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My focus this year is on Healing and reminding you how to use your innate beauty and power to better enjoy this precious life experience. Healing is about restoring harmony to every cell of our being. That is, every sub atomic particle of energy that makes up our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health and our unique form. Our states of mind, heart and soul together manifest wellness or dis-ease within our body and radiate this out, as a vibration into the world. The more calm and nurtured we feel on the inside, the more calm and nurturing our interactions become with others and our environment. Our challenges hold less drama and we attract and become more equipped to deal with even more evolutionary experiences. Our Mind has an amazing filing system that continues to file copies of the same thought in its subconscious, each time it is repeated. When we are tired, unaware and unpresent, the subconscious mind becomes the autopilot. So, whatever we have stored there is now in control. Unfortunately it is common for the subconscious to be filled with don’ts, cant’s and should haves, regrets, shame and guilt. As most dis-ease is caused by how our mind interprets everything that our five main senses are exposed to, we can have a huge job on our hands to over power an unhelpful or dis-eased state of mind. This is why I love working with energy. By focusing energy and intent on vibration, the mind is not given the opportunity to assume control. The body’s inner wisdom is supported intuitively and re guides the energy back to your core for use elsewhere. This is how energy balancing and healing works. Of course this release of energy can be felt physically too. In essence we are merely a mass of light and energy made up of totally unique patterns of energy that create the shape, size and state of each individual and amazing life form.

How Does Healing Actually Work?

We all have a mass of magnetic vortices throughout our body’s. This is why we are called ‘Electro Magnetic Beings.’ These magnetic vortices keep us connected to the Earth, instead of floating around. As you may know, magnets attract and repulse by pulling and pushing energy. They are how we attract or repulse people, places or things into our life. When we place our hands on or near another person, animal or thing, the magnetic pulses in our hands and body’s begin to push and pull at the cells. Any blockages caused by stuck or stagnant energy begin to loosen up and move on. What we are in fact doing is increasing the circulation of energy, so that it now flows smoothly, relieving pressure and stress in the area. When energy is flowing smoothly, pain is released and suffering disappears. Our body’s have an amazing ability to heal themselves. Unfortunately our minds are so powerful that they often get in the way by overprotecting us and giving us a ‘headache’ from unnecessary worry. Energy balancing can restore flow to your body and life and you don’t even have to be in the room or awake to receive it!

Remote Healing:

During a remote healing session you do not have to be in the same room as the Healing Facilitator. You may even be in different countries to each other. More on this soon.

If you are feeling sad, lonely, unlovable, unorganised, unworthy, weak, vulnerable, scared and more, then you will find yourself stuck in a never ending loop of fear, anxiety, procrastination and suffering, to some degree. One way in which to break this habitual way of living or ‘not living,’ is to reorganise the energy you are carrying around with you. Everything you are giving your energy to will be reflecting outwardly from your aura, as you may know it. Your aura is an energy field, an organised system of electrical power, that moves around you and through you, every second of the day and night, whether you know it, feel it, sense it, or not. This energy field is self balancing and directly responds to everything in your environment that you give your attention to, inwardly and outwardly. My intent is to help you understand that what we give our focus and attention to is in fact where we are directing electrical power and energy. When you realise this, you will also see that what you give your power and energy to, is also where you get your power and energy from. For example; If you gave your attention and energy to eating cardboard boxes, then you can only expect to receive the amount of energy back into your body, that cardboard boxes have to offer you in return. So why would you direct your energy toward eating boxes, if it did not nourish you and reciprocate with fresh energy? The same goes for putting energy into undesirable thoughts. It’s impossible to feel energised when you are spending your precious energy on thoughts of fear and worry. Do you see where I am coming from? 

If you are feeling lost, stuck or a somewhat confused about your life or experiences, please allow yourself to reach for some help. We were not born to do life on our own. We all need guidance sometimes. I can provide you with some options to help you regain control of your energy and power, so that you can get your life back on track.

Energy is a vibration that can be sensed and changed with focused intent.

EMF Balancing Technique®  Allow this beautiful technique to accelerate your evolution. Learn how it supports your inner wisdom and encourages you to let go of energy given to thoughts and emotions, that have kept you from enjoying a more peace filled, loving and unique life. Be free of the things that have kept you stuck on memories of the past or worries about what might happen in the future. Be proactive in managing your energy to live a content and fulfilling lifestyle. Allow Natasha to hold the space and honor your soul as your inner guidance redirects your energy, to create a happier and healthier you. You deserve it!


Benefits of an EMF Balancing Technique® Session Include: – Deep relaxation, Stress Release – Balance of mind and heart – Gentle release of old emotional issues and excess energy given to everywhere but the present moment, returning it for instant availability in your Core – Experience greater clarity and awareness – Feel lighter, freer and less worried about challenges that would usually have bothered you.

More about EMF Balancing Technique

I am looking forward to being of service, and supporting you on your journey.

Wishing you Love and Magic , Natasha X


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