our fellow human beings.

Instead of overcoming our fears and insecurities by being true to ourselves, we merely learn to control them.  We hide them by putting on an ‘act’ for the the world around us so that they cannot see that we do not feel comfortable with ourselves. Remeber I said that when we appear comfortable, the world will see that we are all ‘right’, so they will love and accept us.

We learn to control our fears and worries by over developing some of our many sub personalties, so much so, that they can begin to over rule our inner knowing and lead us through a slow and often confusing way of life.

Our mission should we each choose to accept it in this lifetime, is to reconnect with our long lost higher consciousness and develop it further. Below are some of the illusions or limiting beliefs we create within our minds, that keep us separate from being, doing and having everything our hearts desire. 

Illusions of the Human Psyche

* That one individual race, religion, species, gender, group or team can be superior or inferior to another.
* To believe in God is to be religious.
* That looking good physically, makes you feel better about herself as a whole.
* That competing with others can make you better than they are.
* That what you are, do or have defines you and makes you superior or inferior to others.
* That one life is more or less valuable than another.
* That our level of intellectual intelligence can make us superior or inferior to another.
* That a greater intellectual intelligence alone can make us successful.
* That we must justify our existence.
* That ignorance is bliss.
* That not understanding someones point of view makes one of you right and the other wrong or a liar.
* That you can become healthy, wealthy or wise by fighting your way through life.
* Being or not being wealthy, intelligent or beautiful makes you inferior, superior or more or less worthy than another.
* That the quality of your material possessions or looks defines your quality of life.

The above are barely a few ideas that we Humans have, that keep us from connecting to the energy of ‘All that is’ and being satisfied with our lives. These belief systems keep us feeling separate, lonely, different and isolated from love, joy, hope and inspiration. These ideas are simply beliefs formed and trapped within the Human Psyche from misunderstood experiences.

The Soul is our higher consciousness and has no such beliefs, or model of how the world should be. Our issues arise from the mind where we develop many sub personalities, in an attempt to protect our inner being which has no need for protection. These sub personalities create the energy of illusions which limit our experiences as an unlimited Soul.

Every one of us is a Spark Of Universal Light, with the capacity to hold a phenomenal electrical charge. You may relate electrical charge to power that drives light. It is the same for our body and inner being, as it is for a light bulb to function and shine bright. It is impossible for you or I to be bright and glowing in our daily lives, creating abundance and joy, if we have limiting personalities that do not accept or allow this light to expand freely beyond themselves. Instead, they control and drain our power, avoiding new and freeing experiences and leave us feeling powerless, stuck and unfulfilled.

This electrical charge begins within the cells of our bodies and extends out into our Aura’s or Electro Magnetic Energy Fields. Light and energy is needed to realise our fullest potential and capabilities as per our individual and unique will. Our level of consciousness is measured by the amount of light we can hold within the cells of our body’s and energy fields, in any given moment. The proportion of light and energy we can each hold in a given moment,  is determined and driven by the frequency that the cells within the body vibrate at. A higher frequency means vibrating or moving at a faster rate. This in turn allows the cells to gather momentum and hold more light. We get our energy from all that this light encompasses. The more light you hold within each cell, the more energy you generate and have to utilise physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. It is very difficult to move towards a fabulous life when you are weighted down with a lack of vibrational energy and light moving through your body. Instead, your energy will feel dark, dense and stuck. You may notice this lack of energy in people who are physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually unwell. The truth is that we are all capable of holding more light and energy than we actually do. It just takes the desire, focus and continual practice of thinking, feeling, speaking and acting from a higher perspective, with a light and loving intent.

Generating and utilising this electrical charge requires a constant openness of the heart, gentle expression of ones truth and respecting and valuing the equality of all life, including people, animals, the environment, the whole of our planet and in the entire Universe. Practising stillness, keeping calm and not reacting to unnessary fears or worries, will reserve your power and energy for more pleasurable experiences. Practising being in the moment will also utilise your energy resources more effectively. Otherwise, you will be giving your energy away to events of the past unconsciously or events of the future that do not require your immediate attention. Both of these practices drain your energy more than you know. Focusing your awareness in the moment in front of you brings greater awareness, less stress, drama, anxiety and physical unwellness. It also enhances your ability to receive clearer direction from your true and inner self.

Stress, grief and extreme emotions weigh heavy on our hearts, minds and souls. They cloud us in darkness for good reason. This gives us the opportunity to bring unresolved issues into the light, thus releasing the hold or attachment we have to it, for the ultimate purpose of healing. Too often we hold on to these dark feelings of fear and guilt, instead of allowing them to flow through and out of our bodies. For example, allow yourself to cry it out, talk, get things ‘off your chest,’ be honest about your weaknesses, practice relaxation and stress release exercises physically and in meditation. All of these practices will literally ‘lighten’ your physical and energy bodies, allowing you to feel more calm and less tied to your illusions.

Unfortunately most people cannot hold enough light within because of their limiting beliefs. Limiting beliefs are like fences that you think you cannot get past. In effect, your energy stops there and you are blocked from moving toward your true desires.

These fences can be brought down and the fear filled energy that holds them up to protect you can be dissolved with Healing.

I wonder if any of the following apply to you? Are you shining and glowing from the inside out? Do you feel beautiful and powerful? Do you feel in control of your life and your well being? Are you using your energy and power effectively, as per your own spiritual desires? Do you feel ‘alive’ and have a clear vision of where you want to go? If your answer is ‘no’ to any of these questions then you may benefit from exploring your own energy. This could help you understand more about what you are giving your power to unconsciously and how to redirect it consciously.   Energy Healing and Balancing is my specialty. See below for the current special offer. The results of Healing are guided by will, intent, knowledge and experience. There are many ways to do this and Natasha can guide you through the choices that she has to offer you.

Free Healing available Monday and Tuesday 28 and 29 October 2013. 30 minute appointments only, bookings essential. Call Natasha 0420 824101 OR Click here to book your free 30 minute healing sesion with Natasha via email.

Happy Healing and Many Blessings, Natasha x



Healing – Back To Wholeness


I have recently been inspired to write about ‘Healing,’ What it is and what it is not.

Healing is a process of restoring harmony and balance. Healing can take many forms and can be described as a way toward the understanding and clarity of unresolved issues of a mental, emotional, spiritual or physical nature, all of which are intimately connected. Healing is not a means of fixing what is ‘wrong,’ by making it ‘right.’

Healing is a shift in the level of awareness that facilitates raising the vibration from a form of dis-ease or un-ease to one that is of ease and wholeness. This shift is out of a state of darkness, fear and dense energy, into that which holds a higher and lighter frequency, thus rendering the individual more in control of their power and energy. This higher frequency promotes and drives love, peace, humour, equality, calm and the richness of life and living, in its fullest expression. Healing is about creating wellness on every level. It is not about fighting dis-ease on any level. There are many elements that Humans are dis-eased over. Most dis-ease originates in the Human Psyche, where the greatest illusions of the so called ‘physical world’ are created and fed. Healing begins with truth, acknowledgement, acceptance, trust and ‘letting go’ of the many illusions that exist only in the energy of distorted perceptions and the over powering personality traits that give birth to them. Healing is the road back to ‘oneness.’ This is the journey through life to reconnect humanity with spirituality and the energy of ‘all that is.’ You may call it God or the Universe. It is a process required for all that believe they are living in the experience of being separate from the ‘Collective Consciousness,’ that in fact one and all are a part of, without exception.

Feeling ‘separate’ from others in Humanity is to feel ‘disconnected’ from ‘All that Is.’ This is an illusion of the Human Psyche. A path of separateness is not possible, it is therefore an illusion. We are each a unique part of the whole of Humanity and are indeed very much connected through and to the source of all energy. Those who feel disconnected or isolated will live in fear. They may experience themselves as inferior, superior, unworthy, more worthy, victim like and more. They may compare themselves with others as if there are levels of greatness, worthiness and righteousness which can be measured by personal judgements and blame. The energy of these fears create the illusion of being separate from ‘All that is.’ ‘All that is’ encompasses and is affected by the actions of Humanity as a whole, the planet Earth and beyond, hence the term, ‘All that is.’ Fear filled choices made in every moment ‘NOW’ can be detrimental to ‘All that is.’ Love filled choices made in each moment ‘NOW’ will expand awareness of the connectedness of ‘All that is,’ just the same. Overcoming your personal fears and practising your mastery of loving unconditionally will bring you closer to experiencing the oneness of Humanity.

Healing is an action of repair to make whole again, back to oneness, to realise our actions affect our world as a whole. Healing is to restore from pain and grief, which is caused by uncertainty, fear and misunderstanding of the purpose and evolution of all forms of life. To experience grief is to hold a burden. A burden is to feel a heavy weight, created by the Psyche’s lacking sense of wholeness and connectedness to ‘All that is.’ The Soul is under no such illusion. The Soul knows that the purpose of it’s embodyment is to experience the illusion of being seperate from the ‘oneness,’ ‘wholeness’ or ‘All that is,’ the same. One’s challenge is to follow the path of evolution and healing at its will, to once again ‘see’ beyond the Human Psyche, into the depths of its true nature and magnificent existence.

My good friend and colleague ChrisTian RA recently shared this insight with me, that was passed on to him from The Masters Of The Pyramids; ‘The Planet Earth was created specifically so that Light Beings could experience themselves as being separate from ‘All that is.’ The Planet Earth is extra special in that it provides the unique opportunity to experience ’emotion.’ Human intention is to resolve and heal itself from the state of illusion that one and all are separate from each other and the world around us. In essence, our lives are to fulfil a journey of healing. Humans exist on the only planet that experiences the ‘feeling’ of being separate.

Click here for more information on The Masters Of The Pyramids and Chris-Tian RA. 

This tells us that the ‘plight’ of the Human existence is no accident. In fact nothing is an accident. Every issue, situation and event in the Universe unfolds as directly attracted by the power and energy of intentions, of one, another or many. To attract prosperity and abundance for ourselves, our intentions behind every choice we make must be for the ‘good of all.’ If our intentions lack integrity as far as others are concerned, we too will suffer the consequences of our choices.

You have heard it before that ‘Everything is energy.’ I am energy, you are energy and everything in between us is energy. This means that everything is connected by energy. Energy is our electrical power and is required for everything that we think, feel, say and do. Seemingly solid objects are also created from and consist of energy. The only difference between thoughts, emotions, words, actions of expression and objects, is the frequency in which the energy vibrates. This frequency determines how much electrical power is being held and utilised. For example; thoughts, feelings and actions of sadness, ill intent or those which are fear driven, will hold a heavier, therefore deemed lower level of energy and awareness that everything and everyone is connected. This lack of consciousness will in fact cause the person to experience less power than they have available to them, to improve their own quality of life and add value to others, the same. This means everything that you and I think, feel, say and do effects everyone else on the planet. The energy you hold and send out as a result of your thoughts, emotions and actions has a ‘domino effect’ on everything and everyone else, whether it is living or not. That’s right, living or not. Everything holds energy. This is how some homes, work spaces and properties can feel more or less joyful, sad, heavy, light and so on, than others. It is all about the conscious energy or force of life held within each body of so called matter or material and the spaces in between. People, thoughts, perceptions and objects that have a lower awareness of the oneness, will hold a heavier vibration than people, thoughts, perceptions and objects that hold a higher awareness of the connectedness that is the ‘collective consciousness.’ Healing provides the opportunity for people and spaces to lighten their energy. Freeing up excess or dense energy allows a greater sense of peace and calm to permeate ones body, the environment we live in and beyond. This ‘freeing up’ experience allows better circulation and use of personal power and energy. It also supports a healthier, happier flow in your life and the world around you. I hope this makes sense and you find something of interest. If you would like a Personal Energy Reading and Healing session with Natasha, please phone or email to discuss your situation and options. Ph. 0420 824101

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Living in Truth


A few days ago I was woken with the following words flowing to me at 5.30am. I have captured and posted them to share. I hope you gain something from them as I did.

You have descriptions or man made ‘Labels’ for man made dis-eases with man made solutions that have no resonance with the true nature of healing. These ‘solutions’ do not nurture good health in Mind, Body or Spirit. Instead their impact reduces the light and power you each hold within your being. They add unnecessary vulnerability to your emotions, fear to your mind and leave your physical body more tainted than ever. The true nature of healing begins with the Spirit. The True Self that holds the light of your being or your Eternal Light Body. Your True Self holds all the answers necessary for healing its individual bodies on all levels. Your descriptions or ‘Labels’ as you say of unwellness, are created from the energy of fear filled perceptions and interfere with the root cause of the Spirits discomfort in the Human experience. This energy drives and adds fear wherever it goes. Each time these labels are mentioned, the power of fear increases its hold on the individual and reflects upon humanity as a whole. More attention and energy is required to replace this darkness of uncertainty with the light of awareness.

Awareness and understanding increases light. There is much false information available in your realm. To ‘know’ truth from mistruth about all your experienes and perceptions, you can practice this meditation.

Bring into your mind the idea or information that you have been given. Focus your attention into your heart and solar plexus areas. Notice how you feel about this idea. If you feel fear then you can be sure that your perception of what this idea represents is a mistruth. In this instance you would do well to explore a different point of view to gain clarity and a better understanding of the uncertainties that have created this fear and perception. When you find another idea to represent this ‘Label, Dis-ease or Solution,’ again focus your attention in your heart and soul centres, feel for the fear. If you are still fear filled then you need to explore other options until you find one that has a more natural and calm feeling about it. This is truth. Truth has a natural vibration of peace and calm, mistruth does not. Mistruth has a vibration of fear because it represents unresolved issues, that is, issues that you have not yet found the true answer to, issues that have not been resolved with the peace and calm of truth. Mistruths only exist where there is uncertainty. Mistruths and uncertainty arise together when clarity is not present. Where there is no clarity, you need only shine light and acknowledge truth to bring everything clear. When everything becomes clear there is no fear of being bad or wrong, only new choices to make and take.

If you are fearful of anything then you are unfamiliar with this idea in your experience. When this is so, your challenge is to explore the idea, explore your fear until you come to understand it, understand it and fear will release its hold on you. This is the purpose of the Human experience. When you release fear from your energy, you become enlightened. Enlightenment expands the energy of the Spirit. Gratitude for the experience increases love and light in ones awareness. The darkness of fear cannot reside in the light.

Uncertainty need not be feared. Uncertainty can be accepted by using the element of ‘trust.’ Trust is an attribute to be practised when there is uncertainty, Human Beings find this difficult because they ‘think’ too much. To ‘trust’ is to ‘let go’ of fears, unpleasant expectations that would not serve you well and you would not wish to experience. Trust is to ‘know’ the infinite probabilities that all will be well in your world.

When you live without fear you will be recognised as one who lives in truth. You will be followed by souls who seek  the wisdom and light they hold heavily guarded within their being. Guarded by blame, judgement, excuses, expectations, lack and so on. It is not about who leads here. Every being leads, each merely leading with the energy of light or darkness. One who leads with light holds more of the power available to all from the source of all that is. Those who lead in darkness will be ‘chasing their tails’ for happiness that only comes with light force energy. Hiding in darkness is popular in your dimension. In darkness lies shame, guilt and unworthiness. When bathed in light these states of the Human mind will dissolve.

Forgiveness holds the energy of light. He who embraces forgiveness welcomes light into the experience that once lay in darkness. Forgiveness need only be considered when light shines on a mistruth. When light shines on a mistruth it is given the opportunity for understanding, this opportunity for understanding is the work of the light. Misunderstandings are caused by perceptions, created by the mind to justify its own mistruths and accept them as truths. This satisfies only the logical mind where your mental sense of self resides. You call it ‘Ego.’ We would say ‘Shadow Self’ for it is your dark side and not your True and light Spiritual Self. You could say it is your man made self, an illusion created by the mind to protect your Human insecurities. However, logic lies, it is in its nature to keep safe. It can hold light, however, it chooses not to expand the light it holds instead pursuing constant alterior motives to avoid the light.

The power of the mind is fuelled by the energy of dark emotion. Dark emotions trigger the mind to increase the energy of fear that already controls it. Diverting from choices of the mind will serve Humanity well. Decisions are best made on the sense of emotion you relate to it, in example dark or light. If the emotion expands you and fills your energy with feelings of light then you can be sure that the Soul will be communicating the will of its truth and desires. If the emotion fills your being with a dark contracted energy, this power will be driven by the fear that controls the Human mind.

Allowing the mind to control ones life experiences supresses the light of the True Self within. You call it ‘Depression.’ Another Human term ‘anxiety’ is the pressure of dark force energy that weighs down on the light within as it attempts to expand and shine more light on the individual being, therefore being true to thy self.

Thanks for reading 🙂 Light Filled Blessings, Natasha x

Natasha – As I write, I am day three in being almost ‘sugar free’. No cakes, biscuits, sweets or chocolates for me. A little fruit is my only sweet friend. Not because I am afraid of the labels of disease but because of the symptoms of unwellness that stifle the health and well being of my mind, body and soul. I have felt it coming for some time, the dense energy that consumes my body when I indulge in this bitter sweet ingredient. I have battled with my mind on many occasions to avoid supporting the use of this substance. I have accepted that if I want my children to live long, healthy and well I will have to show them how. Telling them sugar is bad and still having it available is sending them mixed messages. I will have to overcome the urge myself before I can expect too much from them. After all, they have been taught to embrace many toxic substances that for some reason we call ‘treats.’ If I can’t ‘kick’ sugar, then there is not much chance that my children will. Unfortunately ‘moderation’ does not work for everyone. The less I have, the less my body tolerates it when I do have it. The more I have, the more extreme my ‘highs’ and ‘lows.’ I guess you could call that a blessing in disguise as my body speaks it’s truth, who could ask for more? I will be grateful for the added empowerment I hold by being able to embrace only foods that nurture my whole being and not those that only appeal to my taste buds. My daily mantra has been ‘Just for today I am sweet free.’ I will not put an end date on my mission, if I do then I will have lost to the fear of losing something that does not serve me well anyway. If you have any tips or tricks for me or your own experiences, please share!

Healthy Blessings, Natasha x

Do You Believe In An After-Life?


If you could allow yourself for a moment to believe that life after death existed, how would it affect you?

– This is one of several questions I am going to put to you. However, there is no need to share your answers with me. Just keep them to yourself for now. Allow your mind, body and spirit to process them and address them in time, as guided by your own inner wisdom.

– Do you believe in the after-life and are you afraid to talk about it or learn more? Could you possibly believe that you had the power to choose your life’s path, the experiences in it and some of the details around your eventual passing before you arrived on this planet? What about family? Do we really get to choose them and the lessons we wish to learn from them?

Lets start with what physically happens when we die. We know that when a person stops breathing and their heart stops beating and pumping oxygen around the body that they are pronounced dead. But is that all there is to it? Is life really all over? What about when a heart is still pumping oxygen around the body, the person is still breathing but they are not consciously aware of their surroundings, so are deemed ‘unconscious’? Does this mean that their consciousness is not present and therefore separate from the human body?  If so, then where is it and can it survive without and beyond the physical mind and body? And could it be that our consciousness is in fact our ‘spirit’, ‘essence’ or true self’?

Hmmmm, lots to think about already!

– What if our last moments here on Earth were merely a transition into an afterlife that freed us from the ailments, emotional issues and stresses of our physical body along with any burdens that overwhelm our minds and daily life on our human journey?

– What if the purpose of death in the physical sense was to release the human spirit to recharge its energy whilst honoring and accepting its chosen path and achievements thus far, this time around?

– What if this release of the spiritual body from the human form was celebrated in another dimension………. by all of its past friends and family that have ever existed………. as they cherish the home coming of a soul companion……… as part of a greater circle of life?

– Have you ever thought about what happens when a person dies? And, what if life after death was a given? How would it affect you and would you do anything differently?

– Have you ever wished that you could have said or done more for someone while they were alive and well? And what if there were people in this world that could help you reconnect with them……. bringing acceptance and healing to all concerned?

Would you take the opportunity to do just that, connect with your lost loved ones to share your feelings about their life and your relationship with them?

– Would you like to tell them how much they meant to you, how special they were and how guilty you feel that you did not spend more time with them, or that you wish you had another chance to ‘put things right’, lay issues to rest or just feel their presence at will? Maybe you wish you could have done more to help them, you may desire forgiveness for any misunderstandings or disagreements, or you just need them to know how much you loved them.

– If you thought you could, would you be open to forgiving them and yourself for any undesirable experiences that you shared, knowing that it was all part of a greater plan and for the good of all?

– Would you like to know that they have reached a heavenly place of existence that has made their personal efforts and journey worthwhile? A place where there is no judgement or blame, only peace, love, understanding, new choices to make and hope for everyone?

In my experience, I have met many people, including myself who have given and received messages from Souls who have passed over. These messages are usually of love and forgiveness, expressions of regret and guilt surrounding unresolved issues, as they too wish they could have said or done more to help themselves and others while they were here.

– If everyone believed in an eternal afterlife, I wonder what else would be different? Would we feel okay about leaving this lifetime behind? Would we allow ourselves to feel the simple joy of being alive even though we are grieving for those who are no longer with us? Would we be at peace if we could feel their presence and communicate with them at a deeper level than before? Would it relieve us to know that we would one day be together on the same plane of existence once again?

Just a few more things to think about.

My own experiences have led me to challenge many things including what life and death are all about. I guess that is why my life’s work with spirit lies in this area and I am pleased to say that I no longer hold the fear of dying. Suffering is another story altogether. Saying ‘good-bye’ is not easy or less hurtful for me. There is always a feeling of grief whenever we need to ‘let go’ of our attachment to someone or something that we would not have wished for. It does however make me cherish people while they are here and now. Quality time and quality relationships that nurture only honesty, integrity and love are what count most in our lifetimes. Anything else is a waste of precious time, energy and good health. I practice my mastery of living this way each day so that I can live as healthy as I can for as long as I can. Some days are good and some are better. It is never too late to make amends, even if from opposite sides of the veil that separates us at death. ‘Where there is a will there is a way’.

In closing I would like to encourage you to consider your own beliefs around life and death and be brave enough to discuss them wherever you feel drawn. You may find that your fears fade away and are replaced with healing and a sense of knowing that it is only the human form that dies………. allowing the eternal self to move on to greater things. I appreciate that this does not necessarily make it easy to accept your loss immediately and get on with life as usual without friends and family as they continue their journey as spirit alone. My intent is only to bring understanding and comfort to those who feel drawn to receive it, it any way I can.

As you may know, I personally enjoy connecting with spirit whether still alive in human form, earthbound in peoples homes and work spaces or in the higher realms of existence. My mission is to support the journey of Human and Spiritual healing and inner peace. I always appreciate your feedback, let me know what you think. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog article 🙂 Many Blessings, Natasha X

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Living in Fear


STRESS – I am ‘STRESSED’ means I am living in ‘FEAR’.

If you are feeling stressed then you living in a fear filled state. You are worrying about what you are or are not putting your energy into. What are you afraid of? Check out the list below and ask yourself ‘Do I worry or fear’;

•      That I will not make it in time for my work or other appointments?
•      That I will not have enough money to pay my bills or purchase luxury items?
•      That I will not reach my goals or fulfill my dreams?
•      That I am not good enough, beautiful enough or successful enough?
•      That I will not be accepted by others?
•      That I will be rejected and humiliated?
•      That no one will notice me or love me?
•      That I will not have the time or energy to do the things I get the most joy out of?
•      That I will not have the will power or motivation to strive for what is important to me?
•      That I will not have great health and well being?
•      That I will die unhappy?
•      That I am unworthy?
•      That there are not enough hours in the day to achieve my goals.
•      That I am bad or wrong?
•      Being truthful to myself and others?
•      That others will have more than me?
•      Slowing down and practicing calmness?
•      Following my heart instead of my head?
•      Expressing love and kindness?

You may experience many of the above at the same time on a daily basis. They all relate to fear and can put a strain on every level of your being, physical, spiritual, emotional and mental health,

‘Stress’ is another word for ‘fear’. People put their mind’s, body’s and soul’s into a fear filled state that stunts their spiritual and professional growth. Whenever you say ‘I am stressed’ or ‘worried’, you are really saying ‘I am living in a fear filled state’.  A little fear is healthy, it can keep you alive and growing. However, most fear is overwhelming, completely unnecessary and detrimental to the quality of your daily experiences, general health and well being.

If you would like some proof then take a look at your physiology. For example: Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you wearing a smile or a frown? Something in between maybe? What is your posture like? Is your back straight and your chin up ready to face your world, or are you hunched over and lacking confidence in yourself? This is just the beginning. What about the thoughts going through your head? Do they encourage you to take on life’s challenges in a constructive way or do they destroy any hope of a peace and joy filled life? Then there is your emotions to tune into. How does your body feel? Are you excited about your future, do you feel calm and relaxed or do you feel the ‘world is on your shoulders’? If you do, you are right! Your world is on your shoulders because you put it there. The good news is that you can remove it by taking away the high expectations that you have for yourself right now and accept yourself and others exactly the way you are without judgement or blame. Listen to the words you use and the tone you speak them in. Do you look people in the eye when you are talking to them or are you too ‘stressed’ to honor their presence enough to really ‘be’ with them for just a moment. Can you look yourself in the eye and honestly say ‘I love you’ without feeling uncomfortable. Giving your full attention to others is only possible when you can first do this with your self.

Based on the connection between your thoughts, feelings, actions and words, your energy system too, will be showing clear signs of fear and uneasiness.

If this resonates with you, then I encourage you to be aware of your ‘reasons’ for being stressed and living a fear filled life.  How long do you wish to continue living in fear? I recommend that you become ‘open’ to making changes that support addressing your fears in a practical way so that you get the most out of your energy and journey in life.

If you are not calm and relaxed on the inside then you are living in fear of what might or might not happen on the outside. Is this what you want for yourself? Is this how you wish to be interpreted by others?

Fear is not a ‘normal’ state of being. Peace is a normal state of being and is the opposite to stress and fear. Do you want more peace in your day? If so, become aware of your current habits and behavioral patterns. You must be honest with yourself. You can only improve yourself once the truth has been recognized. Being half truthful will only add to your fear.

Here are some questions that will determine if you are living in fear now.

•      Do I often run late for appointments or events?
•      Do I find it difficult to prioritise urgent and less urgent tasks?
•      Do I usually rely on other peoples opinions and allow them to make important decisions for me?
•      Do I put too many things on my daily ‘to do’ list?
•      Do I exhaust my energy regularly, leaving me tired and washed out?
•      Do I snap at others and get angry with myself for not being relaxed?
•      Do I say what I mean and mean what I say?
•      Do I honor integrity by being honest with myself and others always?
•      Do I support giving and receiving with a win, win approach?
•      Do I have an attitude of gratitude?
•      Do I see and nurture the good in others?
•      Do I love everything about my life?
•      Do my relationships lack understanding and quality time?
•      Am I struggling financially?
•      Do I love what I do and do what I love?
•      Do I feel guilty, bad and wrong for my previous decisions and actions?
•      Do I judge or blame others for what is happening in my life?
•      Do I gossip and criticize others?
•      Do I set high standards for myself that I cannot sustain?
•      Do I have expectations of others that are not being met?
•      Do I find it difficult to communicate in a kind and gentle manor?
•      Do I demand respect from others?

Your answers to these questions will give you a clue to what is causing your stress. If any of your answers are undesirable to you, then you have found where your fears lie. There is no shame in having fears. It is only a shame if you choose to ignore them as these are the keys that will unlock the windows of opportunity, to reveal and realise your future potential. I encourage you to go for it!

It is true that stress is everywhere. The truth is that it is only experienced by those who choose it. Yes, you have to choose it. For example: If someone comes running toward you yelling ‘snake, snake’! You could choose to stay calm and consider the dangers or you could go into panic and run a mile, yelling too. It is the same with all of our fears. If you choose not to be fearful then you will experience more peace in your body, soul and mind.

My wish for you is for an easy, flowing, joy filled life, whatever that may mean to you. You deserve the abundance you came into this world to be, do and have. To claim it you must choose to replace your fears with peace.

The first step is to acknowledge that you have fears, accept that they are not real, meaning that there is no immediate danger to you. The next is to take action towards removing these fears from your psyche.

When you do, your whole being will thrive. Your dreams and desires will flow into your daily life with ease and grace. Fear will become your friend that calls on you occasionally to offer you further spiritual growth. You will no longer experience fear as an enemy that inhibits the greatness in you. Instead you will recognize it as a friend that reminds you of how far you have come and how far you are ready to go.

Fear that is ignored becomes the enemy to your mind, as it’s intent is to push you to do things that you ‘think’ you cannot. There is almost nothing that you could think about that you could not be, do or have. It is merely your limiting beliefs and lack of self worth that create the energetic boundaries you surround yourself with. These can always be changed. Your fears challenge these beliefs and boundaries constantly, that is it’s job. Without fear you would not grow, learn, develop and experience your full capabilities. If your life is not going the way you have planned, then I encourage you to update your beliefs and limits of your unconscious mind to those that would serve you better. You will need to take a look at your current thoughts, emotions, words and actions to gain clarity about why you are not heading toward the life of your dreams.

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to fear nothing and love everything. Allow your intuition to guide you. If you wish to experience happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment, I would be honored to support you on your journey.

Oceans Of Blessings, Natasha X

Whole Being Wellness – A State of Mind, Body and Soul


I believe in whole being wellness. Every level of our being is connected and therefore reliant on the wellness of each other. Physical, spiritual, emotional and mental wellness is what I call whole being wellness. To gain whole being wellness here are some things I have learned and practice regularly. Most of them I practice daily to keep up with the many environmental influences that can distract me from functioning to the best of my abilities and implementing the changes I wish to see in my life.

*Practice stillness. Still your body, quiet your mind by allowing thoughts to flow through without holding them and focus on your breath.
*Breathe deep to get air in your lungs and oxygen into your brain.
*Anchor yourself in the present moment. Give your full attention to your environment every minute of the day and you will get the best out of every situation.
*Practice mastery of facing your fears. Your greatest opportunity for growth is when you choose to turn things that you cannot do into things that you must do.
*Keep your energy moving. Have something handy that always makes you laugh. This will shift any unwanted emotional state immediately. From there you can take positive steps toward keeping a happier state of mind.
*Create energetic boundaries. Give the intent that your personal space, rules and morals are respected by others that connect with you at all times.
*Practice acceptance and compassion without judgement. When someone says or does something that you do not like, ask yourself ‘where do I say or do this in my life’? You will find that you too have the same or similar traits. This is a great way to level the playing field. We are all the same at soul level, no exceptions.
*Strengthen your energy field. Click here to learn about the energy balancing and the EMF Balancing Technique®
*Nourish your body with good food. What you put in your mouth must please more than just your taste buds. Be aware of anything you consume that has no benefit to your beautiful body and then go a step further to research how harmful it could be. Take heed and empower yourself by removing it from your diet.
*Nourish your brain with good thoughts. Be grateful for what you already have and create positive affirmations for all that you would like to be, do and have. You deserve the best of everything as does your neighbour.
*Put yourself first. Block out time in your diary to do the things that you love. Giving all your time and energy to others will cause stress, burnout and eventually resentment. Encourage others to be independent and take care of themselves well too. Everyone is capable of taking care of themselves in many ways, some people just need a little confidence that can only be gained by encouragement and positive reinforcement.
*Take action towards your desires. Write yourself a wish list and from there set some goals. Don’t give up until you reach them. Celebrate your successes and achievements no matter how small they may seem.
*Be accountable for your feelings and actions. Be honest about EVERYTHING you think, feel, say and do. If you think, feel and do things that don’t support health and well being then acknowledge it and ask for the tools to change them. Denial will only cause you more trouble within your mind, body and soul.

Self Empowerment and Self



I am passionate about self empowerment and self help healing. I think the two go together. Your life is your responsibility. When you decide to take charge of it you will increase your desire to start a new and interesting journey of self empowerment and subsequently self healing.

Self empowerment is a freeing experience that takes you away from your excuses and feeling like a victim. It leads to responsibility and taking the credit for all that you have achieved in your life. When you take responsibility for all of your actions, you no longer feel powerless or allow others to control how you live your life. The choices you make are yours. Sometimes people we love project their limiting beliefs so strongly that we find it difficult to make a different choice for ourselves or to even think about what our own beliefs are. This becomes a pattern or habit that can keep us from achieving our personal goals and being fulfilled. It also causes unnecessary grief, judgements and blame all round. It is up to us to make up the rules and direction of our own life. If you find yourself stuck under someone else’s thumb, then consider making a stand, your soul will love you for it.

Once you have decided to take charge of your power, you can rewrite your own contract or destiny as you wish to see it. Then, where do you start?

A personal reading can be a great place to start. It can bring to your attention the things that you are giving your energy to. You can then make new choices whether to keep giving them energy or not.

Coaching can provide you with tools, guidance and support that will help you overcome your challenges, find your strengths and step up and take ownership of your life so you can be, have and do all that you wish.

The EMF Balancing Technique® is also a great tool. It supports you to shift your energy to all that you desire while you gently let go of the things in your life that you no longer wish to hold on to.

There are many wonderful modalities and caring individuals willing to nurture you on your new path to self discovery. They will help and support your transformation to the person you want to be. They will honor and encourage all that is good within you and the rest will fade on it’s own. All you need to do is say ‘yes’ to your power and ask your inner self ‘please show me where.’ When you need support in any way, just ask and it shall be given.

Not one of us has the puzzle of life in one piece. There are many pieces and they are scattered around us like hidden treasure within the beautiful beings that we come into contact with. Learn to communicate your thoughts, feelings and desires in a loving way to draw out the tools you require to bring harmony and balance into your life.

Please remember to be gentle on yourself as you learn and grow. Be grateful for the smallest changes that you make as every bit counts. It’s a bit like learning to walk, you must master the small steps first. In the beginning, your results may vary. Some may be instant and others will take more time and practice. Be aware that whatever you give your energy to is what will manifest into your life.

Taking charge of our own desires can bring interesting reactions from others. However, now that you have started, don’t look back. It will get easier the more you practice putting yourself first. When people realise that there is no messing with you they will either adjust to your new boundaries or drift away from you. You will also attract new and more accepting people into your life. All the best and oceans of blessings, Natasha x Add Comment

The power of stillness


The last week or so has found me a little befrazzled and out of flow. I was confused about my next step to move forward and grow as I continue to be of service to others. I had to remind myself that when you think that you are all out of inspiration and ideas or you have tried everything you already know how to do then stillness is a great place to return to. As Eckhart Tolle’ says ‘stillness speaks’.

When you still your body and mind you are opening yourself up to a greater consciousness where opportunities for advancement are infinite. It is true. There is a never ending supply of new ideas waiting for you to tap into. The trick is that you will have to still yourself to notice them.  In that stillness, the reason you are open to receive these original ideas and opportunities is because your body, mind and energy are not cluttered with business, chatter and ‘stuff’ that interfere with the process of receiving. Inspiration is around you all the time waiting for you to stop being busy and take note. Think about it.

It is impossible to to receive anything new if your thoughts, feelings and actions are already over loaded. It is no wonder that we tend to feel a little crazy sometimes. Keeping your energy out of other peoples ‘stuff’ frees you up to work on your own journey without their problems adding to your confusion. Practice stillness often to feel your way forward and be at peace with all areas of your life.

Infinite Blessings, Natasha x

Facing Your Fears


I love the acronym F. E .A .R, false expectations appearing real. As I cruise along trusting my spiritual journey, I sometimes find myself in a state of fear. This usually happens when I have a new, perhaps creative idea that has sat with me for a while and I have not put it into action for fear of rejection.

My solar plexus tenses up and a wave of heat comes over my entire body. I know that my soul resides near the area of my solar plexus chakra. This chakra is the major energy centre that drives us to our hearts desires and purpose in life. Situated between the navel and where the ribs meet just below the chest, it is responsible for our self direction and self support.

I am still practicing my mastery of feeling the fear of an uncertain outcome and taking the action towards it anyway. I have noticed that if I don’t follow through and take action, the fear reoccurs and the idea I had sits in my energy field yearning for my attention. When I do take action on my ideas I gain my most significant growth and yet another fear is conquered, weakening my fear of rejection.

Just like many of you, I am learning to manage my energy to better serve the needs of my soul. It is an ongoing part of evolving. Here is an exercise that I find works well for me when I am feeling fearful about taking action outside of my comfort zone where the results are uncertain.

1. I take a deep breath, expanding my stomach and ribs and filling my whole abdomen and chest with air. As the oxygen reaches and permeates my solar plexus energy centre, it releases the hold that the fear has on this area of my physical body. 2. When the pressure has gone and I feel more relaxed, I think about the original idea that I had, along with all of the greatness it could bring to me. This can take a few minutes to really feel it’s power. I then act on it immediately.

On any given day I may have many new ideas about how to add value to my life and work. If I don’t act upon them when they feel good, they turn into fears that get dumped on top of all the other ideas and fears that lie within me. This is not a healthy strategy for living to one’s fullest potential. When I do act immediately, a great sense of achievement comes over me and an idea is now ticked off my ‘to do’ list. I am not talking about huge financial or personal risks here, just everyday stuff that can hold a person back from being the best that they can be. The more I breathe through my fears and take action, the more self empowered I become. The energy that comes with this feeling is one of relief and accomplishment. Even publishing my first website and blog was a big deal for me and now I don’t even know what the hold up was.

New ideas are ‘new’ for a reason, you have not had them before. So, of course the outcome is uncertain, however, the chances of them taking you a great step forward on the path to what you want, are more likely than what you are afraid ‘might’ happen. Remember, your ideas do not go away just because you decide to ignore them. Not all ideas need to be put into action, however, I would recommend that you at least put some energy into exploring their possibilities. Who knows, they may lead you to many more treasures within you.

If all the ‘what if’s’ are getting in the way of you starting or completing your life’s work or projects, follow the simple exercise above and let me know if you have any success. I would love to hear from you. Click here to email me directly. Blessings, Natasha x Add Comment

Life is not black and white

04/21/2011 3

Nothing in life is black and white. Grey is the new black and white. Grey represents choices. There have always been choices, however, the choices of old were not so free. Some people paid with there lives by choosing to be themselves instead of hiding their true uniqueness. Freedom of choice has become more abundant thanks to those souls who stood in their power no matter what. They believed in themselves which has supported the evolution of humanity. Without these people stepping outside the box of rules and beliefs of the majority of their time, we would still live in a hugely fearful society. I am not talking about breaking the law. Our society is far more accepting of individuality and uniqueness these days. There is however, always room for improvement.

Many once banished souls are living again now. They are experiencing true universal power, thanks to their previous efforts to practice their mastery of living as an embodied spirit. These souls have been through much pain and healing. They have experience and wisdom to share and are living proof that we can choose to live in fear or love. They will lead by example, lighting the way for others who choose to follow the road to inner truth, whatever that may mean to them. There is no right or wrong way only choices that lead to different outcomes.

The consequences of living with fear are living in fear. The results of living with love are living in love. This is a choice for each individual to make. I know which way I prefer to live.

I have faced many challenges in my life like everyone else. As children we may have had little, or no control over our circumstances. We may feel confused, frustrated, angry, sad or misunderstood. The past cannot be changed. We can however change who we wish to be in the future. For your life to be different in the future, changes must be made ʻnowʼ in the present moment. Remember, this is your own future and no one elseʼs. Therefore, you are the only one that has the power to change and create your reality.

We are each responsible only and wholly for all of our choices and actions, no exceptions. If there is something in your life that you donʼt like, then you can change it. Everything can be changed and you are the only one who can make new choices to lead to that change. If you want something different, you will have to see or do something in a different way. Otherwise, the result will always be the same. If you do not make the changes you desire, then you may experience consequences that create more fear including judgement and blame of yourself and others. This will not serve you well in your adventures.

If you wish for a life that is filled with peace, love and joyous moments, you must be willing to embrace opportunities to face all that you fear so that you can relax and feel at ease with your life. Fear is purely an emotion. Emotions can be changed. Sometimes just acknowledging the fear and the worst that it could mean for you can weaken the hold it has on you. Letting go of your fears will allow you to attract variety and colour into your world from the Universe in unexpected ways.

You are not alone in this world for a reason. Everyone is gifted in one way or another. If you need support as you learn to live life to your fullest potential, connect with people who give you only loving energy. This way your energy will will be focused on the greatness you have in common. It will support your transition to a fearless lifestyle with ease and grace. You deserve to be happy, healthy and have fun every day. I encourage you to go for it. x

Copyright – Natasha Jones 2011

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