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Do you feel Beautiful? Do you feel Powerful? If not, why not?

Are you feeling sad, lonely, unloved, unlovable, scattered, confused, unworthy, weak, vulnerable, scared, uncertain, sick, stressed out, depressed, helpless or useless? Perhaps you feel like you are stuck in a ‘groundhog’ like day where nothing changes for the better and you constantly find yourself filled with fear, anxiety, and procrastination while suffering mentally, emotionally and physically.  Big Breath Here…

If this is true for you, you may wonder how it all got so bad for you. As we journey through life, every thought we collect and experience we gain has a feeling around it based on our beliefs and perceptions, an emotional charge if you will. When the emotion around each thought, idea, perception and experience is uncomfortable to us we tend to suppress, ignore and deny them ‘air time’ in the hope that they go away and don’t bother us. Instead, whenever we think about them or find ourselves in a similar situation, a trigger goes off and another copy of this uncomfortable experience is added to our sub conscious filing system. These feelings then become the dominant drivers of our daily sense of self and can hinder our ability to make healthy choices and decisions. We then become a walking mass of emotional baggage that drags our spirits down. This undesirable memorabilia clouds our awareness until we take action towards clearing it out and letting go of any unsupportive cling-ons.

Much of what we hold onto the energy of is affecting our ability to move forward, even when the original events have been long gone.  

Thoughts and feelings are better as energy in motion. That is, they are meant to come and go. In order for them to go with little interference in the future, we have to allow ourselves to feel all emotions fully in the moment, as we go through an experience and eventually come to the acceptance of it, hence the term ‘letting go.’ Tolerating or sucking it up does not have the same affect, it merely stores it away in the too hard basket. Too hard baskets hold pain and irritations. Pain and irritations can make us physically sick and so the discomfort continues and suffering begins. When we relive the same experiences in our minds only, they get stuck like a broken record and are no longer in motion. This can lead them to eat away at us, causing havoc in our heads, putting pressure on our hearts and subsequently the pain spreads throughout the physical body. This happens when we are holding too much energy around certain people, places and events in time too. When we can tap into the excess energy around these memories we can increase the circulation of your energy so that it relieves mental and physical pressure and you no longer feel like a prisoner to your past, present or future experiences. Letting go of this excess energy around your fears and worries does not have to be cathartic and Natasha facilitates the graceful return of your more present and relaxed self with the EMF Balancing Technique®

EMF Balancing is like a massage for your energy field. It sends a ripple of energy deep into your body, releasing feelings of restriction and allowing the awareness of issues and challenges to rise to the surface, releasing the pain it holds, from your body.

EMF Balancing Technique®  Allow this beautiful technique to accelerate your evolution. Learn how it supports your inner wisdom and encourages you to let go of energy given to thoughts and emotions, that have kept you from enjoying a more peace filled, loving and unique life. Be free of the things that have kept you stuck on memories of the past or worries about what might happen in the future. Be proactive in managing your energy to live a content and fulfilling lifestyle. Allow Natasha to hold the space and honor your soul as your inner guidance redirects your energy, to create a happier and healthier you. You deserve it!


Benefits of an EMF Balancing Technique® Session Include: – Deep relaxation, Stress Release – Balance of mind and heart – Gentle release of old emotional issues and excess energy given to everywhere but the present moment, returning it for instant availability in your Core – Experience greater clarity and awareness – Feel lighter, freer and less worried about challenges that would usually have bothered you.

More about EMF Balancing Technique

I am looking forward to being of service, and supporting you on your journey.

Wishing you Love and Magic , Natasha X



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  1. Hi Natasha, I just have to say how beautiful your new website is looking and what a wealth of amazing information you have on it. I wish you all the very best with ‘shining your light’ Love Joan Small

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