Love Thy Self Into Wholeness (Holiness)

If you feel like you are alone, then perhaps you could consider this time as a precious gift…an opportunity to become your own best friend…’You’ be the one to nurture your inner desires and dreams…’You’ be the one you can rely on for your wants and needs…You be that someone to truly ‘be’ with and get to know now. Many people find themselves going straight from one relationship to another and encountering the same challenges. Perhaps even returning to old relationships, only to find that nothing much has changed. This may come from a neediness of others to make us feel good about ourselves, because we don’t feel good when we are stuck alone. We don’t feel good enough without someone telling us they love us or paying attention to our needs.

The best person to be with first, is your self. Get to know your dark side…That is all that irritates, rattles and eludes you. Bring it into the light and challenge every aspect until you can let go of your limiting beliefs, guilt, shame and judgements around your experiences. Allow yourself to let go of your pain and unnecessary drama. If you stay in that space too long you will be suffering. Pain may be inevitable in life but suffering is optional. Make a conscious choice to stop suffering…because you are worth it.

Find the blessings in each situation and pour your love and attention into those gifts. Those gifts are your opportunities to grow beyond the tragedies and traumas in life…They are a redirection of your awareness to strengthen bonds, connections and abilities in other areas…areas that you may not have paid attention to had your sad or rough experiences not happened. Get a greater perspective on the Souls journey through the Human Experience… To feel loved and good enough, strong and capable with unlimited potential.

Self Acceptance is the greatest gift…Impossible to grasp and maintain if you are looking ‘Out’ for love. Looking ‘In’ for love is the way to go. Perhaps without realising, we put so much pressure on others to love us in one way or another…We demand attention from our kids, partners, family, friends…But how much do we love and accept ourselves? The truth is that we would not put that pressure on others if we loved ourselves enough already. When we can love ourselves first, without being big headed, we can have beautiful relationships without high expectations or strings attached. Everyone becomes more mentally and emotionally free. A much more authentically beautiful and powerful way of being and living.

Here is how Healing with energy can help how you feel about yourself.

Healing is about returning our senses to the awareness of our wholeness or Holiness. It is a knowing that our being and our experiences are whole and complete as they are. Nothing is missing except our acceptance that our experiences, the learnings and blessings are equally beneficial as the losses, tragedies or negatives to us and vice versa. Healing happens when we take the good vs bad judgement out of the equation and feel the deepest appreciation for what the experience has given us and the people who have taken part in providing our most valuable lessons. Healing is about letting go of attachments and having to have people, places and things just the way we like them.

Healing provides the space, intent and experience to release excess electro-magnetic energy surrounding people, places and events that we hold an unbalanced charge over. For instance, an emotional charge that is attached to our memories of particular moments in time. These may be pain filled or euphoric…both will keep our thoughts and feelings stuck in a lopp of the past that may keep us from moving forward with self confidence, self support, self responsibility and so on.

It is a Human trait to think we deserve to suffer from continuous pain…often because someone we love is suffering or has suffered in the past and we stay with them in that moment of time.


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