Me, Myself and I

This was the second message I received on my new journey here in OZ. When it came through, I just about fell over! I wondered where these collections of words were coming from and I was soon to learn that although there were supporters in Spirit, they were coming from my own being…my Soul…The part of my Self that knew the wisdoms of a higher perspective of the Journey of The Human Soul. I also learned that I had a strong connection to the human experience, not just my own but Humanity in general as well. It all made sense and I realised that these words were not just applicable to me.

Through my experiences as a Psychic, Medium, Healer and a Voice For The Beautiful and Powerful Soul, I learn that we have each chosen to incarnate on Earth for a highly physical experience, one that is filled with challenges and obstacles that teach us to be, do and have with more love, understanding and collaboration than before. We do not need pre-requisites or specific credentials to make our way through life as a valuable member of Humanity and the judgement of others in anyway less than ourselves is simply a reflection of our righteousness and insecurities. Just as we reward animals when they behave appropriately, we too are in training and receive our prizes via the energetic Universe, in direct relation to the behaviours we choose to practice with our minds and body’s, on ourselves and others, moment to moment. If our intentions lack equality then we too will experience a lack of energetic quality. It is a Universal Law that cannot be influenced otherwise by an Ego that cares more for self than others or for others more than Self, as if disconnected from one another and in competition.

 It isn’t always easy being such sensual beings…we are designed to feel but sometimes we do not want to. If it doesn’t feel ‘good’ then our minds wander from our body’s and we lose presence. We daydream, fantasise or go ‘away with the Fairies’ to places that help us to feel better, albeit temporarily. We begin to resist bringing our attention back into our body’s and being still enough to feel the energy that is in motion or constricted within us. This is where our ‘fight or flight’ response clocks on and too often runs overtime. When this uncomfortable sensation is doing a workout we struggle to want to be here, to be fully present in our Human body’s and to be in the lives we have created for ourselves. We feel like we do not belong here, we don’t fit in and so either distract ourselves from our pains or some choose to leave their body for good. For the most, part if there is no immediate danger to us then our triggers are internal and come from the parts of us that lay ‘dormant’ in the shadows awaiting further introspection, understanding and love. We call this the Shadow Self as it is the Self that holds our fears and has yet to be discovered, revealed and healed. Healed as in to accept and release the hidden causes of the pains that it holds within our emotional and subsequently physical bodies. The Shadow Self is not separate from our physical body however it is all that feels separate, isolated and not accepted or acceptable as it has yet to be en-lightened of its own agenda and motives that serve to destruct and disable rather than construct and able grace, love and empowerment.

The Shadow Self hides and controls our insecurities, weaknesses and worst nightmares by avoiding scenarios that instigate self awareness and truth. It stores our anger, resentments, sadness, grievances, guilt and shame with polarised perceptions and inhibiting beliefs. It is the instigator of fear, drama and all that judges ourselves and others as bad or wrong, inferior or superior. We all have one and shining a light on it with honesty and equality can begin to clear the closet of the Shadow Self. This in turn brings more clarity, awareness, responsibility and acceptance for all life including self. Bringing the Shadow to the surface of Self also puts one on the path to being more Authentic, Beautiful and Powerful as you let go of your insecurities, limiting beliefs and habits. Everyone has a dark side and delving into the depths of ones own dark side and shining a light on all that lurks there is like releasing an innocent person from a dungeon. It is a gift to oneself of increased personal liberties.

Why does life seem so tough?

The Earth Plane is a most heavy dimension. We are Electro Magnetically pulled physically downwards so we don’t float around in space here. Although we appear to be connected to the ground, many of us struggle with the pressures that pull us down mentally, emotionally, physically and metaphorically..It is all relative. With the existence of gravity in our environment, everything that goes up must come down and so we cannot expect to have our energy, spirits and general well being raised or on a high all the time. Acceptance of feeling down or low sometimes is a great equilibrator and restorer of humility and that which returns us to a more real and down to Earth state of being. When this re-grounding experience is not recognised or appreciated as an important part of being a humble human and the gifts of this natural balancing act are not accepted, more fear and worry increases ones current lack of self confidence, self direction and self support.

When a Soul chooses to reincarnate, it does so to learn, grow, experience, personally develop, evolve and transcend beyond the limits of its past experiences. And so the journey begins!

During gestation the Spirit of the Soul to incarnate can come and go as they please until they fully anchor into their own tiny body at birth. I felt my own two children doing this plenty, right from 14 weeks of pregnancy. The feeling of them coming and going from my body became stronger and more regular as they grew and increased their own energy capacity and size. I learned a lot during this magical time. I could only describe it as feeling like they were jumping in and out of my belly. It was not like kicking or rolling around, I felt plenty of that too. It wasn’t like a spasm, twitching, pulsing or pounding either. The Soul tells me that before we anchor into our physical body’s we are weightless though still e-motion-al beings and so our view of the world and intentions for choosing the experience is a bit like being easier said than done once we are embodied.

When we are born we are helpless bundles of dense energy/matter and so our reliance on outside help to survive and help us up on our feet becomes priority.

Depending on our main influencers we can easily learn to get what we want in detrimental ways. We can feel rejected, inferior, uncertain and controlled at the will of others and so begin to drive our lives with our fear filled and protective Ego’s to regain control, certainty and a sense of belonging. Eventually the Ego’s biggest fears become like giant enemies, battling it out with the Soul as it begins to force its bid for a new and improved reality. For many our biggest fears are of not being loved and of dying. From the moment we are born we are looking for love so that we may survive the infant stage. For many we stay in this state of neediness for outside love and attention as we are not taught otherwise. This pattern continues until our Soul forces a crisis to return our attention and love inwards for less compromised living arrangements, relationships and life choices. If we allow ourselves to go with the flow and accept the pains with the gains of change then we continue to open up to greater dreams and our unlimited possibilities can become unlimited probabilities.

It is for certain a time to come together and share our gifts as one Humanity. Some people live in a very physical and logical world where the rules are in black and white and they know exactly where they are going and how to get there. Others of us love to play in the grey area of the unknown, where intuition guides us creatively through uncertainty, variety, mysticism and surprise. There are highs and lows whatever the road we choose and an unspoken respect for freedom of choice and relentless compassion will serve us all well. The lessons and the love are scattered throughout our journey back to the beginning of the cycle of our life. The key is to practice being fully present in our precious Human body’s and to embrace both the lessons and the love.

Here is the poem again.

Me, myself, I, shadows and all

Spiralling into life on Earth, dirty boots ‘n’ all

Black, white, grey, many shades of light

Integrating these stimulates ʻfightʼ or ʻflightʼ

On our way to this dimension, the ball is crystal clear

Somehow, for some reason, it’s not the same when we near

I really need my time and space

I want to get rid of my angry face

From the first puff of breath to the physical death

The mission’s to clear up the previous wrath

Driven by ego, the insatiable mind

Quietly detrimental to all Human kind

We hit a brick wall that causes confusion

Which leads to the road of our own evolution

On this road we have choices and unlimited potential

No need for impressive or fancy credentials

All we need here is love of ourselves and all others

Not just our Mums, our Dads, Sisters and Brothers

For all life on Earth, all beings of light

Irrespective of shade, black, grey or white

We all need true love, to give and receive

If we practice our Mastery, it can be achieved

The first step to start with ourselves may be hard

If our hearts have been battered and bruised and bare scars

You may then reap many intangible rewards

And so on the journey back home head towards

Be assured that this process, no matter how slow

Will help you to learn, to change and to grow

You are not on your journey alone here my friend

For we’re all here beside you to evolve and transcend

Let’s do it together, let’s gain inner strength

On our travels through life, no matter the length


Copyright Natasha Jones March 2008



Intuitive Healer Medium Integrating Sub Personalities Electromagnetic Field Balancing Technique® Connecting With Spirit Home Energy Clearing and Balancing Intuitive Readings and Spiritual Guidance
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