Over the weekend I had the privilege of attending a function at the Casino called ‘Fight Like A Pro.’ This event served to complete the end of a ten week course for men…some young and some younger. The ten week course specializes in developing men’s strength both physically and mentally, preparing them for three by two minutes rounds of boxing in front of an audience, just like a Pro.

While fighting is not for everyone, its the personal reasons why these men would want to fight, and especially in front of a few hundred friends and strangers, that bares paying attention to.

There was not an arrogant energy in the ring and it was clear to see throughout the night, that these men had become great mates, through a common bond and a courageous goal.

Self Confidence was high on the list of objectives as they put their Ego’s in the ring to prove it…to themselves…They risked their pride and identity…They allowed themselves to be vulnerable. There were a few blood noses but it came with the territory. The punches were a great leveler. No one with anything more to lose or less to gain. You experience Humility when you put your Ego on the line like that. An admirable quality to possess. It wasn’t about winning or losing. It was about feeling strong and capable, self-confident and self supported… Essential elements to weave your way through life with. When we are self-confident and self supported we are equipped to navigate our challenges with self direction and no need to look for outside permission. We become unstoppable and life flows better. It wasn’t about fighting another person either. It was about camaraderie and facing personal fears together…Hitting them out of the ball park. Standing up and acknowledging their own existence, as Beautiful…Powerful Men.

Men embracing, honoring and expressing their inner Warrior and masculinity in a safe and appropriate environment. A great way to relieve tension and stress too.

It would be easy to think that men…whether young, attractive, big, muscly or mature and wise would naturally have self-confidence. Unfortunately it isn’t so. With women stronger than ever and more active in every area of life, men too are learning to adapt, by becoming gentler whilst still remaining to be seen and heard in passionate, determined and responsible ways.

For spectators it may have just been a night of fun and entertainment. For those more intimately involved, the night was quite a big affair. Just walking from the dressing room to the stage was a big scary deal for some of these guys, I was told. I wonder how Beautiful and Powerful these men felt by the end of their special night. As an observer they appeared to be loved, lovable and loving. What more could we ask for our Beautiful…Powerful Men?

It was great to see the many friends, family members and colleagues supporting these brave men too. It was especially lovely to see the Mums, Sisters, Daughters and Partners at their sides, a difficult thing to do if you associate this sport with senseless violence, as one man shared his story with me. There is no comparison. Sometimes we worry too much about what other people think is best or not best for us. We take on their worry, putting the needs of our own Souls on hold, for fear of the conflict it may cause between us and our loved ones. We put their wishes before our own, making their fears more important to sub serve to, than the deep desire to conquer our own …Not a healthy or sustainable way to get by. In my experience fears and desires will linger and zap you of your precious energy until you allow yourself to face them and grow your zest for life, your life, as you so wish it to be.

I was also impressed by the promotion on the big screen during the event. Spreading the message that it ‘aintweaktospeak’ and encouraging open and compassionate communication around Mental Illness. Love it!

It was a great night of connection and insights …Loving and supporting our Beautiful…Powerful Men…Just because we can…and we do. We may not always appreciate the choices of our Soul Brothers and Sisters, however if it supports humility and personal development then we could do well to accept that it is part of the journey they must take to discover their Authentic Beauty and Power…And in their own time.



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