Mothers Day – Celebrating the Feminine

Many Blessings Dear Ones, It is I, Isis, Goddess of the Mothers, all Mothers, All Gods and Goddesses of Mothering. You have called on me…finally. You have noticed my existence in your awareness. I have been here for much of what you call ‘time.’ Make no mistake, I am here to stay, here to help you spread the words. The words of love you feel in your heart, for humanity, for consciousness, past, present and future. It is all connected and all relative to the re-evolution of human-kind, spirit-kind, soul..fullness and self…fullness. Let go of your worries Dear Ones and hand them over to me. Let the winds of spirit carry them away like a dark horse riding into the light.

You have seen me on my horse with wings. A beauteous feminine creature with whom I ride the whispers of change through the air, on the callings of the beautiful souls that wish to discover the secrets of how to live more, love more, have more and be more of service to themselves and others. A magical desire to possess Dear Ones….the know-how, the wisdoms… along with elegance and grace. A time for sharing now indeed and you have come to the right place. The place of humility and compassion, equality and acceptance of the important attributes within the human and its being.

Now let us speak of this ‘Mothers Day’

For some time, the power of the ‘Mother,’ all Mothers has been taken over by control. The timeless gift of nurturing has been severed at the root by the fear filled energy of the masculine…not to consciously drown her emotional waves and strengths out but to conquer all fears and energies of his deepest insecurities. This is not men we talk about you understand, but the masculine life force within each living creature that feels the need to be “King of the Castle,’ shall we say. Bless the masculine Dear Ones for it was meant to be strong and powerful too. It is not in its nature to ‘rule with an iron fist’ for the sake of it. It merely marches ahead where it encounters more and less boundaries… taking itself to new levels of accomplishment and abundance. The masculine within all often finds himself unhindered by and unaware of the less forceful divine feminine energies that practice patience, love and compassion at all costs, awaiting the attention of the masculine, giving intent for his awareness of her and to be included as part of their whole being….together.

The masculine feels strong and capable in his powerful self and so it has been a time of learning, unfolding and maturing to allow the feminine to penetrate his awareness and begin to open up to integrating her beauty within its being to become whole… And from here the gifts of the soul can become fully actualised. Interestingly, the masculine will fight for the feminine, not realising that he is fighting to connect with, protect and restore with authenticity, the connection to the more gentle side of himself, who is as yet invisible.

The Feminine does not need fighting for, she is capable in her own right of duties too. The Feminine, …is beautiful and powerful, peacefully holding the wisdoms of the Earth Mother and bestowed with the gift that gives birth to life in many forms, Human, Plant, Animal, Mineral, Spiritual.

The feminine… nurturing, mothering is not only available to the female gender. It is available within all and accessible to all who choose the path to wholeness…that is, to accept the whole of ones being and express themselves as such…expressing their ‘whole’ self…a self that openly radiates both their masculine and feminine qualities authentically, easefully and gracefully…without pressure, judgement and filtering of insecurities and vulnerabilities. It is within your experience and journeying each lifetime that you come to ‘know’ when and how to express and share your wandering and spontaneous, intuitive feminine nature and when and how to call upon and utilise our your more direct, focused and purpose filled masculine abilities and capabilities. It is time to allow the Feminine within each of you to shine with all her might and for the Masculine within you to reach out his hand and draw her close to his side. This is where your greatest nurturing and conquering can begin!

What a Beautiful, Powerful partnership we all have, laying in waiting 🙂

Love and Magic, Natasha xxx


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