Acknowledgement and Significance

Yesterday I had the privilege of watching the Principals Award Ceremony at my daughters High School. There was much to observe in this place…a place of learning indeed. I watched as the kids who were receiving awards sat on chairs on one side of the parents seating area and the kids who were not receiving awards sat on the floor in front of the stage or the other side of the parents area. As I gazed at the kiddies not receiving acknowledgement of achievement I wondered what they must be thinking about as they watched their friends and fellow schoolies be celebrated for their efforts this term. I watched each of these precious souls as they looked up to the stage and I wondered if they might feel somehow insignificant in this moment…in this system that has no means to support or convey their worthiness outside of their academic or noticeable sporting achievements and contribution to the schooling community. I watched these little adults of the future with their rebellious hair covering their faces, their attempts to get attention from their peers and their overall restlessness and a probable desire to be somewhere else. It was also interesting to see many of the kiddies that did receive awards were clearly uncomfortable with standing up and shining. Being raised up and put down seems to be just as uncomfortable when you feel you are being compared with others. For the kiddies who were not receiving awards, I wondered if they at all felt Beautiful or Powerful…. and I doubted it. I wondered if they felt like they were ‘enough,’ as they are, without being tested and measured on their ability to learn what has already been calculated and repeated on mass as if it were the ‘be all and end all.’ Then I wondered how many of these children would in fact be the Creators of totally new ways of being, doing and having, if given the choice and space to do so without pressures of time, convenience and if the fears of  otherwise not surviving were dismantled.  Perhaps there is something to be said for allowing our kids desires, talents and gifts to the world to be totally in their hands and 100% acceptable to us that they be intuitively guided to share their treasures with us in their own natural timing… all the while knowing that they are already a valued member of Humanity….loved and supported…no illusions or expectations to succeed in someone else’s ideals or to provide goods and services from the same basic moulds and models as past generations.  And so I ask you as Parents, Caregivers and Teachers of life, ‘Do you feel Beautiful and Powerful? I am talking about feeling not thinking. And I am talking about Beauty beyond appearances…Power beyond being in control? If not then it will be most difficult for our youngsters to learn these magical and necessary traits.

For many of the adults I speak to they are so concerned about the pressures and anxieties of the children in their lives that they lose sight of the focus needed on healing their own past, present and future troubles and worries. When generations have been, done and had the same lifestyles traits and habits, someone has to be the first to break the cycle. As parents it is up to us to step up first. We cannot expect our children to willingly open up to sharing and resolving challenges if we cannot acknowledge our own hurts and their origin. Children will only share if they feel safe and comfortable enough to do so without being judged. As much as we like to think we are open and honest about our own insecurities and troubles, the Soul tells me there is always room for improvement…and plenty of it. So if you are having trouble with kids and teens, refocus your attention on yourself. This could bring much needed relief of stagnant pains and a shift in awareness toward positive change for you and your precious family. Being real about your own situation is not helped by bizzy-ness, distraction or soldiering on. As a beautiful powerful Irish friend of mine says ‘De_Nial’ is not just a river in Egypt’…So true, I love it! The pedestals and pits we put people on or into are all in our minds.  The neglect of ones own inner drivers and reality is what will keep us and our kids stuck in a never ending loop of mental and emotional exhaustion. Some will choose to move on too soon 🙁  Helping yourself first is important and leading the way with kind, gentle acknowledgement and a genuine desire for understanding and support is vital.

When you think about it, we as adults bully our kids into going to this school, taking these subjects, mingling or not mingling with certain people,  presenting a certain quality of appearance, eating this, not doing that, covering up, standing out etc. etc. etc. All because we want them to be accepted and loved in this crazy world… to have more than we ever did, to get noticed or to not end up like us. Our visions are mostly illusionary and we are easily disheartened as our kids grow into their own unique being and try desperately to steer away from our constant demands and expectations of them and finding themselves lost on the path of their own life….Perhaps a blank canvas and a few colours and textures is all they need to present the world with the master piece that lies within them….something to think about there.

Here is what the Soul tells us about not feeling our Core Beauty and Power.

Ones awareness is simply in the physical matter and is not comfortable in ones own skin. The mind has not yet opened to or accepted the matter of the metaphysical, that which encompasses the connection of the living soul,  the breath of the spirit within the body as it whispers daily in- tuitions to the mind, via the gut and solar plexus areas. To not feel Beautiful and Powerful is to not know, through feeling, the existence of spirit …as both individual and unique Souls and the connectedness of all Souls that collectively make up the Universe, as one state of the art magnificent spirited life force. One that does not feel from a space of love for itself or others the same purely utilises the power of the mind as the control tower…making decisions based on polarity, competition and hierarchy…it does not consider the relative. All relatives, because everything and everyone is relative…every human is relative or a relative… an energetic source, a mirror, a piece of puzzle that without it would not reflect itself, ourselves, in wholeness. Just as your arm is a valuable part of your body, so too are the arms of others, part of the one body of consciousness that loved and treated equally will bless the collective experience with many intangible rewards.

To feel naturally and authentically Beautiful and Powerful, requires paying attention to and accepting all of your senses, developing your ego to mature beyond separation from others and the planet and mastering judgemental behaviours that create ongoing Karma. Rest and Relaxation requires more than just sitting down or going  ‘away’ on holiday. To Relax is to take the weight and pressure off the physical and mind bodies to allow the Soul to share its voice in the quiet of stillness and to accept your Human and emotional bodies as equally valuable. This brings your awareness to yourself…the spirit of energy that flows through you and the challenges you face as you perhaps deny your great Human Being-ness and try desperately to fight with anxieties that leave your mind and human body feeling inferior, trapped and helpless. The key to be free emotionally is to be fully present in your human body…to feel everything…of pleasure and of pain and to allow it to pass through you uninhibited by your fearful mind and its desire to be elsewhere….somewhere ‘better’ than here. Feeling authentically beautiful and powerful cannot be bought by the ego from an altered state with man made substances. This merely dresses one for a short lived ball, in a masquerade of dancing out a mysterious and un ‘real’ paradigm of existence….with others who too do not allow themselves to be seen or felt for who they truly are….and what a shame to hold ones deeper self to ransom for the sake of skin deep love that barely scratches the surface of the magnificent embodied soul 🙁

It is time to become aware of that which you give your energy to and gain your energy from. Jump out of your old skin….its is not comfortable for a reason…accept it and allow it to breathe and flex so you can optimise your experience in the union of the Human you are with your Embodied Soul. Energetic experiences await your attention and enquiry. It can take as little as a few moments to shift ones awareness to a greater sense of self and confidence. It could also literally blow your mind. While your mind is a most precious resource, its role is to clairvoyantly show you what your intuition or gut is sensing in the form of word/pictures. Often the pictures painted in our first eye are misinterpreted and no wonder as many refer to this as the third eye. These projections from the soul are related to logically, with detrimental effects on the vulnerable Psyche. Logic is a disease of the mind that can be scattered during energy sessions…to create self acceptance,  to shatter illusions, false fears and beliefs that keep you from feeling the truth of the matter/s that pain you and constantly disempower your most Beautiful… Powerful…You.

Thoughts are purely energy. We cannot get surgery to take them out. Therefore they can be changed with the movement of focused and intentional energy direction/redirection. An open and willing mind to be happy rather than ‘right’ or to deny troubles, is all that is required. To shift your sense of self into one that allows you to feel free, alive and truly Beautiful and Powerful, you will need to be inspired to try something new…to increase the circulation of your current thoughts and emotions through your magical Energy Anatomy.

For some of us we have waited longer in life to gain these life changing experiences. For me, I have introduced my children to this way of life so that no matter how they are feeling they know that everything passes when they allow themselves to admit and speak of the yucky feelings that being human sometimes brings, without bringing unnecessary drama into their experience. Feeling the relief of stress and anxieties leaving their little bodies is a gift to themselves when they open up to a little outside help and resolution. Its a beautiful thing to see them releasing tension caused by the energy surrounding life draining beliefs that would otherwise keep them trapped in their mind and not allowed out to freely play in the world as a Beautiful and Powerful, Self Directed and Self Supported Soul.

I have a personal and spontaneous story regarding my young son’s healing to share with you shortly 🙂

Your energy is your greatest resource and Teacher. I wonder what your energy and Soul are trying to tell you? I would love to help you with that so you can zing around the Universe being your most Beautiful…Powerful…You xxx

Not sure what to do next? Email Natasha on to find out how you too can relieve stress and pain around your personal situation 🙂



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