Authentic Beauty & Power

Natural beauty and power is an innate and pure state of being. It cannot be gained purely by wearing any particular style, makeup or fashion item or by demanding a certain outcome from others. It cannot be gained by bullying or collecting material objects. It does not come from fighting for the purpose of winning something or someone over. It does come from the feeling of harmony, balance and unquestionable acceptance of all that we are, that lies within each of us from the day we are born. It is a state of calm, humility and self responsibility for all that we think, feel, say and do, without judgement, irrespective of our current experiences and challenges. It is the expression of self love, self direction, self support and self control that we exercise in every experience. It can also be recognised as the expression of compassion, with grace for ones self and others all the same. ‘Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.’ A classic expression and use of authentic power that naturally radiates inner beauty and unconditional care.

We cannot feel truly beautiful or powerful, just by controlling the world that we see with our physical eyes. This is an illusional ‘world,’ that we desperately want to be part of and feel accepted by others into. Within the many paradoxes, paradigms and perceptions of what beauty and power means collectively and to each individual, is where the illusion lies. Our need to be beautiful and powerful within our minds, comes from incorrectly feeling isolated, alone and disconnected from humanity and the attention disguised as love, we think we need from it.

It is instead an unawareness. We do not recognise our disconnectedness to our true selves. The part of self that is not as dense as our physical body and not within our thoughts. It is our light body, our immortal self,  and it’s desires can only be fulfilled by integrating the parts of self that ‘feel’ separate from the outside world in the first place. These unintegrated parts are of the personality and are the traits that we have nurtured and incarnated to evolve beyond. To evolve beyond these traits of the personality, we must first acknowledge that they are there. It is our journey to take responsibility for these traits, to be honest with ourselves as to how we are ‘being’ in each moment. This is vital to the movement, change and growth required by the Soul in each life time. The journey of the Soul is for ‘Personal’ or Personality Development. The Souls destiny is purely where it intends and does evolve to in each incarnation.

Understanding how we have created these personality traits and accepting them as a part of ourselves is how we can integrate them. When these personality traits no longer feel separate or isolated from love, they don’t go looking for it with a ‘no holds barred’ kind of attitude. Doing whatever it can to be noticed by others becomes doing whatever it can to notice its own behaviour and motives and to empower itself by making more responsible choices.

When a person chooses to exercise care and love in every situation this increases authentic power and divine beauty. Because we are all equally valuable, our authentic power relies on us taking responsibility for the intents we choose/use to connect with or force upon others. When we make choices that intend for a ‘win, win’ result, we are excercising authentic strength and power. When our power is used to win at all costs against others, financially, emotionally, mentally, materially, physically, this is in fact a weakness and superficial power. The intent and therefore driver of energy behind superficial power can be greed, revenge, righteousness, inferiority or a sense of higher importance. We are using our power of choice to make ourselves ‘better’ than others. Bettering ourselves is another story. Bettering ourselves as a compassionate, proactive, abundant, loved, lovable and loving being is driven by the  knowing that each person and experience is of equal value. Therefore, there is no need for force, convincing, pushing or pulling to gain power over another.

Accepting the Soul that you are and have come here to be, in reality, is an ‘inside job.’ It is not reasonable to expect the outside world, that is everything outside of you, to make everything on the inside of you, feel fabulous and thrive. We all know that we can achieve everything on our bucket list and still feel unworthy and below standard, as if we have never achieved any notable goals or reached any significant destinations in our life. The truth is, every stepping stone towards evolving into the beautiful powerful being we came here to be, is also a destination at that moment in time. Every experience and lesson is important and valuable, no matter how good, bad, right or wrong we think it is. Each person, in each moment will be at a different stage of their journey. It is a conscious soul who can recognise, accept and honor another, without judgement of them ‘knowing better.’ The journey of the soul can be easier said than done. Remember to celebrate yourself on this journey of ‘Interior Fit Outs’ as well as your external achievements.

The energy of thoughts, emotions, words and desires that we feel, sense, imagine and put into action each moment, every day, are where our abundant potential of authentic beauty and power lies. The power lies in the choices we make, the choice for a more calm, understanding and freeing life experience for ourselves, others and every living creature on the planet, including the planet. Every single choice we make holds an energy. The intent and vibration of these choices must resonate with the vibration of the heart. This means that if we have an idea projected into our mind, first eye area or brow chakra, it would be good to check in with our heart centre for the driver of it’s intent. If the intent is to be better, stronger, wiser, richer or more beautiful than others, then you may be looking for false beauty and power. False beauty and power is superficial. By that I mean that it can only run skin deep, sits on the surface of our being, temporarily satisfying our minds, our physical eyes and not deeply fulfilling our heart and souls desires.

Unfortunately as we grow, we also learn to feel beautiful and powerful by manipulating the outside word to make us feel even more beautiful and powerful. This behaviour will only satisfy us temporarily, it is not possible to fulfill us. It purely increases our drive to get another fix from other people, environments or experiences to feel good about ourselves.

Authentic beauty and power comes from making choices that empower not only yourself, but others as well. Authentic power is not driven by personal greed, it is driven by a gentle yet strong energy for ‘win, win’ results in every situation. It does not value oneself above others or others above ones self.

Everyone has authentic beauty and power within them. Wearing your heart on your sleeve supports authentic beauty and power. It is not a weakness. It tells the world that you are open and ready to love and be loved. It shows that you are brave enough to be seen for who you are and not for someone you are expected to be. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable is a strength that allows your unique Soul to detach from its fears and grow beyond them. It is also a sign of honesty and a commitment to loving the deeper authentic beauty of yourself and humanity. Authentic beauty and power is not always obvious because we tend to judge appearances and make them significant. Authentic beauty and power cannot be seen with the eyes, only within the eyes. For some it lies hidden within layers of protection from their fears and rarely gets excercised. The state of fear can over rule authentic beauty and power as it strives to protect us from feeling weak and vulnerable. The state of fear is driven by the mind. The state of love is driven by the heart. It is our destiny to strengthen the heart muscle and allow it to guide the mind into the depths of our authentic beauty and power. The sooner we begin this journey to the heart, the sooner the suffering will stop at a personal level and subsequently humanity as a whole.

Authentic beauty and power holds and projects an energy that senses, knows, accepts and loves without conditions. It sees the opportunities and blessings in every situation. Authentic beauty and power is nurtured when we become aware that our minds, bodies and souls are literally connected to the planet and everything and everyone on it. There is no separation between the energy of ourselves, another person, or the energy in the space between us. There are merely different energy patterns that create each of our unique forms and the atmosphere around us. Energy is power and can be driven by fear or love.

Driving our daily energy from a space of love will help us express acceptance, love and compassion in every choice we make, whether it is for ourselves or others.

Sometimes we choose fear over love. We are Human too. We just need to make a conscious decision to make a different choice next time 🙂



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