Following My Guiding Light

Following my guiding light

Unconscious by day, conscious by night

Where am I going and where will it lead

It’s full of surprises and lessons to heed

Embrace and endure all experience the same

Back to the source from where we once came

The good, the bad, the ugly galore

The laughter, the tears and oh so much more

What’s in between makes us who we are

Finding our balance we’re sure to go far

For life is a precious and magical game

So treat it as such like your inner most flame

The one that’s inside you and drives you to tread

Where the ground is both new and you’re likely to dread

Chase your fears down and face them with pride

So the energy surrounding them can only subside

Feel free of the baggage that no longer serves you

Breathe deep and relax without limits or curfew

Live life to the full, have fun, be a devil

Step outside the square and to the next level

Step down and step deep to find the real you

Without judgement or blame you will find what is true

The truth is the best and most potent of all

Where love and compassion and consciousness call

The Universe needs you, there’s no time to rest

Accelerate evolution, experience your best

Copyright Natasha Jones March 2008


Intuitive Healer Medium Integrating Sub Personalities Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique® Connecting With Spirit Home Energy Clearing and Balancing Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidance
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