Intuitive Readings, Spiritual Guidance & Healing 

Bring your intent and questions to these sessions. Allow Natasha to look into your current challenges and curiosities, for better understanding, acceptance and healing of your inner world and self. 

Psychometry – Reading the energy of material objects, e.g. jewellery, clothing, crystals, personal belongings and furniture.

All payments must be made prior to the date of your phone reading or healing session by direct deposit or PayPal. Face to face readings can be paid via direct deposit or cash to Natasha on the day. A PayPal invoice will be sent to your email address for payment once your appointment has been confirmed. On reciept of your payment, Natasha will phone you directly on your preferred number at the agreed time, or see you in person as requested. When making a booking, please advise Natasha of your preferred days/times. Please include your location and time zone.


SKYPE also available for some sessions.

Readings & Spiritual Guidance (world wide)

15 minute = $AUD40
30 minute = $AUD60
45 minute = $AUD100
60 minute = $AUD120

An EMF Balancing Technique® Introduction to Energy Session

A full body energy balance, performed while you are sitting in a chair. The Practitioner facilitates movements within your energy field to shift and release blocked energy, allowing it to flow more freely. Your own inner wisdom guides your energy to exactly where you need it, for your highest good in the present moment. During the session your spirit will be honored silently by the Practitioner and several intents will also be spoken aloud, to leave you feeling nurtured and blissful.  The result is a more relaxed and conscious you, aware of your inner being and how peace filled you can feel. It is a great way to start your inner healing process and most beneficial for grounding and relaxation. A beautiful technique that I love sharing. This session can also be experienced remotely.

30 minutes = $AUD60 (available world wide)

EMF Balancing Technique®

Single Phase Session – I to VIII  $AUD150 – Please allow approx. 1.5 hours for each session Combination Sessions – I and II, III and IV or I and IV – $AUD200 each

Please allow approx 2 hours for these sessions.

Integrational Healing for Sub Personality Traits
60 minute = $120 (available world wide)
Sub Personality Integrational Healing can be received in person or remotely. Natasha will require a photo of the person recieving the healing before the agreed time. For more information on Integrational Healing, Please click here.

Home & Work Space Healing

Please allow up to  90 minutes  = $150
Additional time  = $50 per 30 minutes                                                                  
For More on Home & Work Space Healing click here 


Please be on time for your appointments, to avoid delaying other peoples session times. Thank You! 🙂

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