Emotional Baggage

By the end of 2007, I had completed a year immersed in the most deeply emotional work I had ever experienced. There was a lot of sadness, tears and a longing for change that rattled me to the core and I became restless. The truth is that I had always been restless. Sprinting through life from one experience to the next, looking for fun, adventure and loves to avoid my emotional pains. Anxiety and adrenaline rushes consumed my days as I rode a roller coaster like existence with extreme highs and extreme lows from one minute to the next without taking many breaths. So, when I made the decision to move my family to the Gold Coast from Lower Hutt NZ in January 2008, I thought that a new beginning would see me ‘right.’ When this poem came to me less than two months after we arrived, it was like a surprise message from someone who seemed to know me and what I had just gone through. I have read this message many times over the last eight years and every time it seems even more relevant for the current moment,  for myself and others alike. There have been many more messages that have arrived at my bedside in the wee hours since then and each one has been a precious gift for guiding my sensitive self through my daily ventures to a more authentic, beauty and power. So now I will share these messages with you. I wonder if you will find something in them to remind you that you too are Beautiful and Powerful beyond your troubles and doubts. It is always my honour to work with you personally, to overcome your own challenges. While our thoughts are seen to dominate our awareness, it is in fact the feelings around those thoughts and our memories that hold our greatest pains. Helping you feel different about your experiences and existence is my specialty. Releasing energy that you are holding onto instead of allowing it to flow freely through you, is caused by parts of you that feel unloved or misunderstood. In turn this emotionally congested state knocks self confidence, self direction and self support, causing  pain in our physical body’s and daily interactions. Energy healing may be your best friend. Your inner wisdom re-guides your energy and brings emotion to the surface to release the pressure from your body. This is why crying and expression is very healing and a practice that unfortunately many fight to avoid. I have been there too although the more I work with energy, the less it allows me to ‘hold it all in.’ If it does not feel good then it has to come out. Just like a tummy bug or bad food, that the gut has no hesitation in throwing out. This is the only way forward to ‘feeling better.’ Many of us still hold energy around past experiences that we no longer easily recall or think about anymore. Some of this energy can be released without knowing or drama during Electro Magnetic Field Balancing sessions. We are feeling beings and if we are feeling calm and loved then we have a better life experience. Your life is in your hands and so is your healing journey. I am purely here to guide you through the magical processes that I have come to know well and love, as they continue to support me to feeling more authentically beautiful and powerful than ever before.

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Here is the poem again. As I share more, you will notice a pattern in my journey that you too may relate to 🙂

Wishing you Love and Healing Magic as always, Natasha xxx

Let go of your baggage, shed many tears

Wash away your worries and fears

Peel off a tired old layer of skin

And into a new skin, prepare to jump in

Step forward, step up, release that ‘old stuff’

See and accept you don’t need all that ʻguffʼ

When you do you will feel a new energy build

Reinvent yourself consciously, now experienced and skilled

When you’re grateful from lessons of chaos and strife

You’ll be high on the love of your fabulous life

For lessons you’ve learned and wisdom you’ve gained

From all things of pleasure and all things of pain

Freedom of choice, in all that we do

Is available “NOW” to me and to you

Support you my friend is all I can do

For helping yourself is important here too

Copyright Natasha Jones 2008


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2 Responses to Emotional Baggage

  1. Bronwyn says:

    Your words send thrills through me Tash. Thank you XXX

    • Natasha Jones says:

      That’s fabulous Bronnie! Thank you for your response 🙂 Sending love to you guys in Scotty Land xxx

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