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Most recently I have been guided to support women with healing for their fertility challenges. What you are about to read is from my personal experience along with additional information from spirit. I hope you find something of interest.

When a woman is trying to get pregnant, her body’s inner wisdom kicks into action. It knows exactly what to do. Many organised systems within her body have a role to play and they gladly obide. Unfortunately, when all does not go to plan in the expected time frame, a conflict of interest is created within the mind. The body then has to work harder or move in a different direction, to get the job done.

The energy that we give to our thoughts can be the culprit of fertility challenges. Thoughts like, ‘I can’t seem to get pregnant, ‘I’ll never get pregnant,’ ‘I need to lose weight first,’ ‘There must be something wrong with me,’ ‘ My siblings and friends have already had kids and they had no problems, etc. Add to that, the constance of women around us, with their bellies popping out and or declaring that they are now expecting, some for the second or third time. Our thoughts under these circumstances have waves of emotion attached to them, that leave us feeling helpless and afraid, that we will never have a baby of our own. This state of being has a huge affect on our chances of conceiving.

From my own experience, by day I would desperately wish to get pregnant and then awaken to a panic attack in the middle of the night, wondering if I could in fact handle having children at all. My mind started to question, ‘Am I ready for this?’ What if I get sick and I can’t look after my children? I even wondered if I could cope with the feeling of another person growing inside of my body. ‘What if I was so uncomfortable and couldn’t stand 9 months of feeling this way? “What about finances, how would we survive?’ All valid points to consider, however, any or all of these thoughts can hold huge amounts of your energy, hindering its natural flow, draining your resources and making you feel useless and wanting to hide.

I have also met women that have been intent on conceiving children when their partners have not been so keen, or they don’t have partners and take on an ‘anyone will do’ approach. This also slows or inhibits the process, due to unaligned energies and conflicting interests. Insecurities of both partners can be addressed during these sessions.

Whilst you may have other specialised fertility support, including nutritional, hormonal and medical, Intuitive Energy Healing and Balancing can also have a place in your regime. The intent for this healing is to encourage your inner wisdom to release the energy held tight within your body and mind, releasing the trauma and stress around your perceived challenges and subsequently leaving you lighter and freer to conceive in natural timing. You may, during this time, also be open and to connecting with any future children in spirit. When healing occurs within the body, expect a miracle.

Planning and having babies can be a magical experience. With greater understanding of the energy we are holding, we are able to increase the quality of it, as we give the intent to bring new life into the world.

Healing can be experienced in person, distantly via hands free phone or remotely. Your privacy is always honored and nurtured.

If you are interested in experiencing healing for this purpose, please email Natasha Click here.





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