Love to Belong

We live in the Age of ‘Bizzy times,’ where many Souls are creating, searching for and connecting with ‘their ‘Tribe.’ While this idea serves to divide us into a perception of our ‘rightly placed’ social circle, we must remember the importance of keeping our minds, hearts and arms open to all of our family, Humanity as a whole.  A need to ‘belong’ in groups of people who like the same things as us need not override the deeper want for strengthening relationships soul to soul, irrespective of like-mindedness. Welcoming interactions and communication where differences are sensed, serves for even greater growth and connection than only recognising similarities, can ever be called to achieve.

It is a common trait for Human Beings to ‘feel’ like they do not belong. The feeling of being alone and not belonging comes from incomplete love for thy self. We have trouble belonging, ‘be’-ing in our body, for long. Our wandering minds cannot sit still without wanting us to ‘be-long’ somewhere else. Anywhere else that we think will make us feel better than we do in our solitude. Our awareness is uncomfortable within our physical body so we uninhabit it, taking our attention elsewhere, anywhere that feels better than here. This is how we distract ourselves from the calling of our Soul as it puts pressure on us to ‘be’ in our body long enough to clear out all we do not want to be or feel attached to, including our thoughts, beliefs and feelings around past, present and possible future experiences.

This quest comes about from not liking all that we currently have and are, as we are, in our entirety. We do not like our physical bodies, our hair, our eyes, our shape and size, and all we perceive that dis-ables us from the greatest joys in life, compared to others. Some are happy with how their physical body appears, they like the way they look. However, there may still be a shared lack in ‘feeling’ the energy that radiates self love and a sense of being at home within our body’s and styles of life.

It is the emotional body that we Humans do not want to ‘be-long’ to or with. We cannot be in our emotions for long periods as it is uncomfortable there. When our awareness can ‘be’ in our quiet and still body for long enough and freely give our attention to how we feel there, we allow our past disturbances the opportunity to ‘be’ and to be unlocked, acknowleded and accepted. It is in this space we give any static energy permission to flow through us, releasing its stagnating hold on our vulnerable minds and delicate bodies, thus restoring our core energy supplies and personal power.  This letting go of excess energy, strengthens our conscious mind, anchors our attention within the physical body and grounds our presence in the current moment, whether we feel good or not. Unhealthy feelings can starve us of precious energy if we do not allow them to move through us, transcending our minds attachment to them. Feelings do not go away because we ignore them. All we do is hold them back, like a wolf at the door, determined to consume us another day.

Everyone has emotional baggage and the practice of clearing it out is like a fine art. It takes time, patience, will and the power of new thought. Recycling the excess energy we hold in our emotions, increases self em-power-ment and self-confidence, self-direction and self-support. When we have unconditional self-support, we can now ‘be’ ourselves and ‘be-long’ within ourselves, whether alone or in company.

Self love requires more than distracting the mind from its irrational fear of emotions, with bright shiny objects, subjects and projects. Self love must be self-full in all forms. Over indulgence in food, fun activities, luxurious purchases and heavenly experiences may temporarily satisfy our need to feel worthy and abundant, however, these alone cannot raise our spirits to all we are worth. Engulphing our mind and body in euphoric illusions as the ‘be all to end all,’ merely delays more soul filled living.  It glosses over the devil inside where the keys to our emotional freedoms truly lie.

Self love requires digging deep for our strengths and weaknesses, personally developing a connection with our inner workings, loves, hurts, the lot, difgging up the dirt in all nooks and crannies, ironing out the wrinkles and feeling more comfortable in our own skin.

The souls voice intuitively guides us to a sense of belonging, no matter who or what we ‘think’ we have secured or conquored. Are you listening to the voice of your own Soul?

People come and go physically. Emotions are purely sensations caused by energy in motion that too must come and go during the Human experience. Whatever we hold onto causes our pains…mentally, physically, emotinally and spiritually.

When we can be-long in our physical and emotional bodies, we can sense a greater belonging to the tribe of Humanity, anytime, with anyone or no-one. We can see through the eyes that glaze each precious Soul we encounter, recognise the similarities and acknowledge the differences, celebrate the connectedness and uniqueness of each of you the same. Welcome each other as Brothers and Sisters, if only for a brief moment in time. We are never alone, we merely choose to isolate and separate our awareness from our connection to all that is. Judgement separates. Observation and intent to resolve the misunderstood and the unknown heals disconnection.

Life is like a never ending shopping spree and it is a common occurence for Human Souls to shop til they drop, holding onto their ‘stuff’ until something gives out without warning. The signs of pressure are always there, however, we ignore them. Over time, the goodies we have collected on our travels become forgotten for a while and we have to go back to the baggage to see what we are still holding onto and what needs to be moved on. This baggage holds us ‘down’ literally and energetically. It stunts our Spirits growth beyond our Egos insecurities and fears by not facing them. Just as with shopping, we have to put our emotional baggage down at some point. We cannot carry it forever without it draining our energy reserves and weighing us down.

The most fruitful recovery processes are ones that do not place blame and judgements on others for our collection of baggage, even if they appear to have twisted our arm into ‘buying’ into them. The final decision always rests on our own Beautiful Powerful shoulders.

Love and Magic, Natasha xxx



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