Who Am I?

Today I attended Jennifer Starlights Mediumship Workshop for people of all intuitive abilities and levels. It was great to get amongst the energies of Soul and Spirit for a day of deep and meaningful connection, in a relaxed and supportive space. Everyone had the opportunity to learn new information and techniques to practice and further develop their 6th sense. This is something I highly reccommend to everyone, even if only for their personal self direction and self support. For some of us the chance to practice Mediumship in new ways was appreciated by the givers and receivers. Many were even a little surprised at their own ability to tune in to Spirit and Individual Souls, both passed over and alive and well. It spread the awareness that you never know what you are going to get when you work with Spirit. Having no expectation for the outcome is imperitive. Being present and clear about your intentions for connecting to Spirit before you start are also important. Connecting with Spirit need not be a scary event when you know how to go about it responsibly. You can even ask for guidance and write down what comes through to you. Here is a piece that came to me during the automatic writing exercise.

The question to ponder was ‘Who Am I?’ The answer that came to me immediately and quickly over the next few minutes is as follows:

‘You are a mass of light and energy. A Soul of core energy, radiating your hearts song out into the Universe. Your hearts song is your mission…A sum of your experiences, your perceptions, your learnings, your teachings. Your hearts song has a unique melody, it is curious, adventurous, joyful, loving, loved and lovable. It is your honor to celebrate your hearts song day by day, stepping the stones, turning them, shaping them into experiences and loving them..Passing them on, leaving treasures for the next hungry Soul to embrace and devour…To sparkle and shine is your mission, to polish your stepping stones and yourself as you move across the river of life…To trust and embrace wonderment and expression, to share moments, words, wisdoms and answers to prayers,  simple gestures, with ease and grace…To shine light on new pathways to explore… and doors to open…Spreading the Holiness that is thou, as one.

So here I am sharing xxx

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  1. Christine matheou says:

    Natasha. You are a beautiful person thank you for sharing your abilities and k owl edge with me. I acknowledge and honour your path in life. Keep smiling. Lots of love and light coming to you xxxx

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