Love Your Ego

I am your Ego, your partner in crime

I’ll push you ahead, leaving others behind

I’m with you for life, I’ll thrive on your fear

Acknowledge and accept me….If you dare!

Challenge and mould me, I’ll work hard for you

Let go and succeed, with wisdom in lieu

I’m just like a shadow, I’ll always be near

You can let me cause havoc, or teach me to care

Unlock and release me, I’ll not let you down

I’ll do what it takes to keep you around

Lets face it I need you and you need me

Together we’ll learn to live, love and ‘be’

Integrate our energies, realise its worth

As we travel connected, whilst here on this Earth


The Ego can serve us well. It’s desire is to protect us and drive us towards self improvement….to better ourselves if you will, for a better quality of life. Without Ego, we would not get past the basics, to reach magnificent heights and achievements. Plodding along for long periods is not necessary and does not serve us personally, or Humanity well.

We can use our Ego to push through perceived barriers and reach our fullest capabilities, so that we may share our gifts with the world around us…The gifts we have come to create ‘for’ Humanity. This inspires others to open up to their own abilities and capabilities and in turn inspire others to do the same and so on. Can you imagine a world filled with joyous, dream creating people? It is when we are supporting each others divine natures that we begin to thrive as one and love radiates throughout the Universe.

Our Ego can support us to challenge and rebel societies, standards, systems and processes that keep us as a collective from thriving. Our Ego can encourage doing life with a more expanded reality or a constricted and stress filled, love inhibiting one….Which one will you choose?

When we stand up in a compassionate and caring way, our energy attracts greater experiences and we become a magnet for love, in all of its forms.

Without Ego, the Soul would live only to survive. The Soul holds the wisdoms that carry your will. Without the wisdoms of the Soul, The Ego would live unconsciously. As partners, the Ego and the Soul can learn to really ‘live’ and experience the giving and receiving of love, trust and abundance simultaneously through the cause and effect of each others intentions, actions, judgements and boundaries. Awareness of the Ego and Soul is where the path of enlightenment begins and the journey of self discovery and self mastery never ends.

Natasha Jones March 2010


Intuitive Healer Medium Integrating Sub Personalities Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique® Connecting With Spirit Home Energy Clearing and Balancing Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidance
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