Soul Awareness Through Stillness

The Universe is filled with Science and Mysticism. Fuse them together and give the intent to receive answers from the world of spirit that encompasses light, energy, love and wisdom.

Be fully present in your body to feel the connectedness of your human body to your spirit body….your unique Soul. Your anxieties are your resistance to the truth that lies within you, the love of your Soul and the collective vibration of Spirit required to equilibrate your experiences and put your mind and emotions at ease. This is the challenge of the human Warrior/worrier. It is a time to leave worry behind. Worry for worries sake is productive only to more worry and fear and counter productive to fearlessness. The Soul wishes us to be fearless…and so it helps us face our fears by experiencing them, so that we no longer have a misunderstanding around the unknown…Focus your attention on your sticky situation and give the intent to resolve all that you hold in your ‘too hard basket.’ This is vital and requires the awareness and strength of your vital energies situated in your base chakra. The root and strength of your groundedness. Sit in the pain of your fears and sadness. Allow the waves of emotion to wash over you and through you uninhibited. Accept the worse of your fears and you will eventually let go of unnecessary suffering from holding on to your pain.

If we fully accept the that the lessons and the love from each experience important on the journey of life, whether it brings pain or pleasure,  the fear dissolves and less fearful or challenging experiences are now attracted to us.


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