Understanding LOVE – Similarities and Differences


When you find yourself attracted to someone because they appear different than you, you are being gifted the insight of attributes that lie dormant within you. The expression of unfulfilled joys that your Soul wishes you too to acknowledge and activate. This is how others inspire us by sharing their gifts and talents. Will you choose to explore your own abilities in ‘this’ lifetime? Be patient with yourself, play openly and attentively with your inner calling and thy will, will be done in good time.

When you find yourself loving someone because they feel similar to you, you are gifted with the confirmation of all that you already love about you…In this awareness you can be sure that you are indeed on the path to self love and acceptance….Your most Beautiful, Powerful destination. If you look back you may notice how far you have come on your travels thus far. A healing experience that unpacks your bags may reveal much of what you have let go of and now carry with Love.

When we can recognise the Beauty that exists and the Power that is available within each of our Human connections, all hell can break loose from our mental and emotional bodies….Allowing pain to be freed from our being and the spirit inside to soar to heavenly heights of peace and calm. Relating to others and merging consciousness becomes a gentle breeze, where thy sense of self floats magically throughout the journey of ones unique Soul…As it grants its own future capabilities and wishes into manifestation xxx

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