Returning to Self

My arm is not easily twisted when I have my mind set on something, however, a deeper calling for a change in routine as a Human Doing was on the menu for me recently. A time to reflect on yet another end of an insightful era. As I sat on the plane, enjoying my lack of urgent tasks these words came through to me and I wondered if anyone else around me felt like this too. Oh the joys of being Human 🙂

Heading to Melbourne…

Today as I fly, elevated sky high

And I float amongst silky white clouds

In a plane I am soaring, with Melbourne a calling

To experience first sights and new crowds

Child free for two weeks, more joy do I seek,

So chill me and thrill me, I’m ready

A breather from work and the blinding routine

My intent to feel worthy and steady

A spontaneous trip, best interests at heart

To rejuvenate zest for life

Awakening Spirit and stirring it up

Transforming me, dark into light


On my return…

Heading back home, post good times away

A relaxing , adventurous, nurturing stay

Reflecting with family, wandering, exploring

Reconnecting with self, honouring, adoring

Celebrating the Soul, past illusions in time

Adorning a journey, with moments that chime

Awareness called in, a being unearthed

Core energy centred, feeling rebirthed

Welcoming change, receiving and giving

Gently returned to intuitive living

Love the healing magic of words xxx


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