Look up…Lighten Up

Becoming a more Beautiful… Powerful… You is always a work in progress and I’ve taken it upon myself to share some simple ways to practice this in daily life. I am a Writer and a Story Teller so what I share will usually be from my own experiences. Here is this mornings adventure and tidbit 🙂

The grass on my walk was wet and a bit long this morning so I chose to walk on the road. At one point a sturday and rough looking man was also on the road and stomping towards me. I decided that I would move onto the grass when he got a little closer so as not to bump into him but he beat me to it. I had noticed that his head hung downward the whole time. As he neared me, I piped up ‘I didn’t bully you off the road, did I?’ (As if I could be so scary!) He instantly broke into a chuckle, cocked his head to look at me with a smirk on his face and said ‘No, just courtesy.’ I gave him the thumbs up and said ‘Thank you.’ He shook his head continued to laugh, hung his head again and continued on his way.

Humour is a great way to lighten the mood and change someones state of being. When something totally out of the blue hits that funny spot within you, you can’t help but laugh and it lightens up the energy for a more life loving experience. It can be that simple to snap someone out of their darkness and into a lighter energy, perhaps even opening them up to sharing a chat.

What I notice most often as I observe the word around me is that when people are looking down, they tend to have their head in their feelings. They are are not present when they are deep in their feelings and often their feelings are not those of self confidence, self direction and self support. For those of us who have learned to keep our chin up and look on the brighter side of life, it’s time to share a moment of acknowledgement and connection with our friends of humanity, expecially those who may be feeling disconnected…Even when they appear to be stomping towards us!

Here are a couple of tips for being a more Beautiful…Powerful…You and offering others the opportunity to bring out their authentic beauty and power too.

– Acknowledge people by looking them in the eyes wherever possible. It shows them you care by recognising that they exist and that they are worthy of your attention.

– Smile…it releives tension, shows trust and radiates unconditional love. Words aren’t always necessary.

We all fall down sometimes. We crumble on the inside and feel insignificant. It is my intent to remind you of how Beautiful and Powerful you are. Together we can show each other the way with love and connection…the only way to draw out our authentic beauty and power.

Thats all for today xxx. Love and Magic, Natasha xxx

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  1. Bronwyn says:

    You always share such wise words my beautiful powerful friend XXXx thankyou

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