Pedastals – Not a comfy seat for the Soul

Pedastals are un-real. That is why the Soul will not sit upon them.
Have you ever noticed that when you put someone on a pedastal they jump off? And if you put yourself on a pedastal, someone knocks you off? Perhaps you have even put someone on a pedastal and later knocked them off yourself. Maybe you have felt singled out, raised above others uncomfortably and so put yourself down, adjusting your sense of reality to a more humble and balanced state. This can happen when we have placed an idealistic quality or value of existence onto a person and they don’t live up to our expectations.
As time passes we begin to see this person in their humanness, cracks in their perfection begin to show and we become less impressed by them. We suddenly lower our opinion of them and sometimes their worthiness to be in our company and thoughts. The person we are being a bit tough with may even be our self. Pedastals sabotage the paradigm of oneness.
The EGO who is not afraid of heights and putting one ‘up there,’ is like Captain Risky…playing on a slippery dip, mounted on an electrifying soapbox, dividing wholistic intentions and scattering pieces of human unconsciousness, for an advanced game of connect the dots… with no ETA.
Exaggerated behaviours, comments or actions toward others or ourselves are noted energetically, cause discomfort and rub auntenticity up the wrong way, like a hot temper. Complimentary words and actions however, are cool, chilled out truth 🙂 
Everything authentic takes Love – Three Ways…Giving it to yourself, Giving it to another and Receiving it from another. All felt deeply, truly and equally valued at the same time…every time.
Dismantling hidden agendas and building transparent collaborations starts with self awareness and self responsibility. This leads us to the Earthly platform that seats our Authentic and Beautiful, Powerful Soul xxx


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